Congratulations! One of the co-accused in the murder case of Marian Cozma escaped from protective custody

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of the co-accused in the murder case of Marian Cozma escaped from protective custody sometime Tuesday. On Wednesday, police issued a nationwide arrest warrant against the accused said police spokesperson Fanni Katalin Horváth.

Gabor Pál was placed in protective custody by the Veszprém County Court in the June ruling that found the co-accused guilty of assault and sentenced him to five years in prison.

On June 23, the Veszprém County Court sentenced Sándor Raffael and Győző Németh to life imprisonment and the third co-accused Iván Sztojka received twenty year jail term for the murder of Marian Cozma.

Marian Cozma, the handball player of MKB Veszprém and the Romanian national handball team was murdered by a horde of gypsies in the Patrióta disco in Veszprém on February 8, 2009.

(Notes: Corrupt and complicit judges let dangerous gypsy criminals, even murderers roam free to please the shadowy figures who have been running gypsy crime, while order the arrest of Hungarians even for minor offenses.)

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Elenin...What's coming

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Next stop: Syria

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The forces of evil have been unleashed, a tsunami of Satanic hordes representing the corporate elitists which dictate western policies, a clique which hides behind the politicians it manipulates, for whom the media lies and for whom NATO arms terrorists and commits war crimes if necessary. Next stop, Syria. Guess who is at the end of the line?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was caught grinning and sniggering during the address of Muammar al-Qathafi to the Arab League in Damascus in 2008, when he predicted, not three years before Washington unleashed its Satanic Forces against his Jamahiriya, that Libya or Syria could be next. Bashar Al-Assad will be grinning from the other side of his face now, the difference being that there is an international Jamahiriya movement to continue the Colonel's work, while Assad's legacy is precisely what?

Now, surprise, surprise... the Syrian Transitional National Council has been formed in exile with 94 members, a President and three Vice-Presidents. The Chair will be occupied by Paris-based exile Burhan Ghalioun. The Vice Presidents are Faruq Tayfur, Wajdi and Mustafa Riad Seif. This move was announced this morning by the Syrian Opposition meeting in Ankara, Turkey.

Next stop, Syria. That is the smaller story and what happens next we can predict. The wider picture is also not difficult to see. One only needs to call up a map of the Islamic Republic of Iran and then place a US flag in all the countries around it, where the USA has bases. In plain terms, Iran is surrounded.

It is evident that this latest push from the corporate elitists to garner control of the world's energy resources will not stop here, for like a serial sex offender, they will not be able to hold back the momentum of their own corporate greed. The question is, to what extent will it be successful, and will the rule of law win the day against the law of the jungle?

For a start, while the conflict is still ongoing in Libya (which produces the most varied myriad of reports daily), it is clear that a determined and courageous army (the Libyan Armed Forces and the heroic people of Libya) managed to withstand the most barbaric bombing campaign unleashed since the Second World War, against a defenceless civilian population to aid terrorists to take control of the country. In the end, the deadlock was only moved after NATO had broken each and every one of the rules of engagement and the international laws covering this conflict, rendering it diplomatically and politically far weaker in the future. Who will ever trust NATO again in the UNSC?

Quite where these terrorists stop is another question, since the Islamist element west of Sinai is now far stronger than it was and the forces of Al-Qaeda are active in Libya as they will be in Syria, where chemical weapons abound.

Ironically, it was precisely the man who stood against Al-Qaeda that NATO wants to remove - Colonel Gaddafi - and in so doing, should it be successful, while this will be the first step towards destroying his African Union and substituting it with the re-colonization of Africa via AFRICOM, is has unleashed forces which it will not control.

Israel meanwhile must have its ears pressed well back on its head and its nose very close to the ground as it sees the bedlam unleashed around it. Perhaps Libya has taught us all a lesson: NATO is not so high and mighty (it plays its soccer match by putting more and more players on the field and by bribing the referee team, while then resorting to shooting its opponents in their feet) and a proper answer to its schemes in future UNSC meetings should be enough to hold it back. No more goodwill.

Meanwhile, the advice to Syria and Iran is, arm yourself to the teeth with air defence systems because a coward does not fight when it does not have total air superiority.

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PM Orbán: More attacks on the horizon

According to the prime minister, the country has to prepare for an ongoing international crisis due to the Euro and related economic problems that will be with us for years to come. In a speech at the opening day of a meeting of foreign ministry officials the prime minister remarked that the European economy will be at the focus of ongoing attacks in the next 8 to 10 years.

Hungary should prepare for an open-ended international crisis as the Euro will be under sustained attacks in the coming years; during this period, the country has to navigate in a hostile global environment that lasts for years and will impact the country's economic growth.

Europe has adopted unorthodox economic measures that the Hungarian government implemented first under a barrage of media attacks in the past year said Viktor Orbán. We almost got crucified for implementing the bank tax, but today twelve other European countries have followed suit. Hungary has been also attacked for the implementation of a special tax that today several European countries also implemented; likewise, an increasing number of prime ministers start talking about "work-based economy". This shows that the measures that the Hungarian Cabinet introduced in the past year that certain forces viciously attacked, were right, for today those measures have became "mainstream" plan of action in the European Union.

There is no need for uniform European taxation

The prime minister said all efforts that want to introduce uniform European taxation should be repealed. Viktor Orbán argued that European interests in taxation policy contrary to Hungarian interests. The prime minister stressed that Hungary will continue its debt reduction policy, until national debt reduced to 60 percent of GDP.

The Government will stick to the 3 percent deficit forecast just like to the one million job creation plan that will be implemented in a ten-year time frame. According to Orbán, about 2 to 3 hundred thousand jobs will be created in the coming year as part of the public employment program.

Tough autumn ahead of us

According to Orbán, Hungary got into a major emergency in the past three months due to the ongoing Euro crisis, therefore the autumn will be more difficult than expected and it foreshadows a major fight for sovereignty. The prime minister said reforms that started a year ago should continue to prevent Hungary from drifting back to a Greek like crisis that as a result might cost the country's sovereignty. Decisions about the future of Greece haven't been decided any longer by Greeks said the prime minister; he stressed that to prevent a situation like this from developing, Hungary has to implement several additional economic measures in the autumn. According to Orbán, if this work is not carried out this year the conditions in the next year require much tougher decisions. This means that Hungarian society has to face tough times in the next few months said Orbán.

The Prime Minister drew the diplomatic corps' attention to the fact that the next 15 to 20 years will be an intense competition for forming new alliances. Viktor Orbán said a good foreign policy does not question transatlantic relations, but in the mean time seeks intense co-operation with China, Russia, the Arab world and the emerging Central Asian region. He confirmed that in the very near future a Hungarian delegation will visit Saudi Arabia.

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Natasa Janics will be in top shape in the spring: Etele Baráth

Monday, August 29, 2011

Natasa Janics and her husband Andrian Dusev at the world championships in Szeged (Photo: Tumbász Hédi)

"Natasa Janics will be in top shape in the spring" said Etele Baráth the head of the Hungarian Canoe Federation to Digi Sport. The three-time Olympic champion canoeist is pregnant and missed the Szeged Olympic qualifying world championships this month.

"I met Natasa at the tournament and I must say that she hasn't gain an ounces of extra weight during her pregnancy. She has a cute belly, but her muscles are tight as before, because she trained during pregnancy under medical supervision. She plans to return to active training three weeks after giving birth. She can be in top shape in the spring," said Etele Baráth.

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Hungary finished 13th overall at the World Judo Championships in Paris

Éva Csernoviczki bronze medal winning fight in Paris

By winning two bronze medals Hungary claimed the 13th place in the medal table at the Olympic qualifying World Judo Championships in Paris that has been attended by 136 countries.

Éva Csernoviczki (in 48 kg category) and Anett Mészáros (in the 70 kg category) won bronze medals.

Anett Mészáros celebrating her third place at the medal award ceremony in Paris

Japan topped the medal table by winning 5 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze medals followed by France and China.

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The Hungarian Guard celebrated its fourth birthday

Hundreds of Hungarian Guard members and supporters gathered at the Turul monument in the afternoon of August 28, in Budapest's 12th district to remember the formation of the Hungarian Guard four years ago and to commemorate to the western Hungarian uprising 90 years ago. The event has been also attended by former Defense Minister Lajos Für, one of the founders of the Hungarian Guard.

Sándor Pörzse, one of the guardians of the Hungarian Guard recalled the afternoon four years ago, when the the first fifty-six guard members sworn in in the castle district. Since then, the Hungarian Guard has undergone several transformations, but as the phoenix rises from its ashes the Hungarian Guard will also bounce back. The Hungarian Guard just as the the “Ragtag Guard” 90 years ago protects the body of the motherland by its own body said Pörzse.

Lóránt Hegedűs Jr., the pastor of the nation called the Hungarian Guard the symbol of divine love. Despite what the mendacious media suggests, the Hungarian Guard is very much alive as Hungarians cannot be deprived of their rights to defend themselves or to feel solidarity with each other, even if the law forbids it -- referring to the amendment of the civil code that the parliament passed this spring – people will always organize their own self defense at grassroots level said Hegedűs.

Levente Murányi, one of the heroes of 1956 uprising compared the Hungarian Guard to Horthy's National Army. In the absence of the Hungarian Guard who would protect our homes and families asked the speaker? He also called for unity among the various splinter groups: "Do your best to reunite because unity serves the interests of the nation!" said Murányi.

Finally, Gábor Vona, the founder of the Hungarian Guard and the chief of Jobbik drew a parallel between the history of the Turul monument and the history of the Hungarian Guard (Note: During the Gyurcsany regime the existence of the Turul monument was in limbo as the regime found all sorts of petty reasons to withdraw the construction permit and demolish the already partially erected structure that was financed from public donations). As the Turul, the Hungarian Guard is the symbol of a new start that gives strength. Both the Hungarian Guard and the Turul monument have been wrapped into petty legislative machinations and both are victims of petty political maneuvering.

There is a divine law that has been written in the hearts of the people and another law that has been written on paper. Clear conscience is the most important, it is the condition on which the divine law is based. The existence of the Hungarian Guard is based on the divine law that serves our nation and our God said Vona.

"The glass is half full and half empty" - said Vona, referring to the divisions among the Hungarian Guard. These fractions needs to be reunited because the splinter groups can not exist without each other. Vona announced that in the next few months, he is going to tour the country to meet with the different fractions and help finding solution to the differences. The reunification of the splinter groups won't happen overnight, but the people of Turul will prove that it is possible to get from the ravine to the mountain top.

After the speeches, attendees went to the “Farkasréti” cemetery to continue their commemoration service at Tibor Vámossy's grave site, who died during the 1919 western-Hungarian uprising that made possible that Sopron remain a Hungarian town.

At the commemoration service, several organizations laid flowers at Tibor Vámossy's grave including his nephew Pál Prónay, the New Hungarian Guard, the Hungarian National Guard, Jobbik, Moby Dick and the Hungarica rock bands, “KDNP”, the “Hegyvidéki Trianon Társaság”, the “Nemzeti Érzelmű Motorosok” and the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület”.

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Erection of a “Székely Kapu” in Istanbul marks Turkish-Hungarian friendship

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Turks and Hungarians are brothers" announces a plaque written in Turkish and Hungarian as well as in ancient Hungarian script called “Rovásirás” on the “Székely Kapu” monument that has been erected in Istanbul by participants of the seventh Mikes pilgrimage on August 25. The “Székely Kapu” monument has been erected on the Hungarian Cultural and Friendship Society's property in Istanbul as a gift from Hargita County municipal Council.

At the inauguration ceremony, first, Erdal Salikoglu, the chairman of the Turkish-Hungarian friendship committee welcomed the fifty-member Székely-Hungarian delegation, then Tibor Beder, Hargita County Councilor greeted the guests. "The inauguration of the “Székely Kapu” is an honor for all Hungarians regardless where they live in the world” said Beder.

The monument has been constructed from oak and pine trees that came from Lövéte and Zágon area forests and carved by two Székely woodcarvers from Csernáton. The project has been financed through donations by Hargita, Kovászna and Maros county municipal governments as well as public organizations and private individuals.

After the official speeches the mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas greeted the Székely delegation.

"This gate brings beauty and good luck. We attach great importance to the fact that from now on, Istanbul has “Székely” records as well. I hope that you too will feel that although you are away from your homeland, you feel you are at home. I wish that the Hungarian and the Turkish people get even closer to each other, " said the mayor of Istanbul.

In a reply, Erika Zonda, Hargita County Council Rural Development Programs Director said "Hargita County Council pays particular attention to the promotion of “Szekely” history, tradition and culture. And in this regard, it is equally important to find links to people who we had common past and with whom we would like to forge a common future".

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31-time world champion kayaker Katalin Kovács had a foot surgery

Friday, August 26, 2011

A successful foot surgery has been performed on two-time Olympic and 31-time world champion kayaker Katalin Kovács by surgeon Dr. József Toman in the Budapest sports health facility.

The athlete had an abnormal tendon sheath bulge in her right foot that bothered her during the Szeged World Championship, which was relieved temporarily by local anesthetics.

Kovács needs two to three weeks rest to fully recover from the surgical procedure said Dr.Toman

The surgery, however doesn't prevent Kovács to fly to London next Wednesday to take part in a pre-Olympic kayak-canoe competition said her coach Ferenc Csipes.

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Four gypsy loan sharks have been arrested

In Komádi, Hajdú-Bihar county police have arrested four gypsy loan sharks that made their living out of lending money on interest above 100 percent. More arrests are pending said police.

The gypsies officially lived on welfare, in the mean time they loaned money on interests above 100 percent to more than fifty unfortunate families said Lt. Col. Zoltan Vékony, the chief of the County Police Department at a Thursday press conference in Debrecen.

During several house searches, officers found weapons - including knives and samurai swords, as well as laptops with the names and addresses of the victims. The victims were mostly unemployed and welfare recipients who received basic food items, alcohol and cigarettes for double price.

"In one of the loan sharks' house, we have found a complete department store" - said Zoltán Vékony. The Colonel also confirmed that the four suspects had their own "clientèle" and despite the fact that they formally collected welfare they lived a lavish lifestyle wearing brand name clothing and driving expensive cars (BMW, Mercedes).

Police expecting that hundreds of individuals that the gypsy criminals leeched on will come forward in the coming days. "Now, that we have arrested the criminals, more victims might come forward as the threats of the criminals have been removed” said Zoltan Vékony.

So far, two men and two women are in custody who are charged with usury and extortion said said Vékony.

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Japan's earthquake and tsunami filmed from a car

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No celebrations in the future for NATO

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By Lisa Karpova

The lies and disinformation have been flowing fast and furious. NATO is trying to use the media to create the false illusion of an impending NATO victory. For those of us who know better, it's extremely annoying to say the least.

They keep putting out reports that their terrorist clients have taken A, B and C, when it's total fabrication. A few of the terrorists get together and take a picture, trying to make themselves look like there are more of them than there really are, they ship the picture to their masters and instant Hollywood, next thing you know the rag group gets chased away or better yet wasted by Libyan armed forces.

There are nightly poundings on Tripoli. Now there's the added reports of heavy gunfire, with ragtag terrorists again trying to pretend that they are more in number than they are...quicky chased away.

They claim the capital is surrounded, cut off. The claims are total fabrication. They claim the government is about to collapse, again, total fabrication.

In the meantime, the western corporate media is pretending that victory is near for their terrorist stooges, when the truth is the country is getting more and more terrorist free every day. Rather than any concern about being surrounded, Tripoli comes out to celebrate continued successes and freedom. No one is ready to give up everything for the colonial ambitions of the west.

You can almost sense the blood lust and the desperation of NATO, desperate for some kind of success, any kind of success, even if it's make believe media created. So there will be no celebrations in Paris, London or Washington.

Confidence is high in Libya. People are banding together more than ever before since the threat to their way of life has never been greater. The aggressors, the invaders, the bombers have won no one's hearts and minds.

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Stop NATO's gangsterism: US lawmaker

A US lawmaker says NATO chiefs must be held responsible under the international law for the deaths of Libyan civilians to avoid the victory of a 'new international gangsterism.'

"If members of the Gaddafi regime are to be held accountable, NATO's top commanders must also be held accountable through the International Criminal Court for all civilian deaths resulting from bombing," Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich was quoted by AFP as saying on Tuesday.

Kucinich denounced NATO for exceeding the UN Security Council resolution which mandated a no-fly zone over Libya to protect civilians, stating that the real aim of attacks were “regime change.”

If NATO commanders do not stand justice, we will see the victory of “a new international gangsterism,” the lawmaker said.

Kucinich has expressed opposition to the involvement of NATO and the United States in the Libya conflict.

UN Security Council members including Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa have also criticized the Western military alliance, saying NATO has gone beyond the UN mandate.

Colonel Roland Lavoie, a NATO spokesman for Libya's Operation Unified Protector said on Tuesday that the alliance will continue to carry out its bombing campaign to the end of the ongoing conflict in the North African country.

"We will take out and strike at targets if they pose a threat to the civilian population," Lavoie said at a news conference in Naples, Italy.

Since NATO took command of airstrikes on March 31, its warplanes have carried out 19,994 sorties including 7,541 strike sorties, a Reuters report published on August 23 said.



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Bronze medal winner, Kincső Takács received MOL special prize as the youngest medalist of the tournament

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kincső Takács is not even 18 years old and she was one of the big surprises of the weekend MOL Canoe World Championship. As the youngest female athlete of the tournament she won bronze medal in C-2 500m with her partner Gyöngyvér Baravics to become the youngest medalist of the World Championship. For her outstanding achievement she has received MOL special prize.

You celebrate your 18th birthday in September; obviously, winning a bronze medal in such a young age at the World Championships in Szeged must have been a fantastic experience that might last for a lifetime?

What we got here in Szeged, sure, will define our career. It was wonderful to compete in front of so many people; in the last two hundred meters, in C-2 500m finals the audience carried us forward to win the bronze medal. I and my partner, Gyöngyvér Baravics concluded that we were fortunate that we experienced this and could stand on the podium in front of tens of thousands of people.

Did you expect to win medal? Especially, since women's canoe is still a relatively new field and it hasn't established itself fully yet?

No, we did not expect winning medal at all. Even the fact that we could participate in the tournament was unbelievable for us. But the World Cup experience convinced us that we should stick together and I am going to prepare for the next world tournament with Gyöngyvér.

After the contest, you got lots of congratulations. And among women, you got MOL's special prize as the youngest medalist of the tournament. What does this recognition mean to you?

I was very surprised and I'm proud of it. These awards are all encouraging me and showing the right direction to the future. Indeed, we got lots of congratulations. My coaches, Krisztian Szabados and Péter Horváth are also very proud of me and of course my family, my brothers and sisters were here to root for me.

Do they also play any sport?

I have five brothers and sisters. One of my sisters and all of my brothers were paddling before, so they understand what success means.

And what now? Resting? Going to holiday?

Yes, I go to Lake Balaton with my family and my friends. But I'll be honest: I can not wait for September to start training again.

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This is what happens when you sell lemonade in America

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Jobbik spokesperson, Dóra Dúró gave birth to her first child

Jobbik spokesperson, Dóra Dúró gave birth to a healthy baby girl after a long, eight hour labor, on August 21, at 2 am. The baby's name is Hunóra Kincső.

The little girl was born a couple of hours later than the expected target date -- August 20 -- which is the National Holiday and party leader Gábor Vona's birthday told Előd Novák to “Új Ász”.

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2011 World Judo Championships in Paris kicks off tomorrow

The French Judo Federation is hosting the 31st World Judo Championships in Paris on August 23 through August 28, 2011.

The Olympic qualifying series is one of the most important international events of the year.

At the Paris World Championships a record number of countries indicated their participation. An estimated 949 athletes from 136 countries will attend.

Hungary is represented by thirteen judokas, many of them medal hopefuls; six of them -- Ungvári Miklós, Bor Barna, Csernoviczki Éva, Karakas Hedvig, Mészáros Anett és Joó Abigél -- have been counted among the top 10 best Judokas in the world.

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Spanish patriots remembered Kónyi-Kiss Domonkos' tragic death a year ago

The tragic news reached us from the land of Magyars like a striking bolt of lightning about the death of a Hungarian confidant, Kónyi-Kiss Domonkos, a member of HVIM leadership who died in a car accident in Fejér county. From Spain, we would like to pay tribute to the memory of this brave fighter, who we had the good fortune to meet with, while DNJ visited Hungary, says the statement issued by the Spanish patriots.

It was an honor to get to know him, who offered us his home without any compensation and helped us all the way while we were in Hungary; he was the kind of man worth fighting for.

Domonkos, friend! death is not the end of the road ...

That is the perimeter that we all have to cross once. You are already among those who are guiding the steps of European patriots who are fighting their daily battles for their countries. Your Spanish comrades at Democracia Nacional will keep your memory; soon, we all meet with the fallen soldiers in heaven, in Valhalla...

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Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be held accountable

By Thierry Meyssan

Child’s drawing about Al Jazeera (school in Tripoli)

The war propaganda has entered a new phase, involving the coordinated action of satellite TV stations. CNN, France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera have become instruments of disinformation used to demonize governments and justify armed aggressions. These practices are illegal under international law and the impunity of the perpetrators must be stopped.

The current processing of the information on Libya and Syria has marked a turning point in the history of war propaganda in that it uses new ways that have taken the international public by surprise.

Four powers - the United States, France, the UK and Qatar - have combined their technical means to intoxicate the "international community". These are mainly CNN (which, although private, interacts with the Pentagon’s psychological warfare unit), France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera.

These media are being used to falsely attribute to the governments of Libya and Syria crimes they did not commit while covering the crimes that are committed by the secret services of the aforementioned powers and NATO.

We witnessed a similar situation, on a smaller scale, in 2002 when Globovisión broadcast live images of a popular revolution against elected President Hugo Chávez plus images of pro-Chavez activists gunning down protesters. This staged event had made it possible to mask a military coup orchestrated by Washington with the help of Madrid. However, after a genuine popular uprising aborted the coup and reinstated the elected president, legal and journalistic investigations revealed that the revolution filmed by Globovisión was in fact a case of visual trickery and that the Chavistas had never fired on the crowd, but were themselves the victims of snipers armed by the CIA.

We see the same thing happening today, but with a consortium of satellite channels which transmit images of nonexistent events in Libya and Syria. Their aim is to make people believe the majority of Libyans and Syrians want to overthrow their political institutions and that Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad have massacred their own people. On the basis of such media intoxication, NATO attacked Libya and is about to destroy Syria.

Now, after the Second World War, the United Nations General Assembly passed legislation to prohibit and punish such practices.

Resolution 110 of 3 November 1947 regarding "measures to be taken against propaganda and the inciters of a new war," condemns "propaganda which is either designed or likely to provoke or encourage any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression. "

Resolution 381 of 17 November 1950 further strengthens this condemnation by condemning the censorship of conflicting information as part of the propaganda against peace.

Finally, Resolution 819 of 11 December 1954 on "the removal of barriers to free exchange of information and ideas," recognizes the responsibility of governments to remove barriers that impede the free exchange of information and ideas.

In so doing, the General Assembly has developed its own doctrine on freedom of expression: it condemned the lies leading to war and upheld the free flow of information and ideas and critical debate as weapons in the service of peace.

Words and, especially, images can be used to prepare the worst crimes. In this case, the intoxication by CNN, France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera constitute "crimes against peace." They should be considered as being more serious than the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by NATO in Libya and by Western intelligence agencies in Syria insofar as they precede and make them possible.

Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be tried by International Justice.


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Canadian World Champion canoeist, Adam van Koeverden's Hungarian mother was in Szeged to root for her son

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An exclusive interview with Beata Bokrossy, the mother of the 29 year old two-time world champion and three-time Olympic medalist Adam van Koeverden.

It has long been known that there is a great paddler in Canada, whose mother is Hungarian. Beata Bokrossy was in Szeged during the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships to root for her son who won a gold medal in men's K1 1000m.

Beata Bokrossy left Hungary after the Soviet army crushed the 1956 revolution and settled in Canada. She gave an exclusive interview to at the Maty-ér track in Szeged.

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Iranian Women Vow to Continue Quest for First Final

Najme Sajadi, 19, and Sima Oruji, 21, are a lot like other young women athletes. They practice hard at the training facility in Tehran, strive to improve their results each race and hope one day to win a medal.

What unique about these young ladies is their resolve to compete in canoe sports despite being from a country where some religious conservatives argue against women playing sports in public and at least one vocal Ayatollah has said he thinks women winning medals is a “humiliation.”

The young women explain they were first introduced to paddling by friends. In fact, by their reckoning there are more than 1,000 women paddlers in Iran and women have been canoeing in Iran for some 30 years. The young women made it to the semifinal round of K-2 Women's 500m but failed to advance.

In all, four women are on this year’s Iranian delegation to the 2011 ICF World Sprint Championships. Each abide by the Iranian mandate to keep their heads, arms and legs covered. To do otherwise, risks severe punishment under strict laws enacted in Iran in 1979 to govern women’s sports at home and abroad.

According to Oruji and Sajadi the future of women’s canoeing looks bright. Both were clearly excited that an Iranian junior women’s team made it to the finals two weeks ago at the Junior World Sprint Championships in Germany.

And both make it clear they love paddling and plan to continue on course in their quest to make their first final.

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Pope Shenouda III consecrated the first Hungarian church on Sunday in Budapest

The newly built church, at Selmecbánya street in Budapest eighteenth district, has been consecrated by Pope Shenouda III and Coptic church bishops in a religious ceremony that lasted about three hours.

The church has been built to honor Blessed Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael.

The ceremony and the security of the Coptic Orthodox Church Leader was watched by dozens of government security guards and police officers. The church was packed and everybody had to pass through a metal detection gate and only after getting checked several times believers could enter into the building or leave the church at the end of the ceremony. The Coptic cleric and the bishops were surrounded by security people during the religious ceremony.

The highly protected Coptic cleric was welcomed by believers from Hungary and several other European countries with applause. At least two hundred believers couldn't get into the church but they could watch the ceremony on a big screen located outside the building.

The Coptic pope prayed in Arabic and Coptic languages for the sick, the travelers, the dead, the victims, for peace, for the assembly and for the president of Egypt, then he consecrated all three altars of the church, the altar linens, the sacred vessels, as well as the icons and paintings.

The Coptic Church has three altars, because according to their believes, within nine hours the same altar can't be used for the same ceremony. The main altar was dedicated to Virgin Mary, one for Archangel Michael, and one for St. Paul and St. Anthony. The wall-painting decorated shrine depicting Jesus Christ​​ and the Apostles, made of wood and decorated by icons; the shrine is separated off from the rest of the church and specifically reserved for the clergy and men and women.

Hungarian religious community priest, Yusuf (Joseph) received an honorary rank from Pope Shenouda III.

The church priest in a short speech thanked all those who contributed to the establishment of the country's first Coptic church. He noted that Pope Shenouda III visit in Hungary received substantial media coverage and the country's political leaders are especially welcomed him.

The Coptic Pope, gave a Virgin Mary icon as a gift to the church, as well as certificates and commemorative medals to several members of the community and representatives of the Foreign Ministry.

At the religious ceremony, the Hungarian government has been represented by Deputy Foreign Minister János Hóvári.

At the closing of the approximately three-hour ceremony, the patriarch individually blessed the faithful, and under strict police security he has left to the Liszt Ferenc Airport together with the five bishops to return Cairo.

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Tamara Csipes World Champion in women's K-1 5000m: ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Szeged

Tamara Csipes blowing a kiss to her fans after winning gold medal in women's K-1 5000m

Tamara Csipes won gold in women's K-1 5000m winning the Hungarian team's fifth gold medal at the World Championships. Tamara had a very tactical race, in the last meters she easily shook off Belarus' Marina Paltaran and British Lani Belcher and with enthusiastic spectator support she won the race.

"The race was all about tactics. Fortunately, I was able to be position myself well at the start. There was a moment or two, when the Portuguese athlete interfered, but luckily I came out of these situations quite well. I didn't train much for this race, only once a week with last year's world champion Vivien Folláth who has a huge part in winning this gold medal,"- said Tamara Csipes.

1. CSIPES TAMARA 22:19.816
2. Lani Belcher (UK) 22:26.572
3. Marina Paltaran (Belarus) 22:37.294

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Katalin Kovács and Danuta Kozák won the sixth gold for Hungary: ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Szeged

Katalin Kovács and Danuta Kozák won the sixth gold medal for Hungary in women's K2 200m; with this victory Katalin Kovács became thirty-one-time and Danuta Kozák five-time World Champions.

"We had incredible energy, we badly wanted to prove and bring smile to the face of the Hungarian public" said Katalin Kovács.

"I didn't dare to look to the side, at the end we had some imbalances, but that was not a problem. I'm very happy, "- said Danuta Kozák.

2. Karolina Naja, Magdalena Krukowska (Poland) 38.165
3. Hannah Davis, Joanne Brigden-Jones (Australia) 38.369

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ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Szeged: the Hungarian team won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals on Saturday

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dávid Tóth and Tamás Kulifai are celebrating by winning men's K-2 500m final

One gold, one silver, one bronze medals and five Olympic quota places for the 2012 London Olympics were the Saturday results of the Hungarian team.

David Tóth and Tamás Kulifai surprised the world by winning men's K-2 500m race. Danuta Kozák this time won silver medal behind Nicole Reinhardt of Germany; Gyöngyvér Baravics Kincső Takács won bronze medal in women's C-2 500m.

Danuta Kozák is rather disappointed with her second place in women's K-1 500m

Gyöngyvér Baravics Kincső Takács are celebrating their bronze medal in women's C-2 500m

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Nemzeti1 TV Heti Hírmagazinja

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Coptic church leader, Pope Shenouda III received Honorary Doctorate Degree at Pázmány Péter Catholic University

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pázmány Péter Catholic University has granted Honorary Doctorate Degree to Coptic cleric Pope Shenouda III, on Friday in Budapest.

The Faculty of Arts degree has been handed over to Pope Shenouda III, by the president of the institution, György Fodor and Cardinal Péter Erdő. The doctorate degree has been granted to His Holiness for his outstanding academic work in humanities, especially in literature, philosophy and history of sciences.

The Coptic cleric has arrived to Hungary for the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén to take part in the August 20th national celebrations.

The Coptic church leader will view the August 20th official ceremonies from the parliament building then he meets President Pál Schmitt.

On August 20, His Holiness meets Zsolt Semjén and attend the holiday Mass in the St Stephen's Basilica.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén who is also responsible for religious affairs said that Pope Shenouda III and the five Coptic Bishop's visit to Hungary is a landmark event in East-West religious dialog.

On the last day of his tour, on Sunday Pope Shenouda III inaugurates the first Coptic Christian church in Budapest's eighteenth district.

Budapest's eighteenth district Coptic church

Zsolt Semjén called the 88 year old leader of the Coptic church a highly educated man with knowledge of Western culture. Between 1956 and 1962 he lived as a hermit, and in 1971 he was elected as the leader of the Coptic church.

Pope Shenouda III, even today actively participates in Egyptian public life and often expresses strong opinions in national issues.

He visited Hungary the first time in 1996, and as a monk toured the Pannonhalma Abbey.

The Coptic Church was founded by Saint Mark, who was the bishop and the first martyr of Alexandria.

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ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships Szeged: Three gold and two bronze medals the Friday results

Tamara Csipes

Three gold and two bronze medals collected by the Hungarian team in the finals on Friday afternoon. Attila Vajda in C-1 1000m, the women's kayak team (Szabó Gabriella, Kozák Danuta, Kovács Katalin, Benedek Dalma) in K-4 500m and Tamara Csipes in women's K-1 1000m races won gold medals.

“I did not expect to win with such a lead because we haven't put much emphasis on this track during training. It is a wonderful feeling though; after two hundred and fifty meters the fans and audience's love carried me forward. Thank you " said Tamara.

Attila Vajda

"Five years ago, I lost before home crowd, but this time, I didn't let anyone take away the gold from me. I had a perfect scenario and good tactics that we practiced a lot... I knew if after 750 meters I don't fall behind I win. I dedicate this medal to the memory of my father who died in February, two days before his birthday".

Szabó Gabriella, Kozák Danuta, Kovács Katalin, Benedek Dalma

By today win, Katalin Kovács became thirty-time World Champion.

"It was fantastic to win again before home crowd... it is an indescribable feeling to know that so many people rooting for us and our success make so many people happy" said Katalin Kovács.

Erika Medveczky and Alíz Sarudi in women's K-2 1000m and kayak men's team in K-4 500m won bronze medals.

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