Morvai: dignity is more important than the alliance with FPÖ

Monday, July 11, 2011

Krisztina Morvai was the guest of MTV “This morning” program where the Jobbik MEP reiterated that the Hungarian people's dignity is more important for her than the alliance with FPÖ.

She said she developed good relations with representatives of the Austrian Freedom Party in the European Parliament, but "if Jobbik and FPÖ cannot resolve their differences, I'll leave the alliance”.

"For me, the dignity of the Hungarian people, the Jobbik activists and sympathizers' opinion worth more than any collaboration with anybody”.

The MEP stressed the importance of building a global alliance that points out the drawbacks of the current form of the European Union and draw up a new draft based on the alliance of the independent nations of Europe; however, "This is not as important as preserving the reputation and dignity of the Jobbik party” said Morvai.

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