When the need arises gypsies have to use toilet to be eligible for welfare benefits

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The municipalities of Várbalog and Újrónafő in Győr-Moson-Sopron county expecting welfare recipients to observe simple hygienic standards (for instance, not to shit behind the house or in the ditch but use the toilet). According to the ruling, welfare recipients must use bathroom and toilet rather than defecate all over the place, keep facilities clean and wash their cloths. Those who don't have these facilities are expected to use relatives' resources.

The new municipality legislation passed the last year, allowing towns to attach certain conditions to social benefits. Liberal “human rights activists” not surprisingly challenged the law at the constitutional court.

The Soros Foundation, as expected, vigorously protested against the decree calling it a serious violation of privacy rights.

Locals dubbed the regulation as "Panties decree"; according to notary Eszter Dudás, the decree works better than expected. "Most of the hygienic issues are reported by kindergarten operators. By floating the idea of benefit cuts in case of parental neglect, we were successful convincing parents to take care of their children's hygiene,” said Dudás.

Mayor Krisztina Járdán thinks that “human rights activists” are overreacting to the legislation. "Locals find nothing wrong with the regulation. Residents think this is a common sense ruling that everybody should observe. There is nothing extreme about expecting people to take care of themselves and their environment. I don't think anything is wrong with this decree. I believe the issue has been blown out of proportion for specific reasons,” said the mayor. The dedicated leader of the town stressed that the new legislation provides an opportunity for the town to develop familiar behavior patterns that in time, might evolve into a common standard.

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