Gábor Vona: what happened in Norway during the weekend was a crime against humanity

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jobbik president Gábor Vona condemned the Friday Oslo and Utøya massacres calling it a crime against humanity at a press conference in Budapest on Monday. In the mean time, he expressed his outrage as "some Hungarian newspapers" (liberal trash media) trying to invent a link between Jobbik and the mass murderer.

Anders Behring Breivik, before carrying out the bombing in Oslo and the massacre in the Utøya youth camp that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred people, uploaded an 1500-page document on internet in which he mentions several Eastern European radical parties among them Jobbik.

"Eastern Europe and the far-right nationalist parties" section of the document lists three organizations in Hungary: The Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP), the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM) and Jobbik. The document states that immigration and anti-Islamic sentiments are not the central themes of Eastern European nationalist parties as Islamic immigration is "very limited" in those countries. These parties are held more anti-EU, anti-Semitic and anti-gypsy sentiments writes the mass murderer.

At the Monday's press conference Gábor Vona offered his sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims and wished fast recovery to the injured. "What happened in Norway during the weekend was a crime against humanity, and we sincerely hope that the process can be stopped by European collaboration" said the leader of Jobbik party.

The politician, on the other hand found outrageous that "some Hungarian newspapers insinuating an indirect link between Jobbik and the perpetrator." He stressed that the document lists "each European party that opposes immigration".

Vona reiterated that Jobbik continues advocating the review of European immigration.

The chief of Jobbik recalled that in 2002, he attended a pan-Arabic youth gathering in Yemen with the youth leader of the Norwegian Labour Party.

Vona advised to the Hungarian media "if they want to explore really interesting and exciting information," about the killer, explore his Masonic and Israeli links.

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