Patriotic organizations protesting against granting church status to “Hit Gyülekezete”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reformed Church pastor Lóránt Hegedűs invites everyone to the “Hazatérés Temploma” to protest against the Fidesz government's decision to grant official status to the “Hit Gyülekezete” Zionist sect, this Sunday at 10 am.

The last day before the summer break, the Fidesz government passed a new legislation regulating the status of the various religious groups and historical churches operating in the country, among them one of the most treacherous business sect, the “Hit Gyülekezete”.

This sinister “denomination” has been formed to imitate American Televangelism and its ideology to promote Zionism; the group recruits its followers from the reality show generation dumbed down by the trash media and other brainwashed elements of society.

The Christian veneer has only one purpose to cover up the sect's aim to pursue and promote the Zionist agenda and influence the outcome of national elections for the benefit of its masters.

Granting church status to the sect obviously made lots of people outraged.

Jobbik accusing Fidesz of striking a deal with the sect that previously, attacked the Fidesz party, but in recent months it made a sharp turn in its political rhetoric. Ádám Mirkóczki, Jobbik member of parliament wondered what caused this sudden change of mind and what motivations might have been behind the revision of the Fidesz government's earlier position on the sect.

Jobbik member of parliament, Előd Novák, for instance wondered, how come that the new law hasn't granted official status to any Islamic and Buddhist religious organizations while it promoted three Jewish groups into the official church category?

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