Prosecutor: "Lying is a part of gypsy culture"

Monday, October 31, 2011

In today's verdict, Heves County Court Judge, József Fecz found two police officers guilty of abusive interrogation techniques.

The lawsuit has been filed against the two police officers by gypsy criminals claiming that the officers abused them while investigating their cases.

The corrupt judge argued that police criminality is hard to prove because the system covers up its actions; due to this fact, the credibility of police officers should be questioned. (Notes: That's right, not the gypsy criminals that are suffering from credibility deficit but the police officers. Wow! Interestingly, the corrupt court discharged all police criminals who have committed atrocious criminal acts against demonstrators during the 2006 uprising arguing that there was no evidence against the officers, as the testimony of the victims couldn't be proven beyond doubt [because they were not gypsies]. In the case of gypsy criminals, even if the judge knew that they lied during the court proceedings found the officers guilty of the accusations.)

According to the verdict, during the interrogation proceedings police officers assaulted the gypsies by hitting them with their fists and plastic tubes. The corrupt judge argued that this method of interrogation by police reminiscent of the “ gendarme methods of the past”.

The officers pleaded not guilty to all charges. The lawyer of the officers questioned the credibility of the gypsies. He argued that after leaving the police headquarters none of the victims filed a complaint against the officers and none of them had signs of physical abuse.

In their testimony the gypsies claimed that they didn't go to the doctor immediately after the interrogation because their feet were hurting due to the beating. They said "this is understandable when one's sole has been beaten by a rubber hose." Because of the sore feet, one of the victims couldn't even take his car home. The officers remarked that the gypsies are lying because they don't even have a car and after leaving police headquarters both have been checked out by a doctor finding no signs of physical abuse any on the two individuals. Furthermore, one of the victims talked all sorts of nonsense during the court proceedings and it is also strange that they filed a lawsuit against the officers half a year after the alleged assault.

In his speech, the prosecutor admitted that it was true that the gypsies gave delirious and exaggerated accounts of the event, but this is part of their culture; it cannot be expected that after having such cultural background they give the same account of the event each time they are asked; that is the reason behind their contradictory testimonies said the prosecutor.

(Notes:Only fools cannot see that the reason behind this outrageous sentencing is to intimidate police officers that try to take their job seriously; the other reason is to tacitly promote gypsy crime using the method of liberal instigators that are in the business of creating ethnic tension in Hungarian society.)

The the defendants appealed the conviction.

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Happy Halloween 2011

I am Vengeance...I am the Night!

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Jobbik holds its 8th congress at Budapest Congress Center

Saturday, October 29, 2011

With nearly six hundred delegates attending, Jobbik's 8th congress has been kicked off in the Budapest Congress Center.

At the event, party chairman Gábor Vona informed delegates about the party's parliamentary work and MEP Krisztina Morvai talked about the work of Jobbik's delegates in the European Parliament.

According to president Gabor Vona, Jobbik is gradually growing and getting ready to lead the country. Jobbik, as a party, has to become a governing force and as a movement, it has to build an organic, value-based society in place of the current disintegrating social structure. He emphasized: Jobbik hasn't given up anything from its radical program since it has become a member of parliament – its program hasn't been watered down. "Just because a party pursues a militant, radical policy, it doesn't mean it wants to shoot people, in many instances diplomacy can achieve more result than force" said Vona. He said Jobbik has two main virtues – internal unity and truthfulness.

The Jobbik leader talked about his plans of establishing two institutions. The first one would be called “Prohászka Ottokár”, the second, “Attila's grandchildren” academy for talented young people who are "born to lead the country". These young people would be supported by grants and scholarships and trained by the best academics in the country.

Vona also touched upon the division among the ranks of the Hungarian Guard. He said intelligence agencies are behind the division that makes unifying the several fractions of the Hungarian Guard a difficult task. While one hundred percent of ordinary guard members supporting unity, only ten percent of the leadership behind the unification.

Regarding the peaceful coexistence among Hungarians and Gypsies Vona remarked that a situation needs to be created where both Hungarians and Gypsies have simple choices; either they accept the rules of law and work or they go to jail or better to leave the country.

In relation to the self-determination of Hungarians in the neighboring countries, Vona said he wouldn't want to die before the self-determination of Hungarians in the lost territories have been achieved.

He then announced that 2012 will be the year of Attila and Jobbik will organize the first Turanian World Congress ever.

In the closing remarks, Vona called upon the six hundred delegates to overcome themselves “because if we'll be able to overcome ourselves we can defeat our enemies without efforts."

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Introducing world record holder long range bow-shooter, József Mónus

József Mónus was introduced into the exciting world of archery the first time, five years ago and five years later, he broke the 784 year world record in long range bow-shooting. He already planning to break his own world record the next year by shooting across the Bosphorus Strait.

Mónus doesn't consider archery as a sport, but rather a form of warfare. He has never had formal training in archery; he learned the art of archery by listening to his instincts and when he releases an arrow, he always knows that the target was hit or missed.

Mónus' story started in 2006 in Eger where he attended an archery competition. He felt a thrill was shooting through his body and the sight emotionally seized him. "I knew I fought here a long time ago. This primal feeling made me start practising archery" says Mónus about the beginnings.

Mónus -- a mechanical engineer by education -- says archery is not a sport; he practising the art of archery like warriors. When attending major competitions he calls his opponents fighters. "All want to fight. The Mongols shooting even when you go to the target to pick up your arrow. Everyone is motivated by competing against each other. You feel the proximity of the other fighters and their breath on your neck; then, comes the friendly handshake, although Mongolians are different even in this – if you defeat them, it is hard to withdraw your hand from their strong handshake."

For Mónus, archery is a way to explore Hungarian history including the military strategies of ancient Hungarian warriors.

"I'm very interested in what the bow looked like in the 10-11th century. If I think of our ancestors always the bow comes to my mind, first. I want to prove that it is possible to shoot almost inconceivable distances with the traditional bow. I would like to draw your attention to the story of a Turkish fighter who in the 1500s was able to shoot at the distance of 800 meters. Hungarians could do the same, but their achievements haven't been recorded. I would like to make up for that now" explains Mónus.

Mónus set his first world record in 2008 in South Korea taking part in the World Festival of Traditional Archers, which was part of the non-Olympic games. Twenty days before the competition started he released 1000 arrows as part of his preparations for the tournament. "I feel a peace of mind only when I know I prepared for the competition. The fighter, the bow and the arrow should be in perfect harmony" explains Mónus. According to the champion, a good fighter can shoot at any distance, but first, he must believe he can do it.

Mónus' achievements appeared in the media the first time in 2010 when he broke a long range shooting record set in 1226 by a Mongol warrior. Mónus improved the Mongol warrior, named Esunkhei (503 meters) world record by more than 5 meters (508.74). Esunkhei set up the world record at a Genghis Khan festival, in 1226.

"I managed to improve my previous 508-meter record set in 2010, in Bugac during Kurultáj; the new record was 603 meters; but, later, I broke that one too, by breaking the 704-meter target. I'm also proud that this year, during the Ancestors day celebrations I managed to hit a one and half centimeter flagpole two times from 240 meter distance, in front of three thousand people. In the first round, I needed four shots and in the second, nine shots to hit the target because of headwind that forced me to aim seven meters off target to be able to hit the pole."

Sometimes, weather conditions influence results. This September, at a long range shooting tournament in Utah, U.S. the dry, hot desert climate made Mónus's bow break. He was unable to use the 100 pound (45, 95 kg) tensile strength bow, instead he had to use the 54 pound bow, but even using that he could score world record result. In the unlimited traditional Turkish style, he set world record in 2008. But his best result was in the absolute strength class 300-meter distance “hunting arrow” category where he came close to Don Brown's world record.

"After the race the 80-year-old world record-holder, Lary Hatfield came to me to congratulate and tearfully said he had never seen anything like that before. I would like to go back to America, because there are four more categories in which I would like to see myself as a world record holder," says Mónus who made 600 arrows for the American tournament; he used those arrows a total of seventeen thousand times, but took only eighteen to the tournament.

The Hungarian team finished the race with a total of 12 gold medals and five world records, from which five gold and two world records went to his son 17-year-old László József Mónus who started practising archery in 2006 like his father. "He can shoot from any position, he does it instinctively, he was born this way. He can shoot like me, but we never compete against each other," says Mónus, then, he proudly recounts his high-school student son's awards, including the ministerial medals, the European championships titles and world records.

He won his last medal in a South Korean competition where the Hungarian team finished second. The competition followed the tradition of the Naadam-shooting school that dates back to the time of Genghis Khan. The Mongol chief used to amuse himself by shooting the heads of defeated enemy fighters who were partially buried in the ground.

The design and the weight of the arrows differ in each category says Mónus. It makes a big difference how many feathers we put at the end or in the arrow shaft and what kind of arrowhead we use. The heavier and thicker arrows can be used roughly to the distance of 500 meters, it can fly up to 300 km / h speed. Bows made from non-natural materials cost about 40-60 thousand forints; but Mónus is not required to spend money on his weapons as his friend Csaba Grózer makes all his equipment. He uses protective gears that his friend, László Váradi and his wife make for him. His arms covered by ancient Hungarian style protection shield that has a very important function during competitions, it minimizes the possibility of injury and gives a feeling of security says Mónus.

"This is a dangerous sport; result can be achieved only if you can lock the world out of your mind and see only the target. If anything diverts the fighter's attention for instance, worrying about injury, then one can't succeed. In the very instance, when I let the arrow go I know that I hit or miss the target" says Mónus whose nickname is "Wolf" that he has been received after his totem animal. So far, he has been wounded four times by broken arrows.

Mónus who is practicing in Hajdúnánás, Budaörs and Pesterzsébet also pays particular attention to his clothing that carries ancient Hungarian design elements.

For the immediate future, he has two major plans: first, he wants to hit a human figure shape target from 300-meter distance by using traditional bow; the other one is more ambitious, he wants to shoot over a distance of 907 meters for the memory of the Pozsony battle in 907 A.D.

The latter plan is scheduled for next summer in Turkey where he wants to shoot across the Bosphorus Strait. The original plan was to accomplish the world record attempt at the narrowest point of the strait, which is about 750 meters, but since then his plan has become more ambitious. In Turkey traditional archery is also very popular and his Turkish friends calling him for years to hold demonstrations in Turkey. "This is a challenge, a chance that one gets only once in a lifetime; this world record attempt will be a world-class event". This is for the time being only a plan, but seeing his enthusiasm we can be sure that the Turkish people will learn Mónus' name very soon.

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Gypsy criminals flooding Canada

As a result of the advises of their liberal puppet masters and the dark forces working in the background to maintain ethnic tension in Hungary, gypsy criminals are flooding Canada and applying for refuge status in record numbers citing phony persecution claims.

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The “Kalocsa” folk style overall turned out to be the most popular among online voters

Friday, October 28, 2011

This is already official, the Hungarian style, Kalocsa patterned overall will be one the official uniforms that the McLaren team will be wearing at the season's final Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The uniform has been designed by István Kalmár and the style won the online voting with a big margin receiving 120 thousand votes, while the second runner up received only a few thousands votes.

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Gyurcsany admirer Dániel Péter insulted Mária Wittner in his Facebook post

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In his Facebook entry, Gyurcsany admirer Dániel Péter insulted Mária Wittner, who has been sentenced to death for her role in the 1956 revolution, calling her “a common criminal, a rowdy lynching bitch”.

Mária Wittner filed a lawsuit against the hate-monger who insulted not only one of the heroes of the revolution, but through her the memory of those died during the 1956 uprising.

We can safely say that Gyurcsany's newly formed party already earned the reputation of being the gathering place of the worst spiritually retarded scumbags that are polluting Hungarian society.

The picture above shows former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and Dániel Péter, as the two mental patients posing for the camera.

As the saying goes: “Birds of feather flock together”.

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The German Academy of Performing Arts getting hysterical about György Dörner's appointment as the director of “Új Színház” (New Theatre)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shadowy forces using the German Academy of Performing Arts as an instrument to coerce Budapest City Mayor István Tarlós to withdraw György Dörner's appointment as the director of “Új Színház” (New Theatre).

György Dörner's appointment as the director of the New Theatre even more disturbing than the Schüssel-Haider Austrian coalition agreement in 2000 says the hysterical statement.

The Bensheim based institution called upon István Tarlós to reverse his decision and appoint somebody else for the position.

The statement continues with the usual mantra we've heard a thousand times before. These lies always come up when globalist forces want to get rid of someone they don't like: "A unique and hitherto unthinkable event has occurred in post-war European history: Budapest Mayor István Tarlós appointed an openly anti-Semitic right wing extremist, István Csurka and his far-right extremist friend György Dörner to lead the New Theatre".

The academy calls upon "Budapest mayor István Tarlós to reverse his earlier decision as theatres in Hungary can't stage anti-Semitic and racist propaganda."

The statement also calls upon the German Federal Government to intervene in the matter and force Hungarian officials to observe the fundamental principles of the European Union.

In a television program today, Tarlós (very correctly) rejected the brazen interference of the German art institute in Hungarian affairs by saying that appointing art directors is not the Germans' business.

(Notes: It is pathetic that the German Academy of Performing Arts allowing to globalist forces to use the institution as an instrument to attack an independent country. Yet, its views are not surprising, as Germany is the most heavily controlled country in Europe.)

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Ferenc Gyurcsany (a.k.a. Crazy Nero) recruiting dumb down youth to advance his evil agenda

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and the dark forces behind his newly formed party are focusing their attention on the reality show generation that is inexperienced and misled by the mendacious mainstream media.

Former young communist Ferenc Gyurcsany, who already indebted the country and suckered hundreds of thousands of naive citizens into fraudulent mortgage schemes, trying to mount a come back to complete the bankrupting of the country that he couldn't finish due to his party's electorate defeat in the 2010 national election.

On the national holiday, anti-Hungarian forces staged a massive demonstration in downtown Budapest attacking the Fidesz government on issues that are the legacy of the Gyurcsany government – like education, for instance.

Now, Dóra Polgár, a groupie for Gyurcsany, tries to arouse anti-Fidesz sentiments among university students blaming the current government for the mess that Crazy Nero caused in the past eight years.

I'm sure that the majority of university students are more intelligent than those trying to fool them. I'm confident that the majority of students won't let these venal forces to use them in their evil strategies. It is worth noting that whoever cooperated, wittingly or unwittingly, with this insidious force in the past, at the very end lost everything. Take a look at the homeowners who let themselves duped into carefully designed mortgage schemes that have been set up by the very same forces that are under various guises organizing demonstrations to exploit the genuine grievances of the population.

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The World Jewish Congress demanding the removal of patriotic theatre director György Dörner

In a letter to Viktor Orbán, The World Jewish Congress asking the prime minister to intervene and cancel György Dörner's appointment as the head of “Új Színház” (New Theatre).

The World Jewish Congress is deeply concerned about Budapest's city mayor István Tarlós' decision to appoint two individuals to lead the New Theatre as the main purpose of these individuals (György Dörner and István Csurka) are to spread extremist views through the cultural institution says WJC on Monday.

The letter has been signed by former U.S. ambassador in Vienna and the chairman of the WJC, Ronald S. Lauder.

This and all recent developments in the country might adversely affect the welfare of Jews in Hungary in the medium to long term as anti-Semitic, racist and fascist ideologies have no legitimate place in a 21st century European democracy finishing its rant one of the world's most influential pressure groups.

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Greenspan: Why European Union Is Doomed to Fail

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The European Union is doomed to fail because the divide between the northern and southern countries is just too great, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan told CNBC in a recent interview.

"At the outset of the creation of the euro in 1999, it was expected that the southern eurozone economies would behave like those in the north; the Italians would behave like Germans. They didn’t," Greenspan said. "Instead, northern Europe fell into subsidizing southern Europe’s excess consumption, that is, its current account deficits."

Greenspan predicts that as the south's fiscal crisis deepens, the flow of goods from the north will stop altogether and southern Europe's standard of living will go down.

"The effect of the divergent cultures in the eurozone has been grossly underestimated," he added. "The only way to have several currencies from divergent nations lumped together is if they are culturally close, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. If they aren’t, it simply can’t continue to work."


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Gyöngyöspata: Jobbik mayor Oszkár Juhász restored law and order in the community

Gyöngyöspata has become a viable village again.

Since its election three months ago, Jobbik mayor Oszkár Juhász significantly improved the law and order situation in the community: he virtually eliminated crime, simply by enforcing the law of the land.

Public works program is underway requiring gypsies to work for their welfare benefits; so far only seven individuals had to be fired from the program due to bad behaviour and stealing fuel. These people won't be eligible for welfare and unemployment benefits for three years.

The first time in a long time this year harvesting passed without major incidents. Only two gypsies were caught stealing grapes. The offenders were arrested and sentenced three days in prison and they also had to pay stiff fines that will be deducted from their welfare benefits. This had an effect on the gypsy community and since then no fruit stealing has been reported.

As the winter approaching the next big job of the mayor will be preventing timber theft. Oszkár Juhász has promised that the municipality will use similar rigor and consistency with the thieves as they did during the summer if they try to break the law.

The municipality also eliminated bridge fines by clearing a weed-grown pass that is bypassing the gypsy neighborhood. Previously, gypsy criminals assaulted and demanded fees from local residents for passing through their neighborhood. Now land owners and small farmers don't have to pass through gypsy neighborhood when going to work.

It is also good news that several criminals left the municipality: three Gypsy crime families accepting the advises of their liberal puppet masters went to Canada. They probably will be kicked out of the country but at least until they are out of town life is quieter. Further signs of the improving conditions that about 60 gypsy criminals applied for passport intending to leave the country.

Gypsies are clearing the field

Checking the sharpness of the machete

Taking a break

Starting the day


Going to the grocery store

After work, reading the Bible is a good idea, it makes sleep more peaceful.

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Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ‘Financial Terrorism’

Monday, October 24, 2011

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László Bene the national police chief of the Gyurcsany regime is under criminal investigation

Deputy Attorney General, András Zs. Varga confirmed in parliament that the Military Prosecutor's Office in Debrecen conducting a criminal investigation against the national police chief of the Gyurcsany regime, László Bene.

The police criminal has been investigated, among others, for failure to oversee police operations during the 2006 police crackdown.

In 2006, police shot at peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately, causing serious injuries to several protesters -- many of them lost their eyesight, others suffered debilitating injuries, as cops intentionally took aim at the eyes of protesters with the obvious intent to blind people.

So far, only one mid-ranking police criminal has been sentenced to jail-term; all high-ranking officers that were responsible for police operations in 2006 by allowing sadistic thug cops to rampage on the streets are still at large.

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Despite the bad weather, tens of thousands of people celebrated the 55th anniversary of the revolution

Patriotic Hungarians remembered the 55th anniversary of the 1956 revolution nationwide. Below is a photo report about some of the main events took place on various locations in the country.

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An icon of the revolution

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The snapshot about this up until now unknown teenager made by Vagn Hansen Danish photographer who spent some time in Hungary during the 1956 uprising. Nobody, knew who this rebel girl was until very recently. Now we know that her name is Erika Szeles who joined the uprising with her older friend after Soviet forces invaded the country. She was a student of a cooking school and worked as a nurse treating wounded fighters in the last days of the uprising. During a rebel operation, she was mortally wounded by Soviet soldiers and died on the spot. Erika Szeles the martyr of the revolution.

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A Tudásbázis interjúja Drábik Jánossal

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Satanic forces formed a new party under the stewardship of Crazy Nero

Motto: “We lied in the morning, we lied in the evening...We did everything to keep that secret to the end of the electoral campaign...We screwed up, big time... No country in Europe has been so blatant. We obviously lied through the past one and a half to two years. And meanwhile, we didn't do a thing for four years -- nothing.” – excerpts from Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's (a.k.a. Crazy Nero) 2006 Öszöd speech

Hungarian-haters, globalist agents, mentally deranged old Bolsheviks and retirees suffering from Alzheimer's disease gathered at the “Vasas” handball arena in “Angyalföld” to form a new party at the eve of the National Holiday.

All Hungarian-haters who made a name for themselves in the past twenty years took part in the satanic séance.

Gyurcsany is a master deceiver and a brutal dictator who didn't hesitate ordering police to shoot at peaceful protesters in 2006; the groupies around him are hoping that despite the odds, Gyurcsany's campaign will work magic once again in the 2014 national election. Without discounting Gyurcsany's talent in the art of deception it is unlikely that the hate-monger can mount a come back; his chances are diminishing as the Fidesz government implementing irreversible changes not only in the economic sphere but also in the cultural and spiritual realm. Yet, the psychopath, as every psychopath, is posing a significant danger: the possibility of forming an election coalition with the remnants of the equally treasonous socialist party and the liberal LMP is something that should be kept in perspective. A situation like this might arouse if the world economy plunges into chaos, which is very much in the cards.

The name of the new party is “Demokratikus Koalíció Platform ” (Democratic Coalition Platform). The name already signaling the strategy of the anti-Hungarian party. The hope is that the three globalist parties can deceive the population under different guises and form a coalition government to reverse the advances made by the Fidesz government and serve the country up once again to their global masters. According to Gyurcsany, the new party pursues a centrist policy targeting a broad spectrum of ideologies ranging from left to the center.

In his first speech as the head of the new party, the celebrated psychopath attacked Prime Minister Viktor Orban calling him a counter-revolutionary. He also called the prime minister illegitimate despite the fact that the Fidesz government received super majority in the last national election. Gyurcsany also questioned the legitimacy of the legal system and the Constitutional Court.

Gyurcsany then suggested that his party won't pursue the Trianon legacy and will practically, abandon our brothers and sisters stranded in the lost territories due to the Trianon tragedy.

These are the main political perspectives of Gyurcsany's new party in a nutshell; his party will be one of the alternatives that Hungarians can chose from in 2014. But patriotic forces are also gathering momentum and in 2014 the menu will be much spicier than many people might think as it will include real delicacies besides the pesticide laden globalist junk food.


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