Video about György Budaházy's release from jail

Friday, September 30, 2011

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Court released György Budaházy and Endre Szász from jail and ordered their house arrest

A few minutes ago, the trial judge ordered György Budaházy and Endre Szász release from custody. The two political prisoners were arrested more than 2 years ago and kept in custody on “terrorism” related charges.

Accepting the defense motion the judge ordered the release of the two accused from custody and put them instead under house arrest. Budaházy can be home within hours. Budaházy's supporters applauded and rejoiced by welcoming the decision.

The prosecutor appealed the decision and the Municipal Court of Appeal will decide on the case later. Friday's decision can be implemented immediately.

The political prisoner left the jail at 8:38 pm accompanied by his wife and three of his children. He said only a few words to his supporters but didn't give a separate interview. He said he wanted to be with his family; though, he thanked everyone who supported him.

UPDATE: The other political prisoner Endre Szász has been released at 10:01 pm.

The other political prisoner, Endre Szász leaving the jail

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More than 150 thousand naturalization applications have been received so far

State Secretary Tamás Wetzel said various state agencies receive nearly four thousand citizenship applications a week from individuals with Hungarian ancestry living in the lost territories and other parts of the world, which correspond to the preliminary study based on projected data analysis.

Simplified naturalization applications can be handed in 72 foreign embassies, 1264 mayor's office, 23 Immigration Citizenship and Customer Service offices and since March 15, 29 government offices. Until Friday, over 150 thousand naturalization applications have been handed in to various state agencies.

About 70 percent of the applications have already been processed and more than 55 thousand people took the oath of citizenship so far. The youngest applicant was three weeks old and the oldest 104 years old.

Individuals with Hungarian ancestry can apply for simplified Hungarian citizenship since January 3, 2011. The simplified naturalization legislation was passed by the National Assembly on May 26, 2010.

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Swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos already started training for the next year's Olympic Games in London (Photo report)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

According to the head coach of the Hungarian national swim team, Lászlo Kiss, Zsuzsanna Jakabos is a potential medalist in the next year Olympic Games. The athlete of the Pécs ANK swim club already training in the “Császár-Komjádi Béla” swimming pool with an eye on the next year's Olympic Games in London.

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A 9 months pregnant gypsy woman assaulted a 84 year lady

A 9 months pregnant gypsy woman assaulted and robbed an elderly woman on a deserted street of Derecske. The victim suffered serious injuries in the attack and the perpetrator was apprehended by police.

The 84 year-old woman was on his way home when the suspect knocked her down, snatched the bag from his hand and fled. Due to the fall, the victim suffered serious knee injury said Hajdú-Bihar County Police spokesperson, Éva Kelemen.

The surveillance camera showed the gypsy following the elderly woman through several streets before attacking her. Local police contacted the child protection agency and child welfare services to identify the perpetrator. In custody, the suspect admitted the crime; police charging the gypsy with robbery and document fraud said the police spokesperson.

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Finger-breaking police criminal sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison

The Metropolitan Court of Appeal sentenced police Lieutenant-Colonel László Vágó 1 year and 8 months in prison for his role in the 2006 police crackdown. Vágó as a field commander of a riot police unit broke the finger of a bystander at the Astoria Metro station.

In the verdict the court stressed that Vágó committed a crime of violence as a police officer against an innocent person that was unable to defend himself.

In the 2006 police atrocity cases, this was the first sentencing of a police officer that took part in the crackdown.

After putting down the 2006 uprising, Vágó has been promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel by the criminal Gyurcsany regime. He later retired from the force and accepted a job as a chief of security in one of the city's main shopping centers.

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In less then 12 months the savings of millions of people are going to vanish, and this is just the beginning...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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MediBall demonstration

MediBall is Chinese in origin, it is based on the movements of Tai Chi combined with ball exercises. It resembles to tennis or badminton in that it is played with a racket and a ball using circular movements. It is easy to learn and it is a great exercise for people in all age groups. In China, you see people playing this sport in parks either in pairs or alone.

MediBall exercises move the whole body including the neck, shoulders, waist and legs. It increases willpower and develops versatile and creative thinking. Regular exercises have beneficial effects on high blood pressure, diabetes problems, thrombosis and liver problems.

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Gypsies went shopping – this time in Leicester, England

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The whole of Vojvodina Hungarians have been stigmatized

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

According to foreign secretary, Zsolt Németh, the motion that the Serbian parliament passed on Monday regarding compensation legislation, won't bring Serbia closer to the European Union, but delays it.

Hungary has summoned Serbian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and informed the ambassador about the Hungarian government's position on the issue.

The Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary outlined the Hungarian government's position on Tuesday in a press conference; he said the motion on compensation that has been adopted by the Serbian parliament reestablished the principle of collective guilt.

The Serbian Compensation Act stipulates that those who in 1941 and 1945, were members of an occupying forces and their descendants are excluded from the compensation act. The legislation "excluding, practically the whole of Vojvodina Hungarians from compensation". "During the Second World War, all Hungarian citizens had been drafted into the Hungarian army," this doesn't mean that those who fulfilled their constitutional duty were war criminals said the ministry official.

Németh said the Serbian Ambassador was informed about the position of the Hungarian government and also about the conditions that a EU candidate country should comply with to be accepted into the European Union. The Serbian Compensation Act doesn't fulfill these requirements. He said the Hungarian Government is ready to dialogue with Belgrade; it is supporting the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ) that opposes the law.

It is important to find a solution to the problem, because Hungarian-Serbian relations developed very well in recent years. As an example, Németh mentioned "the beginning of a dialogue about the 1944-1945 atrocities in Vojvodina". "Our interests are to continue this process" said Németh.

Answering to a question the the Secretary of Foreign Affairs remarked that Hungary is committed to find a solution to this problem, if Serbia wants to be a member of the European Union. Hungary will notify the European Union about its position on Serbia's candidacy in the European Union. He recalled that Foreign Minister Martonyi has already indicated his concerns to the Serbian partner and Pál Schmitt, the head of state had also discussed the issue with Serbian President Boris Tadic.

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Gypsy criminals kicked and robbed a 9-year-old girl in Szolnok

The elementary school girl was attacked in broad daylight in a bus stop on Széchenyi boulevard in Szolnok.

The details of the crime has been described by Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Police spokesperson Zita Szabó.

The 9-year-old girl got off the bus, when young gypsy criminals blocked her way and demanded money from her. The girl resisted upon which the gypsies searched her pockets and took her wallet. Then, the gypsies resorted to harsher methods, as one of them took out a knife and demanded money from her. When he saw that there was no more money left, he pushed the girl to the ground and kicked her several times. After the incident, the gypsies fled the scene leaving the girl lying on the ground.

The girl suffered light injuries. Police charging the gypsies with robbery and assault said the spokesperson.

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Újabb bizonyítékok a magyarság erős belső-ázsiai gyökereiről

Obrusánszky Borbála őstörténetkutató – portálunk "Örökségünk" rovatának szerzője – a Bar!kád magazin eheti számában tudósít nyári utazásairól. Vele készített interjúnkban a magyar őstörténettel kapcsolatos legújabb felfedezéseiről kérdeztük, valamint beszámolt nekünk egy konferenciáról, amelyre Magyarországról csak ő kapott meghívást.

Mivel foglalkozik mostanában?

Általában őseink, a szkíták és a hunok történeti kérdéseit tanulmányozom. A közeljövőben nekiállok, hogy megírjam eddigi kutatásaim összegzését, abban szeretném bemutatni a hun örökség mongol és magyar vonatkozásait. Ősszel pedig a magyar középkori közigazgatás keleti gyökereiről szóló dolgozatomat kezdem el, ehhez ugyanis sok adalékot találtam most Mongóliában. Koicsi Matsuda japán professzor egyébként feltárta, hogyan részesültek a nagykáni adományokból a helyi közigazgatási vezetők, az általa részletezett rendszer nagyon hasonlít a magyarhoz, gyökereit pedig a korai sztyeppei népek között lelhetjük meg. Munkámban megerősítem történész kollégám, Höbling Tamás eredményeit, aki két kötetes szenzációs könyvében kimutatta, hogy a vármegyéket nem István szervezte meg, hanem azok az ősi magyar hagyományokra vezethetők vissza. Én azt is szeretném bemutatni: nem a magyarok vették át a frank, vagy a német mintát, hanem éppen ők tanulták meg az államszervezési elemeket a hunoktól és szövetségeseiktől, a nyugaton letelepedett alánoktól.

Úgy tudom újabb felfedezéseket tett az őstörténetünkkel kapcsolatban. Melyek ezek?

Tanulmányutam során ismét rátaláltam olyan fontos bizonyítékokra, melyek azt támasztják alá, hogy a magyarság erős belső-ázsiai gyökerekkel rendelkezik. A legkülönlegesebb felfedezés a mi szürkemarhánk keleti rokonának megtalálása volt. Először a Dzsingisz kán mauzóleum melletti kiállító helyiségben lévő hatalmas szarvai árulkodtak arról, hogy az Ordoszban egy hatalmas testű marha élt. Legnagyobb megdöbbenésemre a híres ordoszi bronzokon is ezt az állatot láttam viszont, a kínaiak ezzel szemben vízi bivalynak próbálják beazonosítani. A Dzsingisz kán kultuszt tanulmányozva, az a sejtésem támadt, hogy Csaba királyfi háromezer hunja nem véletlenül telepedett le a Budvár-hegy körül. Valószínűleg ők ott őrizték Attila szellemi örökségét és esetleg néhány tárgyát is. Azt a szárságot, hogy ők határőröknek mentek oda, csak a 19. század egyik legnagyobb botcsinálta történésze, Hunsdoerfer találta ki.

Emellett Mongóliában is találkoztam érdekes hun leletekkel. A nyugat-mongóliai hun sírban talált aranyból kivágott mongol dísz engem a korai keresztény templomaink indás díszítéseire emlékeztetett. El is küldtem a képeket Ucsiraltu professzornak, aki megdöbbent a hasonlóságon. Érdekes lenne a belső-mongol nyelvjárásokat tanulmányozni, mert sok ősi, valószínűleg a hunokig visszavezethető szó maradt meg bennük. A tej szavunkon kívül nyáron ismerőseimtől hallottam, hogy az anya szót emlegetik. Rákérdeztem, hogy mit jelent, mire Ucsiraltu azt válaszolta, hogy a keleti nyelvjárásokban az idősebb nőtestvért nevezik így. A mongolok azt hitték, hogy ez idegen szó, én magyaráztam el nekik, hogy mit is jelent.

Utam végén meglátogattam az egyik volt mongol évfolyamtársamat, aki nemrégiben táltos beavatáson esett át. Engem is meghívott egyik este egy szertartásra. A szellemős ezen az estén nevelte a résztvevőket, keményen megszidta azt, aki rosszat tett, de tanácsot is adott, ki hogyan viselkedjen. A szertartás végén a résztvevők közössége mindent átbeszélt, hogy mi is történt és találgatták, hogy melyik szellemős jelent meg előttük. Akkor ötlött fel bennem, hogy a magyar népmeséket valószínűleg a táltosok mesélték el az utódoknak, és az abban szereplő alakok, állatok, mind a mi ősi táltos hitünk legfontosabb alakjai. Azt is megtudtam, hogy a sólyom, a mi turulunk, tényleg a szellemősök jelképe, ők jelennek meg egy-egy jeles eseménykor, hogy hírt közöljenek.

Már prezentálta is a felfedezéseit valahol? Ha igen hol?

Az idő rövidsége miatt még csak az Örökség rovatban számoltam be eredményeimről. Hamarosan azonban elkészítem a szakmai beszámolómat, mert már több mongol egyetemi folyóirat várja ezt. Számukra a magyar hun hagyomány az egyik legfontosabb kutatandó terület. Az utazásomról készített népszerűsítő beszámolóm pedig a Barikád újságban jelent meg.

Az Ön munkájában nagy hangsúlyt kapnak a szakmai konferenciák. Nyáron is voltak?

Két mongóliai konferenciára kaptam meghívást. Az egyik a nagy mongolisztikai konferencia, amelyet ötévente rendeznek meg. Ezen a világ mongolistái vesznek részt. Ott az ősi hírközlő és diplomáciai eszközökről tartottam előadást. Bemutattam, hogy a régi mongol és magyar eszközöket egészen a hun korig lehet végigkövetni. Nagy sikerem volt, még a szekció elnök is külön gratulált, sőt a franciák másnap már el is küldtek számomra egy meghívást, hogy vegyek részt a műhelymunkájukban, mely Mongólia örökségével foglalkozik.

A másik konferencia a hunokról szólt. Oda egyedül én kaptam meghívást Magyarországról. A három napos rendezvényen nagyon sok kiváló előadást hallgattam végig, szerencsére az enyémre is sokan voltak kíváncsiak. Sőt, a mongolok annyira fontosnak tartották eddigi munkásságom, hogy megválasztottak szekcióelnöknek is. Előadásomban egyébként a hunok kárpát-medencei továbbélésükről beszéltem. Ez azért volt nagy siker, mert erről a kutatók szinte alig hallottak valamit. Nagyon meghatódtam, mikor a török elnök a következőként mutatott be: most pedig a magyar testvérünk következik. A konferencia legfőbb eredménye számunkra az, hogy a nemzetközi hun szakértők visszavettek bennünket, magyarokat a hun népek közé, sőt a Mongol Tudományos Akadémia folyóiratába várják az európai hunokkal kapcsolatos írásaimat. A magyar krónikák hun történetét már szeretnék mongolul olvasni, hogy ők is alaposan áttanulmányozzák a mi legfőbb történeti kincsünket.

A két konferencia között ellátogattam Belső-Mongóliába, ahol az intézmény vezetőivel a további együttműködésünkről tanácskoztunk. Megtudtam, hogy Belső-Mongóliában filmet forgatnak a hunokról, a forgatócsoport feltett szándéka, hogy 3 részben bemutatná a magyar hun hagyományt is. Számunkra fontos hír, hogy Ucsiraltu professzor megjelenteti a hun nyelvről szóló művét jövőre és engem kért fel, hogy fordítsam le magyarra. Ők is várják a hunokkal kapcsolatos írásaimat.

Milyen tervei, illetve felkérései vannak a jövőre nézve?

Hamarosan elutazom Cambridge-be, mert az egyetem közép-ázsiai intézete meghívott egy konferenciára, ahol előadást tartok a közép-ázsiai hun érméken található jelképekről. A továbbiakban részt veszek az ottani numizmatikai társaság munkájában is, ahová tagnak is beválasztottak. Októberben pedig Kijevben, egy nagy orientalisztikai konferencián számolok be ismét a hunok kései, kárpát-medencei történetéről. Ezek a meghívások azért jelentősek számunkra, mert ez által tájékoztathatjuk kutatótársainkat a valós magyar őstörténetről, elfeledtetve ez által velük a finnugor elmélet történelemhamisításait. A külföldi meghívások mellett nagyon fontosnak tartom a hazai közönséggel való állandó kapcsolatot, hiszen ők adnak erőt nekem. Nagyon megható, hogy mennyien érdeklődnek a hun őseink történelme iránt. Szeretném minél szélesebb körben megismertetni a hun kutatás legújabb eredményeit és azok magyar kapcsolatait. Nagyon fontosnak tartanék két dolgot: először egy komoly őstörténeti kutatócsoport felállítását, hogy abban fiatal kutatók is részt vehessenek és a nagy magyar keletkutató óriások, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor, Bálint Gábor, Stein Aurél és mások nyomdokaiba lépjenek. Másrészt, Mongóliából hazatérve megfogalmazódott bennem egy ötlet: egy hun múzeum kialakítása, ahol diákok, tanárok és érdeklődők is megismerhetik dicső elődeinket.

Sinkovics Szilvia -

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Interview with Márton Gyöngyösi about Jobbik's position on the Palestinian Statehood

Several members of Jobbik's parliamentary group participated in the Palestinian-Hungarian rally on September 23, in Budapest, among them Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik foreign critic and co-chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee.

- Why did you find it necessary as a parliamentary representative to throw your support behind the Palestinian cause?

- For me, it is natural to support the Palestinian cause. Jobbik representatives have a firm view on this issue for quite some time. We are the only party in Hungary that are emphasizing right from the beginning that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should make a firm stance on the Palestinian issue and we even putting pressure on the foreign ministry to do so.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hungarian delegation in New York don't seem enthusiastic about supporting an independent Palestinian state.

- Yes, this is unfortunately true. Jobbik would have preferred, if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn't claim that the ministry had no knowledge of the draft resolution and its current timetable. These are just hypocritical excuses on the part of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, because the Palestinian issue primarily, a conceptual and moral concern and the ministry is perfectly aware of that. The vast majority of the 193 UN member states were able to take a stance on the Palestinian statehood without knowing the exact wording of the motion. I repeat, this was a poor excuse on the part of the Hungarian diplomacy; the country should have supported the Palestinian statehood on the basis of principles.

- What do you think, who is pressuring the Hungarian government, Israel, America or both?

- Israel and America hold the same opinion on this issue, therefore the order doesn't matter. It seems to me that Israel determines the U.S. Middle East policy. The world's most influential lobby, AIPAC regularly vacationing substantial proportion of US Congressmen in Israel, so it is not that hard to see the control of the Zionist lobby over US lawmakers and the American President.

- Jobbik's political opponents argue that Jobbik supports the Palestinian cause because it is basically anti-Semitic. How do you answer that?

- Jobbik stands on moral grounds and it pursues a foreign policy that has a clear logic; the party has been supporting the Eastern shift in foreign policy right from the beginning. Personally, I also would like to see closer ties with the Eastern countries, because I know the East, the Arabs and other Muslim nations. As a son of a foreign tradesman, I lived in Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan for many years. Hungary has huge commercial and economic opportunities in this region, we should exploit those opportunities.

( – translated by

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Internationally renowned architect, the founder of Hungarian organic architecture Imre Makovecz died on Tuesday at the age of 76

Imre Makovecz was born on November 20, 1935 in Budapest.

Since 1987, a professor at the International Architecture Academy; in 1992, he became the elected president of the newly established Hungarian Academy of Arts. He also taught at the Budapest University of Technology and the Arts.

In recognition of his works in 1969, he was awarded by the prestigious professional architectural award, the Ybl Prize. In 1990, he received the Kossuth Prize and in 1996, the Hungarian Heritage Award. In 2001, he received the Corvin-chain and in 2003, the Prima Primissima prize. In 2008, he received the Teleki Pal medal of merit and in 2009, the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2010, he was elected Zala county and in 2011, Budapest's honorary citizen. He was also a well known conservative public figure.

(MTI –

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‘Iran, Russia, China mulling joint missile shield’

Monday, September 26, 2011

TEHRAN - Unofficial sources have announced that Iran, Russia, and China are currently holding talks on a proposal to establish a joint missile defense shield as a counterweight to a NATO defense shield, according to a recent report.

The report, which was published in the Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan on Sunday, said that the sources cited two reasons why serious consultations have been held on the initiative.

First, all three states have come to the conclusion that U.S. officials’ assertion that their concern over the alleged missile and nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea is the reason for the decision to establish a NATO missile defense shield is just a pretext and the true objective of the shield is to threaten Russia and China.

In addition, now that the proposal to establish an early warning radar system in southeast Turkey, which is one component of the NATO missile defense shield, appears to be a done deal, the U.S. is now planning to establish other components of the new system in South Korea and Taiwan, which clearly shows that Washington is using the alleged threat from Iran and North Korea as a pretext to target China and Russia.

An informed expert believes China, which has not taken any action on the issue so far, is beginning to comprehend the level of danger posed by the new system.

Russia’s analysis of the situation is similar to Iran’s view, which was expressed during Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev’s recent visit to Tehran.

Therefore, it seems the three countries have realized that the time has come to seriously start discussions on the plan.

Some sources say Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian envoy to NATO, who is scheduled to travel to Iran before the end of September, will probably hold operational discussions on the plan with Iranian officials.

According to RIA Novosti, Rogozin is going to discuss “strategic issues” in Tehran.

Military experts are of the opinion that since Iran, Russia, and China have made great progress in designing anti-aircraft defense systems, the construction of such a missile shield system will not be a difficult task for them.


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Ethnic tension is growing in Temerin, Serbia: Fight broke out among Hungarian and Serbian high school students

Due to Serbian media hysteria campaign ethnic tension in Temerin is growing.

The anti-Hungarian media hysteria in the Serbian media has produced result. On September 26, Serbian and Hungarian secondary school students fought against each other.

The clashes broke out in a park started by a Serbian student assaulting his Hungarian classmate; as a result, a fights broke out and the person who started the brawl has been taken to hospital. Currently, there is a heavy police presence in Temerin, a town with a population of twenty thousand.

MRM condemns all forms of violence and urge authorities to act impartially in the latest incident and punish those responsible for the incident; find the instigators and investigate the role of the media in the incident.

MRM is also demanding that authorities find the perpetrators who vandalize Hungarian city signs in Ujvidék and arrest those responsible for the destruction of the Petőfi Sándor Hungarian Cultural Centre.

Róbert Oláh
Executive Chairman of MRM

( –

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Judoka Hedvig Karakas won gold medal in Almaty in the 57 kg category

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hedvig Karakas won gold medal in the 57-kg category on Sunday in the Olympic qualifying Judo World Cup Tournament in Almaty.

By defeating a Kyrgyz and Swiss opponents Karakas advanced into the semi-final, where she defeated Concepcion Bellorin by ippon.

In the final, Karakas defeated Spanish Olympic, World and six-time European champion Isabel Fernandez by wazari.

( –

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László Bálint: Do Serbians see Hungarians in Serbia as war criminals?

What most Hungarians were afraid of has come true. The Serbian government doesn't remove the principle of collective guilt from the property return legislation, even though it has shown willingness to do so earlier. If the law accepted in the current form, the result will be that Hungarians in Serbia will be seen as war criminals and this will be inscribed in the law, as well; in the same time, Hungarians that suffered losses in the Second World War in Délvidék, won't be eligible for compensation for their loss of properties said László Bálint, the chairman of MRM (Magyar Remény Mozgalom).

Now, it is crystal clear that the Serbian parties, without exception, seeing Hungarians in Délvidék as fascists who must expiate for their alleged sins. There is a full agreement among the Serbian radical parties and the so-called “European democratic and liberal parties” in this respect. As the election day is getting closer these parties will take the carrot-and-stick approach to win ballots from Hungarian voters.

MRM is confident that VMSZ members of parliament stand up to the pressure and stick to the common position that was adopted in a roundtable discussion on September 10, 2011, in Szabadka. We are also asking the Hungarian government to intercede with the European Union and put pressure on Serbia because of the collective guilt legislation concludes his statement the chairman of MRM.

( –

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Picture of the day: Disciples of Satan

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two globalist agents: former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (left) and former minister of finance Lajos Bokros. In the past twenty years, the two spiritually retarded aliens worked hard to bankrupt the country and serve it up to their global masters that they serve with great humility.

( –

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N1 Híradó - Csatlósok: helytartóit követve a magyar küldöttség is kivonult az iráni elnök beszédéről az ENSZ-közgyűlésben

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The former captain of the Hungarian Gendarmerie Force, Sándor Képiró was buried in Sarkad

The memorial service was performed by Pastor János Kalmár; more than five hundred people attended the religious service, among them Jobbik parliamentarians Előd Novák and Gergely Ruby. Many of the mourners wore black trousers and white shirts without any signs on them.

During the ceremony, members of the “Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület” and the Hungarian Guard gendarmerie division with black armbands patrolled the cemetery.

At the end of the one and half-hour ceremony mourners laid wreaths on Sándor Képiró's grave.

Sándor Képiró, the former captain of the Hungarian gendarmerie force was born in 1914, in Sarkad and died on September 3, 2011 at the age of 98.

(MTI – -

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Palestinian-Hungarian rally at Kossuth square in support of the independent Palestinian state

On Friday afternoon, Palestinians, Palestinian supporters from other Arab countries as well as significant number of Hungarians, amongst them Jobbik members of parliament Gábor Staudt, Hegedűs Lorántné and Márton Gyöngyösi took part in a rally demanding that Hungary vote “yes” for Palestinian independence in the UN General Assembly.

The flag-waving crowd (about 350) marched under Palestinian, Hungarian, Árpád-striped and Jobbik flags through the Margaret Bridge to the Parliament Building under heavy police presence. At the Kossuth Square Palestinian youth danced, celebrating Mahmoud Abbas expected announcement about the independent Palestinian State in the United Nation General Assembly in New York city. For the occasion the crowd released black, red, white and green balloons representing the Palestinian flag.

The president of the Arab community in Hungary pointed out that Jews went to Palestine from all over the world and as a result, indigenous Palestinians became refuges in their own country. But the Palestinians would like to live like any other nation in the world. Ever since, Israel has been committing atrocities against Palestinians, such as the Sabra and Shatila massacre or the latest atrocities in the Gaza Strip. Israel still holding a blockade against Gaza preventing Palestinians to obtain medicine, fuel and other essential items. How is it possible that in the twenty-first century the Palestinian people don't have their own state? Palestinians want to live in peace in their own country as a neighbor of Israel said the chief of the Arab community.

Palestinian deputy-ambassador to Hungary thanked the Hungarian support for the Palestinian independence. He especially thanked to Hegedűs Lorántné and her husband Lóránt Hegedűs for lifting the Palestinian flag at the steps of the Hungarian Parliament indicating the friendship between the two nations.

The diplomat then announced that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas submitted a request to the UN General Assembly to acknowledge Palestine as the 194th member state of the organization. The diplomat emphasized that the submission of the application form does not result a free Palestine, but the today step was an important one towards independence.

We know that the majority of the Hungarian people are supporting the independent Palestine said the Palestinian diplomat; he stressed that the Hungarian support greatly contribute to the ability of the Palestinian people to resist the Israeli and American pressure; then, he shifted to Hungarian and said “We need the Hungarian 'yes' vote” indicating that the Hungarian delegation should vote “yes” in the UN General Assembly.

The rally ended peacefully with the singing of the Hungarian national anthem.

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