Top secret service officials of the Gyurcsany regime have been taken into custody

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hir TV has learned that police took custody of the former head of the National Security Agency, Sándor Laborc who has been trained at the KGB academy in Moscow during the Kadar era. He led the agency under former Security Minister György Szilvásy who had been taken into custody two days before Laborc. Budapest Military Prosecutor's Office does not give any information on the matter, as the case is classified as top secret; but so far the prosecution has not initiated the arrest of the suspects.

Sources are suggesting that the charges against the two top ranking officials have something to do with the criminal investigation against Lajos Galambos, the head of the agency during the Meggyesi administration.

György Szilvásy has been taken into custody after police searched his home, on Friday morning. He spent the night in the Gyorskocsis street detention center reported Hit TV.

György Szilvásy was the national security minister without portfolio from July 1, 2007 to April 16 2006. He advised former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany to nominate Sándor Laborc as the National Security Agency's Director-General.

The handcuffed National Security Minister György Szilvásy entering the courtroom

Sándor Laborc was born in 1958, and attended the KGB Police Academy in Moscow, in the 1980th. Before his appointment, several newspapers reproted that Laborc was a national security risk. He resigned from his portfolio on July 20, 2009 under former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai.

The mentally deranged and unreliable former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany in his Facebook entry on Saturday revealed that Szilvásy has been charged with espionage. Gyurcsany said “György has been taken into custody on early Saturday morning and I think he is charged with espionage like his former assistant Lajos Galambos.

Szilvásy was also involved in managing Gyurcsany's business affairs and in relation to that the former prime minister accusing the prosecution with politically motivated proceedings.

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