Gypsies quit their welfare benefits rather than participate in public work programs

Friday, July 8, 2011

Among fifty gypsies only twenty accepted jobs offered by employment centers in Hatvan; the rest quit their welfare benefits or used tricks to avoid participating in the public work program said Hatvan city major Zsolt Szabó. This result is lower than the most pessimistic expectations, as the leaders of the Roma minority council constantly bombarding the city to provide money making opportunities to the privileged minority said Zsolt Szabó.

Hatvan recently launched a public work program and set out to hire gardeners among welfare recipients; but for the dismay of city officials, the majority of gypsies on social assistance are not interested in the positions. They used medical certificates and other tricks to avoid being drafted into the public work program. Authorities even met gypsies that quit their welfare benefits rather than taking up the jobs offered by the employment center.

According to Szabó, despite the setbacks, the municipality continues its effort to bring the privileged minority into the public work program. Those who do not accept the job offered by the employment center, will be excluded from welfare benefits for one-year and their wage replacement benefits will be paid only until the employment center cannot guarantee job for the welfare recipient.

The municipality currently also looking for 45 people on social assistance to help eradicate ragweed from the city, but so far, only a few indicated their willingness to take up the offer.

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