Gordon Bajnai planning his return to politics

Friday, July 8, 2011

Magyar Hirlap learned that former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai quietly building support among liberals in his bid to run the next general election against current Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Pundits are suggesting that the fact that Bajnai was part of an opposition group meeting Hillary Clinton the last week, an indication that he has been building international support for his bid to return to politics.

It is important to know that Bajnai made his fortune by defrauding hundreds of small poultry farmers as a chief of a shady enterprise called Hajdú - Bét Rt.

Before becoming prime minister, Gordon Bajnai was the chief of Hajdú - Bét Rt., a shady business venture that was set up right from the beginning to steal the money of small poultry farmers and funnel the loot out of the country. In the process hundreds of small farmers went bankrupt and several committed suicide. The conman walked away from the crime scene without legal consequences; even worse, as a reward for his con job, some month later, Prime Minister Gyurcsany appointed him into his cabinet. After the resignation of Gyurcsany in 2009, the socialists elected Bajnai as the next prime minister of the country.

János Erdélyi and Imre M. Szabó made a fine documentary film, called “Kifosztottak” (Looted), about the conning of small farmers by Bajnai and his friends.

Currently, there is no organization behind the globalist stooge other than his own foundation, called “Haza és Haladás” (Motherland and Progress). But the stolen money is more than enough to fund his lecture tours in London, Paris and New York pointed out left wing experts requested that their names remain anonymous.

According to sources, he might even run as an independent candidate in 2014, with the backing of socialist and liberal supporters. Reports are suggesting that Bajnai recently met German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British opposition leader, Ed Miliband to shore up international support for his bid.

Socialist officials suggesting that by 2012 at the latest, the party should pick a candidate who will run against Prime Minister Orban in the 2014 national election. According to pundits, Bajnai has support among both Attila Mesterházy and Ferenc Gyurcsany followers and even LMP supporters are inclined to back Bajnai.

The fall, Bajnai will start working at Columbia University as a guest lecturer.

(Notes: In the current political climate, there is nothing unusual if a conman like Bajnai, who has ruined so many lives during his career, become prime minister)

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