Historic Jobbik victory in Gyöngyöspata mayoral election -- the march toward the brighter future continues

Sunday, July 17, 2011

At more than 60 percent voters turnout, Jobbik candidate Oszkár Juhász won the mayoral seat in Gyöngyöspata Sunday's election, capturing 33.8 percent of the vote before current deputy-mayor, Matala Ferencné who has enjoyed the backing of the Fidesz government.

The Sunday election “attracted” seven candidates as the governing party did its best to divide voters; but as the result shows, the plan didn't work out as the residents of Gyöngyöspata didn't let outmaneuver themselves and lined up massively behind the only candidate with a credible plan solving Hungarian-gypsy coexistence.

In April, foreign intelligence agencies and their local flunkies staged a false flag operation by “evacuating” hundreds of gypsies from the town of Gyöngyöspata under the pretext of protecting them from racists elements by presenting gypsy criminals as victims and the real victims (retired and hardworking residents of the town) as hate mongers.

Gyöngyöspata is rejoicing! The new mayor is touring the town and wherever he stops he is greeted with rounds of applause and cheers. Gyöngyöspata hasn't seen anything like that for quite some time said local residents.

In a brief press-conference the new mayor remarked that a brighter future dawning over Gyöngyöspata. The newly elected mayor thanked everyone who had the courage to support him; then he added everybody who wants to work in Gyöngyöspata will get the chance to work.

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