Oslo bombing suspect has been arrested

Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian police arrested a 32 year old local man -- Anders Behring Breivik – and accusing him of setting off an explosions in Oslo government district and gunning down at least ten people in the Utøya youth camp, on Friday reported Norwegian TV2.

According to TV2 sources, the suspect belongs to right wing extremist groups in eastern Norway, and have registered two weapons under his name - an automatic and a pistol of type Glock.

The 32-year-old suspect set up a company in 2009, that engages in the cultivation of vegetables, melons, roots and tubers; this means that he may have had access to fertilizer - a well known ingredient in the manufacture of bombs.

His Facebook profile listing him as a conservative and Christian man with connection to extreme right wing groups.

He is also listed as a member of a Masonic lodge.

The suspect owns a farming business in eastern Norway, and according to his Facebook profile he has studied in Oslo.

His main interests are hunting and bodybuilding.


(Notes: The compromised mainstream media is visibly disappointed about the outcome of the arrest. Before the suspect has been caught, several controlled media outlets started disseminating suggestions about possible Islamic involvement in the blast. An outcome like this would have served the interests of those pursuing the agenda of scaring the public with imaginary Islamic terrorist organizations that the corporate slave masters are using as a cover to advance the new world order project).



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