PM Viktor Orbán rejected the criticism of the globalist parties in the EU parliament

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was under attack once again, as he summed up the achievements of the Hungarian rotating presidency in the European Parliament, yesterday. The globalist parties launched an all out attack on the new Hungarian constitution that the prime minister vigorously defended by saying that the Hungarian constitution is nobody's business but the Hungarians.

There is no significance of the anti-Hungarian resolution that the European Parliament (EP) adopted on the Hungarian constitution, "it does not affect a bit the Hungarian parliament's work" said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán yesterday in Strasbourg, where at the EP plenary session evaluated the result of Hungary's EU presidency that ended on June 30. The prime minister reiterated: every nation has the right to its own constitution.

The President of the European Commission and the European People's Party parliamentary group leader were satisfied with the work of the Hungarian presidency.

Orbán reiterated that he will always protect the country from outsiders that are trying to tell what Hungarians can and can't do. Addressing to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the most obnoxious member of the European Parliament who never misses an opportunity to attack the Hungarian government, the prime minister remarked that both he and Daniel Cohn-Bendit have rebellious disposition – but Cohn-Bendit rebelled against democracy and he against dictatorship.

The Hungarian approach is that "we are not subordinates to Brussels, Hungarians would never accept that” said the prime minister. "It was crystal clear for us right from the beginning that the Hungarian presidency will be under constant attacks by the leftist parties (the globalists)” said Orbán; then, he concluded that the Hungarian presidency met its objectives. As an example, he mentioned the management of economy, the draft of Roma and the Danube strategy, as well as concluding accession negotiations with Croatia.

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