The three amigos might stand trial for indebting the country

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fidesz government will ask the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs and Legal Committee to examine the possibility of establishing liability under the current legal framework for the unreasonable increase of public debt by the successive socialist governments announced government spokesperson Péter Szijjártó.

The Fidesz politician added if the current legal environment won't allow bringing politicians to justice for such acts, the government will ask the two bodies to ensure that "this could be done in the future." He said the new constitution will have a special clause on public debt that provides a legal framework under which criminal prosecution is possible.

The Vice-Chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee investigating the increase of public debt between 2002-2010, recommended to look at the causes what made debt spiral out of control and find those responsible for it.

Szijjártó reiterated its position that the socialist governments poor economic management led the dramatic increase of public debt; this irresponsible policy of the previous cabinets led to the current situation that effects every Hungarian family.

Answering to questions, Szijjártó mentioned the names of three prime ministers under which public debt spiraled out of control – former prime minister Péter Medgyessy, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai. He remarked that the former finance ministers of this period also bear responsibility for the deteriorating situation. He indicated that the government turned to the parliamentary bodies before deciding on any action, because of the complexities of the issues – these past crimes have long-term effects.

Jobbik agrees with the government's intention to bring legal actions against those responsible for indebting the country. Z. Kárpát Daniel said Jobbik agrees that legal action is needed and criminal liability should be established on the issues of indebtedness. Jobbik, however, wants to investigate the past twenty years rather than just the last eight to nine years and look at "the Orbán government's responsibility as well”. According to Jobbik all governments, in the past 21 years, bear responsible for the increase of public debt, although in different degrees.

The socialist crooks as expected vehemently opposing the idea as they are the chief culprits behind the accumulation of public debt.

Veteran Bolshevik László Kovács, the vice president of the Socialist Party said prosecuting former prime ministers would be unprecedented in a democratic country. So far, no politician anywhere in the western world brought to justice for government's failed policies whatever were the long term effects of that policy. "If something like this happens, Hungary can expect harsh criticism (from abroad). Voters are the ones that have to pass judgment on such issues," said Kovács.

(Kovács hinted that the socialist party has foreign friends and the party will turn to them for help in case legal action has been brought against any of the socialist crooks for their past crimes. After all, these foreign forces were the beneficiaries of the looting of the country under the successive socialist administrations. However, the economic situation in the world is changing rapidly and it is not certain that these entities will stand behind the failed party indefinitely. If not presently, perhaps a couple of years from now the socialist criminals can be brought to justice for the long term economic pain they have inflicted upon the Hungarian people by indebting their future and their children's future as well.)

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