The Gypsy criminals struck again – a brutal murder-robbery in Tápióbicske

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Three hooded men assaulted an 83 year old man in his own house, on June 21 in the heavily gypsy infested town of Tápióbicske. As a result of the assault, the victim died four days later in hospital.

The village is stunned by the brutal act of violence, as the deceased was a well-known and loved individual in the village. He worked throughout his life and was warm and nice person recalled local residence.

The Pest County Police Department spokesperson confirmed the crime, but other than that said nothing more.

(Notes: How do we know then that the perpetrators were gypsies? There are plenty of clues that pointing to that direction. First off, police are tight-lipped about the case – in general, police are under direction to cover up crimes committed by gypsies. The second clue is the complicit mainstream media's dead silence on the case. Also, the nature of the crime -- its brutal execution clearly points to gypsy criminals that are virtually monopolized the field of robbing and murdering defenseless elderly people for quite some time.)

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