Krisztina Morvai clarified news reports about her involvement with the European Alliance for Freedom party

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In a letter to, Krisztina Morvai clarified the rumors flying around about her involvement with the European Alliance for Freedom party. In the letter, Morvai disappointed those who have already started celebrating the long awaited division among the various factions of Jobbik party. Morvai made crystal clear that Jobbik is more united than ever.

What actually happened was that she was invited by members of the new political formation to participate in the work of the newly formed arrangement, which is an Eurosceptic, EU-critical organization.

The goal of the new party is to promote the idea of national self-determination as opposed to the United States of Europe. The new political formation (in which parties as well as individuals can also participate) are planing to launch several research projects, among others disseminate information about the hidden costs of joining the European Union. The new organization is also planning Europe-wide conferences and meetings with Eurosceptic groups in Europe to raise awareness of the costs of joining the European Union said Morvai.

The other main goal of the party is to strengthen human rights (freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of association etc) and speak up for groups and individuals promoting national self-determination (for instance, fighting for the rights of individuals and organizations that the system wants to ban under the pretext of "hate speech" laws). The European Alliance for Freedom party is a loose alliance where there is no requirement to agree or cooperate on additional issues said Morvai.

Although, I am not a member of the Jobbik party, I consulted Gábor Vona before accepting the invitation. Vona and I agreed that participating in an international group like this is in the interest of Jobbik said Morvai.

In relation to Austrian Freedom Party chief Heinz Cristian Strache negative remarks about Jobbik, Krisztina Morvai said the followings:

“Let me repeat one more time: besides opposing EU integration, promoting national self-determination and the restoration of liberties for individuals and groups with national affiliations there is no other "lowest common denominator" among the political parties and individuals involved with the European Alliance for Freedom party”.

If I experience any sign that the organization deviates from the originally designated goals, or perhaps expecting "loyalty" from me in other issues or the cooperation in any other reason become unacceptable to me, I will cease all contacts with the alliance said Morvai.

(Notes: The last paragraph is a very important one. “Masters of the Universe” have lots of experience setting up or infiltrating nationalist organizations in order to control their agenda, hijack original issues or sow the seeds of discontent among party members. It is almost certain that globalist agents are already in place in the new formation waiting to be activated on short notice. Therefore, it is essential to be on high alert at all times to be able to spot and filter out corruptible elements that could be even among the highest ranks. A warning sign: western-European nationalist parties blaming Muslim emigration for their countries' troubles, rather than those who are running the show.)

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