Gypsies considering the introduction of public work program an insult

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gypsies of Ózd reigon are outraged by the introduction of the four-hour public employment program requiring welfare recipients to join if want to be eligible for certain benefits. Local gypsy representatives of Arló, Borsodnádasd and Járdánháza consider the public work program a "slap in the face of humanity” as it was reported by Ózd television.

The four-hour work schedule is an insult to the Roma communities summed up the opinion of the local Roma leaders by Erno Horvath, the vice-president of Arló minority council.

If the government doesn't withdraw this legislation, we are going to demonstrate and close the main highway said Arló's Gypsy Council president, Vilmos Csipkés.

The bad news about the end of parasitic lifestyle has been delivered to the local gypsy leaders by an aid of Florian Farkas, Fidesz member of parliament responsible for Roma affairs. The time is over when “I'm sitting at home waiting for the welfare to arrive, in the mean time doing nothing,” was the gist of the message.

Depressed gypsy minority leaders sitting around a table listening the bad news about the coming end of the good times.

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