Jobbik calls upon the national security committee to investigate the Malév incident

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jobbik calls upon the national security committee to investigate the Thursday's incident in Paris Roissy Airport, where Malév, the Hungarian Airliner barred nine French human rights activists from boarding a flight to Tel Aviv at the request of Israeli officials said Jobbik spokesperson Adam Mirkóczki.

The activists wanted to fly Tel Aviv through Budapest to join hundreds of other activists to take part in a pro-Palestinian solidarity rally. According to French airport sources, the activists were blacklisted and bared from boarding the flight as "undesirables" at the request of Israeli authorities.

Ádám Mirkóczki demanded that the national security committee investigate who compiled the list that included three hundred names and on what basis Israeli authorities were able to "command a Malév flight".

According to Israeli daily, Yadhout Ahronot, a Hungarian airline employee referred to "Israeli Interior Ministry orders" when asked about the reason behind the decision.

Jobbik also would like to know whether the Hungarian secret service investigated the case and what was the result of the investigation, if any? Mirkóczki reminded audiences that the Fidesz government didn't question and still remains silent on the Israeli spy-planes scandal the last year.

How can Israel interfere with the business of EU member states airliners and what's the Hungarian government's position on the matter asked Mirkóczki; also, "how many such lists exist, and how often Israel sends these lists to Hungarian companies"?

Jobbik encourages the blacklisted passengers to sue Malév. Mirkóczki added that his party considers freedom of movement a fundamental right in the EU; therefore, he expects that liberal human right activists that were so enthusiastic protesting against alleged human rights violations in Gyöngyöspata a few months back, this time, they will also make their voices heard, at least as loud as they sounded in Gyöngyöspata.

On Friday, Malév released a statement admitting that - like other airlines – the company also received a precompiled list of names that are banned from entering Israel.

Some other air carriers ignored the ban and flew activists to Israel where they were immediately arrested.

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