New Testament's “Rovás” edition has been released for Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The New Testament's “Rovás” edition is a new milestone in the history of Hungarian book publishing. It has been co-published by the St. Jerome Catholic Bible Society and the “Rovás” Foundation; this shiny new edition of the holy Bible was introduced to the public on December 20, in the Bible Centre in Budapest.

The professor of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Béla Tarjányi said to MTI that the Bible Society promoting and distributing various versions of the Bible since its certification in 1989. Since then, the Bible Society has published the Vienna gold Bible in 2008, a Gypsy language version of the Bible and a special version written in uppercase letters for senior citizens.

A month ago, the “Rovás” Foundation approached the Bible Society with the idea of releasing the New Testament's “Rovás” version said Béla Tarjányi who has always been interested in the ancient Hungarian script. The Bible Society liked the idea and a record time of 10 days the Kner Printing House released the New Testament “Rovás” edition based on Káldi's legal Catholic Bible that is the most liked Bible adaptation of Catholics.

Jesus Christ's monogram in the ancient “Rovás” cript

The professor recalled that Gárdonyi Géza's novel the “Egri csillagok” and a popular fairy tale book have already been published in “Rovás” script.

"The Székely-Hungarian runic script is one of Hungary's national treasures; we can be proud that we have our own writing system and this must be part of the national consciousness" stressed Tarjányi.

A sample page from Mathew's Gospel

On the question of who will be able to read this Bible, the professor said that "anyone can learn to read the runes in a few hours by juxtaposing it with the Latin version."

Tarjányi remarked that two thousand copies of the New Testament's “Rovás” edition have been published; half of the money earned from the sale goes to the Bible Society and the other half to the “Rovás” foundation. The sales price of the New Testament's “Rovás” edition will be around 2-3 thousand forints said the theologian.

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