A major confrontation is brewing between HVIM and the organizers of the “Sziget” drug fest

Monday, July 25, 2011

HVIM leadership has remained silent until now about the controversy surrounding a demonstration announced by one of the members of HVIM at “Hajógyári-sziget” where the international “Sziget” festival is being held each year. Yet, the extreme anti-Hungarian liberal media started attacking our movement like rabid animals reads the statement issued by HVIM leadership.

First, we inclined to solve the controversy with Sziget organizers peacefully, but after all that filth they poured over our heads we changed our minds.

Károly Gerendai, the chief organizer of the Sziget Festival attacked us with the arrogance of the chosen ones; he said he could negotiate with anybody but radical Hungarians. But the last straw came when Károly Gerendai threatened Hungarians wanting to take part in the rally with thousands of foreign far-left anarchists and junkies that he intends to ship into the country. Why does this man, who in the last few decades has become rich from taxpayers money, think he can do whatever he wants? This suggestion that really aroused our appetite and decided that we live by our God given rights and mobilize the Hungarian national resistance against these fraudulent agents. This is our message to Gerendai and his comrades who in recent years, did their best to discredit “Magyar Sziget” with nefarious means reads the statement of HVIM leadership.

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