Olympic Champion Kayaker Krisztina Fazekas warning to those who want to leave the country to find a better life elsewhere

Monday, December 31, 2012

What do you think about the recent emigration wave?

I do not understand the reasons. I lived and competed in Hungary for twenty-two years until I got married in 2010 when I moved to the United States.

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Jobbik deputy Márton Gyöngyösi came in seventh on 2012's top 10 anti-Semites list

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simon Wiesenthal Center has compiled the names of 2012's top 10 anti-Semites. Jobbik deputy Márton Gyöngyösi came in seventh due to a speech he gave a few weeks ago in the Hungarian parliament in which he requested the names of Jewish deputies having dual citizenship.

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Katinka Hosszú wins ten gold medals in two days in St. Paul, Reunion

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The results from the first two days of Indian Ocean Meet:
50 back (28.40), 100 breast (1:10.68), 100 fly (58.05), 400 IM (4:37.60), 200 back (2:11.20), 100 IM (59.96), 400 free (4:10.74), 50 breast (32.84), 100 back (1:00.44), 200 fly (2:09.85)

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Zsuzsanna Tomori is the World’s Best Female Handball Player 2012!

Fans at, picked Hungarian star from FTC Budapest, Zsuzsanna Tomori (25) as the World’s Best Female Handball Player 2012! Close to 13,000 fans voted from all around the world and picked the TOP quality left back who has won 56,6% of total votes ahead of Montenegrian stars, Katarina Bulatovic (34,1%) and Jovanka Radicevic (4,2%), while last year winner, Heidi Loke (3,1%) has finished fourth.

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Members of the Hungarian Guard give blood to their deputy-chief István Mészáros

Friday, December 28, 2012

The deputy-chief of the Hungarian Guard went through a serious surgery and urgently needed blood. Members of the Hungarian Guard's Baja division rushed to the city's blood clinic to give blood to their deputy-commander István Mészáros.

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A glimpse into the life of World Record Holder Archer József Mónus

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The early days the goal was to hit a target at 30 meters.

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The Hungarian-Turán Foundation signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Turkey

At the invitation of Professor Musa Tasdelen, the head of the Hungarian-Turan Foundation Zsolt András Bíró visited Sakariya, Turkey on December 5 and delivered a speech at the Sakariya University conference center's lecture hall. Following the lecture, Professor Musa Tasdelen gave a gold plated medal to Zsolt András Bíró for his exploratory work on ancient Turkish history.

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Germany 'exported' 7,146 old and sick people to Hungary in 2011 alone

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Photo: Getty Images

According to the 'The Guardian', due to rising cost of long term care facilities Germany started shipping its elderly population to other parts of Europe and even Asia.

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Krishna Consciousness Believers distribute food to the poor at Blaha Lujza square in Budapest

As the dark age of demon Kali draws to an end tens of thousands of Hungarian poor line up in various parts of the country in makeshift soup kitchens to receive food at the birthday of Jesus Christ. The picture above depicts a scene in Budapest where Krishna Consciousness Believers handed out over 1300 meals and hot tea to the victims of this demonic age.

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Picture of the day: The theory of evolution in the dark age of Kali

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Traditional winter solstice celebration in Tiszaalpár

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A group of Hungarians, among them the head of the Hungarian-Turan Foundation Zsolt András Bíró celebrated the winter solstice (Karacsun) on December 21 in Tiszaalpár in the spirit of national renewal. During the ceremony, participants performed various traditional acts among them singing, calling of ancestors, falconry and lighting of bonfires.

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AVATARA: Az Esszénusok Titka

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Vona Gábor karácsonyi üzenete/Gábor Vona's Christmas message

Monday, December 24, 2012

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Incredible Katinka Hosszú (23) has no intention of slowing down in 2013

Sunday, December 23, 2012

After winning seven gold medals at Salnikov Cup and the best female athlete of the tournament title with Melanie Costa, Katinka Hosszú is heading for home to spend Christmas with her family in Baja.

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Freestyle wrestler Gábor Hatos receives the Olympic Bronze Medal

The International Olympic Committee stripped a London Games bronze medal from an Uzbekistani wrestler Soslan Tigiev because of a doping violation. The IOC said Tigiev's opponent, Gábor Hatos of Hungary, will be upgraded to bronze.

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2013 HungarianAmbiance calendar with unique photos taken in various parts of Hungary

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Reader,

HungarianAmbiance has created a 2013 calendar with unique photos taken in various parts of Hungary.

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Liberal-Bolshevik scum desecrated the Advent Cross in Veszprém

The advent cross in Veszprém has been desecrated by Liberal-Bolshevik scum reporting sources from the town. They put some organic material that smelled like cow manure at the base of the cross and smeared black paint over the cross.

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HVIM President László Toroczkai's opinion about the 'Télirózsás' (snow frost) student revolution

“Télirózsás (snow frost) Student Revolution? What the hell is that? How about bringing back Károlyi and Béla Kun? You stupid, idiotic, left-wing, liberal morons. Fidesz made a big mistake in 1998-2002 when encouraged all young people to attend university. As a result, the children of peasants flocked to institutions of higher education and no one left at home to work on the land -- as a result, farmers have to hire Romanian Gypsies. And today, the world is full of university graduates who hardly can read and write, yet they think they know everything about the world; they spend 4 years in pubs and taverns and only able to pass their courses by cheating on exams. Well, if they want taxpayers' money to finance their education better to stay home (that's the only government requirement), rather than go and work abroad. Those who do not like that can always go back to their villages and start farming.” writes Toroczkai.

( –

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European Champion swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos leaves her club and coach

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jakabos is very unhappy with her Olympic performance.

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Dániel Gyurta is 2012 Male Athlete of the Year, in the female category Éva Risztov received the prestigious prize

At the Syma Hall Budapest Sports Star gala Olympic Champion Swimmer Dániel Gyurta has been awarded with the 2012 Male Athlete of the Year prize. In the female category Olympic Champion Swimmer Éva Risztov received the prestigious prize. The Team of the Year award went to kayaker Rudolf Dombi and Roland Kökény. The best head-coach of the Year prize has been awarded to the male national handball team's head-coach Lajos Mocsai, while the best coach of the Year award went to Dániel Gyurta and Éva Risztov's coach Sándor Széles.

( –

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Socialist vampires fed free sandwich into secondary school students to win sympathy for their cause

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The socialist party held a forum for high school and university students by recruiting them in educational institutions, which is against the law.

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Latest poll by 'Iránytű Intézet': Jobbik is the second force

Latest poll conducted by 'Iránytű Intézet' on December 3-14, 2012, confirmed what most people guessed – Jobbik is the second force in the country and about one boat length ahead of the socialist party.

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Huawei – The Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow – scholarship has been awarded to thirty Hungarian university students

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thirty Hungarian university students have been awarded with "Huawei – The Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow -- scholarship” in Budapest on Tuesday.

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Beijing municipal delegation arrived in Hungary at the invitation of Jobbik

At the invitation of Jobbik's Budapest city council member György Szabó a group of Beijing municipal councilors arrived in Budapest on Tuesday. During the day, the two delegations exchanged ideas on municipal work, municipal regulations, environmental protection and foreign policy related issues.

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Syrian Embassy staff expelled from Hungary

Syrian Embassy staff have to leave Hungary at the end of the year as the Hungarian government no longer regards the Assad regime as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people said the press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gábor Kaleta.

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Gerald Celente: The Euro Zone Becomes A Dead Zone

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Sixteen children make Ida happy

The 47 year old mother who lives in Kiskunhalas summed up her philosophy on life in a brief sentence: good people don't need much to be happy. The family lives in a two bedroom house, which is small but well kept. Ida, the mother has been on maternity leave for 21 years. The family receives 200 thousand HUF child support payments a month, which is barely enough to survive as the family consumes close to 5 kg bread a day.

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The EU flags are burning all over Italy [Photo Report]

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thousands of Forza Nouva activists took the streets in several Italian cities Sunday to express their opposition to the European Union.

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Lawyer Peter Daniel has been expelled from the Hungarian Bar Association

Daniel has announced the news on his Facebook page.

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Picture of the day: The winner of the Gypsy Self-Government beauty contest Vivien Menyhért

Budapest Gypsy Self-Government held a beauty contest on Budapest Europe boat.

Last year, the organization received HUF 7.334 million budget support in addition to the four million for maintaining offices. This summer, police launched an investigation against the organization for misuse of funds -- the organization couldn't account for 4 million and it used 1.125 million HUF on unspecified contracts. The investigation, however, was closed down due to lack of evidence. Nonetheless, the Gypsy Self-Government's funding has been reduced to HUF 8.3 million.

(MTI – -

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Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu was awarded the FINA Trophy for Best female swimmer

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu was awarded the FINA Trophy for Best female swimmer. She earned five medals in the five-day competition: 1st 200m fly, 3rd 400m IM, 1st 100m IM, 2nd 200m IM, and 2nd 200m free.

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Hungary win EHF EURO 2012 bronze medal

Bronze medal match
Hungary vs Serbia
41:38 (33:33, 21:19)
Belgrade, Kombank Arena
16 December 2012

Photo: MTI

Hungary won an epic third-place match against EHF EURO 2012 hosts Serbia after extra time to claim the 16-nation tournament’s bronze medal and draw a standing ovation from their fans as well as from many of the home supporters in Belgrade’s Kombank Arena on Saturday.

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A new collection of essays by Julius Evola for nationalist youth

The “Jobboldali Fiatalok Kézikönyve” (Manual for Nationalist Youth), a collection of essays written by Julius Evola will be published on December 18, 2012 in Budapest. Despite the fact that the essays address common questions relevant for nationalist youth in these times of spiritual darkness the book also valuable for readers of all ages says the publisher. Introductory remarks to the book written by Jobbik President Gábor Vona.

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European politicians calling for the ban of the Jobbik party

Saturday, December 15, 2012

150 European politicians, including two vice-presidents of the European Parliament condemned the Jobbik party for its recent "anti-Semitic statements" in an open letter sent to Hungarian officials. The letter was sent to Hungarian President János Áder, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Speaker of the Parliament László Kövér reminding the three dignitaries of Márton Gyöngyösi's parliamentary address in which the Jobbik MP spoke out against Hungarian-Israeli dual citizenship.

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Former Jobbik MP Balázs Lenhardt has been taken into custody for setting the Israeli flag on fire

Friday, December 14, 2012

The independent MP took part in an anti-Zionist demonstration in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday night and set the Israeli flag on fire. The demonstration has been organized by the “Kárpát Haza Őrei” movement and the “Gárdaszövetség”. The event has been attended by more than one hundred people.

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Katinka Hosszú wins gold in the women’s 100m IM

By winning the women’s 100m IM, Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú got her third medal in Istanbul, touching for gold in a new Championships Record of 58.49.

1. Hosszú Katinka Hungary 58.49
2. Ruta Meilutyte Lithuania 58.79
3. Jing Zhao China 58.80
7. Jakabos Zsuzsanna Hungary 59.41

( - -

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Daniel Gyurta wins gold in the 200m breast

Daniel Gyurta wins gold medal in the 200-meter breast at Istanbul Short Course World Championships. The London Olympic champion was unstoppable, winning the gold in a new Championships Record of 2:01.35 (bettering the previous best mark of 2:03.12, from 2010).

1. Daniel Gyurta Hungary 2:01.35
2. Michael Jamieson GBR 2:03.00
3. Viatcheslav Sinkevich RUS 2:03.08

( – -

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Former Hungarian liberal MEP Viktória Mohácsi said something amazing in a Canadian TV documentary

The documentary was screened on CBC Wednesday evening. In the documentary, the former MEP who applied for political asylum in Canada reasoned that her life was in danger in Hungary as she received threats due to the fact that she urged authorities to speed up investigation of the Roma murders. (In 2009, the home of a gypsy family was firebombed and while father and son escaped from the flames unknown assailants shot both of them. Later, the alleged murderers have been arrested but it seems that since then the murder case has been put on the back burner. It also turned out that earlier, one of the accused worked for the Hungarian secrete service.)

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Colonial Administrator Nathalie Sause-Vandevyver sent a warning massage to the Hungarian government

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The European Commission (EC) Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development sent a warning massage to the Hungarian government reminding officials of the consequences of rescuing the “Gyulai Húskombinát” that went bankrupt a few weeks ago.

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Liberal-Bolshevik provocateurs inciting anti-government sentiments among university students

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Globalist agents and liberal-Bolshevik provocateurs inciting anti-government sentiments among university students demonstrating at the Parliament building. The student demonstration originally started to pressure the government to amend the newly passed legislation on tuition fee hikes.

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Hosszu (HUN) confirms brilliant 2012 season with 200m fly win

Photo: MTI

Katinka Hosszu (HUN), the winner of the 2012 FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup, had established the best performance of the season in the heats, in a time of 2:04.19 and got the gold in the final with a faster time of 2:02.20, a new Championships Record (in 2010, Mireia Belmonte, from Spain, had won in 2:03.59). It was the first 25m world medal for the Magyar swimmer, who was the 2009 champion (long course) in this same event. However, it was a hard fight against Jemma Lowe (GBR), silver medallist two years ago and the first until the 150m mark. In the end, Lowe got the bronze in 2:03.19, while Liuyang Jiao (CHN) finished second in 2:02.28. Zige Liu, the world record holder, was only fourth.

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Police officers buy shoes for a homeless man

Two police officers bought shoes for a homeless man who they found shivering in Budapest Blaha Lujza underpass in socks in -4 degrees celsius. Let's be proud of them as this little act of kindness shows that not all police officers are 'Gyurcsanyist' thugs.


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"Hurrian Hymn no.6"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The first known song in human history originates from Bronze Age horse nomads the Hurrians that are distant cousins of Hungarians. The Hurrians were an ancient people lived at ancient Near East and spoke an agglutinative language, (like the Hungarian) conventionally called Hurrian, (unrelated to neighbouring Semitic or Indo-European languages). The lyrics and the music of these songs are hymns to ancient Gods.

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How the American matrix destroys every culture

Monday, December 10, 2012

By Nicolas Bonnal

As I already showed in these columns, Alexis de Tocqueville is the best commentator of the modern agenda of alienation, giving aristocratic critics to the American matrix which starts its nuisances at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Tocqueville foresees a bleak American future for Europe and the whole world. His analyses are as implacable as those of Edgar Poe, a violent opponent to the so-called democratic order, as writers like Hawthorne or Melville.

In his famous book about democracy, Tocqueville describes and explains the destruction of the two victim races of these times, the blacks and the Indians. We shall start by the black slaves:

The Negro of the United States has lost all remembrance of his country; the language which his forefathers spoke is never heard around him; he abjured their religion and forgot their customs when he ceased to belong to Africa, without acquiring any claim to European privileges.

The black slave is thus the prototype of the global citizen desired by the magazine the Economist and the New World Order agenda. He has no past, no family, and no nation:

The Negro has no family; woman is merely the temporary companion of his pleasures, and his children are upon equality with himself from the moment of their birth.

Half the babies born in France have no father nowadays! Today's parents are their children's pals! And who knows his babushka in America? Why do you think so many people stroll around in the shopping centres nowadays?

Like the masses of today obsessed by sex, money and fame, driven by pleasures, captivated by the rich and famous storytelling, the American slave adores his masters:

The slave scarcely feels his own calamitous situation... he admires his tyrants more than he hates them, and finds his joy and his pride in the servile imitation of those who oppress him: his understanding is degraded to the level of his soul.

This modern slave or modern man, adds Tocqueville, doesn't love freedom, for independence is often felt by him to be a heavier burden than slavery. He is just manipulated by his desires, fabricated fantasies and material needs. As if he has inspired the Prisoner of McGoohan, Tocqueville writes:

A thousand new desires beset him, and he is destitute of the knowledge and energy necessary to resist them: these are masters whom it is necessary to contend with, and he has learnt only to submit and obey. In short, he sinks to such a depth of wretchedness, that while servitude brutalizes, liberty destroys him.

The destruction of the Indians has different meanings. The Blackman symbolised the weak or the poor, the submitted proletarian, the Indian the feudal lord, the warrior, doomed to disappear during the industrial revolution, like the religious man. Marx made the same analysis in his famous manifesto. This man of elite is such sentenced to disappear by the civilization of money-lenders and businessmen:

When the North American Indians had lost the sentiment of attachment to their country; when their families were dispersed, their traditions obscured, and the chain of their recollections broken; when all their habits were changed, and their wants increased beyond measure, European tyranny rendered them more disorderly and less civilized than they were before.

A simple animal, or a mere sinner, the man is easily mind-programmed by consumption; and the brave and frugal Indians inevitably fell in front of the new needs and strange goods:

The Europeans introduced amongst the savages of North America fire-arms, ardent spirits, and iron.... Having acquired new tastes, without the arts by which they could be gratified, the Indians were obliged to have recourse to the workmanship of the whites; but in return for their productions the savage had nothing to offer except the rich furs which still abounded in his woods.

Tocqueville in every page of this marvellous and unread book sees the perils of the so-called American civilization. One of these perils is of course pollution and... noise. The noise produced by isolated colons could thus exasperate the Indians, hastening a cruel stroke. Let's understand the causes of these reactions:

Thousands of savages, wandering in the forests and destitute of any fixed dwelling, did not disturb the beasts of chase; but as soon as the continuous sounds of European labour are heard in their neighbourhood, they begin to flee away, and retire to the West...

The retirement of the game meant for the Indians discombobulated anguish, exhausting migrations and a progressive starving. The race was thus exterminated passively, the invaders needing no such massacres and slaughters as one could believe. This is the same mean Hitler, this great admirer of Anglo-Saxon America, wanted to use in Russia (I say wanted, for the people there resisted more, and so had to be slaughtered by the colonial conqueror until the defeat of the last).

Last but no least: if we contemplate the disastrous cultural balance of this civilization, couldn't we admit that she is one of the worst ever occurred? Tocqueville admits that the Spaniard conquest of the south continent was horrible; yet the Indians survived, mixed and intertwined with their masters, thus creating the beautiful Hispano-American civilization. You have tens of architectural masterworks and ancient colonial cities in southern America, and how many in the US?

Anyway, and this remark must be underlined at the hour of philanthropic and humanitarian wars anywhere (Palestine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan... not to mention the past ones), Tocqueville thinks that the American modern way of life (or death) is more destructive than any other. And he had not in mind the McDonald's, the highways, the desperate suburbs, the shopping malls and the amusement parks!

The Spaniards were unable to exterminate the Indian race by those unparalleled atrocities which brand them with indelible shame, nor did they even succeed in wholly depriving it of its rights; but the Americans of the United States have accomplished this twofold purpose with singular felicity; tranquilly, legally, philanthropically, without shedding blood, and without violating a single great principle of morality in the eyes of the world. It is impossible to destroy men with more respect for the laws of humanity.

Tolkien writes somewhere that a monster (he refers to giant spider Ungoliant) finishes up the job devouring his own flesh. This is what happens to American civilization today. Philanthropically, she is destroying herself. But unhappily humanity who has chosen this way of death, in the East like in the South, is doomed too, since the American matrix has overcome any resistance.

Yet childish technology, money obsession, humanitarian wars and amusement parks will take us nowhere. We need to replace the American way to design a new world.


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World Champion Swimmer Katinka Hosszú signs contract with the Vasas Sports Club

Today, the President of the Vasas Sports Club László Markovits and Katinka Hosszú and her coach Shane Tusup have signed a contract to join the 101 year-old sports club until the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

"I am delighted that we have managed to come to an agreement with the President, and the leadership of the Vasas Sports club” said Katinka Hosszú. “It makes me happy that I can pursue my career in a more than a century old club under my coach Shane Tusup; in the mean time, I would like to thank the Baja Spartacus SC for launching my career. The Vasas Sports Club's current leadership and the club's track record provide a guarantee that I will have all the necessary means at my disposal to continue putting a smile on my fans' faces” said Katinka.

Due to these changes, Katinka moves to Budapest, and will train in the Komjádi swimming pool.

"Our goal is to create a water sports division that might become the most successful in country,” said club President László Markovits. “The fact that Katinka has joined us our club made another important step to that direction. This move makes our club more attractive to junior swimmers as kids need idols and Katinka deserves that title” said Markovits.

"After the London Olympics we had to implement some changes,” said Kantinka's coach Shane Tusup. “The newly established cooperation with the Vasas Sports Club is very promising for the future. This cooperation provides all the necessary conditions that allow for Katinka to successfully represent Hungary in future competitions. In addition, we are eager to participate in the revival and revitalization of the club's water sports division," said Katinka's coach.

The prestigious club boasts 45 Olympic champions including London Olympic fencing champion Áron Szilágyi, a number of European and World Champions, as well as almost 1,550 Hungarian champions.

Katinka Hosszú and her boyfriend-coach Shane Tusup

During the London Olympics, I was already thinking about ending my professional relationship with my former coach said Katinka earlier. When I got back to America, we talked and I felt that my coach is really focusing on the university team. Then, I decided that I get out of that environment and after four years in America, I'm going home.

First, Katinka trained in her home town Baja then, she struck a deal with the Vasas Sports Club. Her only condition was that she wanted to train under her boyfriend-coach that the the club's leadership readily accepted.

We haven't seen any problem with that as our water sports division is still under organization. We are sure that later we are going to have more coaches and are going to attract more top swimmers as well said the president of the club László Markovits.

( –

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Hungarian wines getting more popular in China

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Outside the European Union, Hungary's third-largest wine market is China, where nearly EURO 1.9 million worth of Hungarian wines were sold in 2011, and the quantity sold increasing each year said agricultural expert Ágnes Kárteszi in Beijing.

Recent statistics show that China, after Russia and Canada, the third larges non-EU market for Hungarian wines even surpassing the United States.

Hungarian wine export to China grows 15-20 percent each year. The quantity of wine exported in the first nine months of 2012 has already surpassed the quantity sold the entire year of 2011.

About seventy percent of wine sold in China comes from domestic production, while thirty percent of imports. About half of Chinese imports coming from Europe, especially from France.

The top five countries accounted for 72 percent of the value of China wine exports are France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. Hungary, Romania and Greece export roughly the same quantity, which means that Hungary is among the top ten wine exporters to China.

The best known Hungarian brands in China are the “Tokaji” and “Egri Bikavér” (Bull's Blood), but recently, there is growing interest in other Hungarian brands as well said Ágnes Kárteszi. This is partly due to the fact that a relatively large number of Hungarian winemakers are represented in major wine exhibitions and wine dinners with high-quality wines.

In recent weeks, there were several such events in China; one of them was the 'Vin China' Beijing International wine exhibition, where ten Hungarian companies were represented among them the 'Gere pincészet', the 'Malatinszky kúria', the 'Takler pince', the 'Konyári pincészet', the 'Béres szőlőbirtok' and the 'gróf Buttler borászat'.

According to Ágnes Kárteszi, the only problem with Hungarian wines is that not enough of them. (Note: This explains the European Union promotional campaign that promising significant sum of money to all Hungarian grape grower who are willing to destroy their vineyards.)

( – MTI –

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Picture of the day: The National Bank of Kazakhstan Attila coins from 2009

Saturday, December 8, 2012

( -

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An interview with Professor Antal Fekete about the problems of the current monetary systems

Antal Fekete left Hungary in 1956. Later, he moved to Canada and he was the assistant professor of mathematics and statistics at Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada) until his retirement in 1992. You can read more about Professor Fekete at wikipedia.


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Anna Kárász often got better results than Natasa Janics

Friday, December 7, 2012

According to kayaker Natasa Janics' former coach László Kovács, Anna Kárász will be the three-time Olympic champion kayaker's successor -- Janics recently moved to Serbia.

"When the two athletes trained together Anna often got better results than Natasa making Janics upset. Coaches often slowed Kárász down to prevent conflict from developing between the two athletes" said Kovács to Blikk.

"But this is now gone forever," said the coach, who noted that there is no need to motivate Anna because she is a highly intelligent athlete.

"I've been training ten times a week to be able to qualify for the 2016 Olympics," said the two-time U23 European Champion 21 year old kayaker who bikes everyday to the Maty-ér training facility.

"She is only 21 years old but she already beats everyone in her age group. Can you see that willow there? There was a motor home under it and Anna lived and studied there during the racing season. Eventually, she fills the gap that Natasa left behind” said the guard of Maty-ér training facility.

(origo. Hu –

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Latest poll by Median: Fidesz leads the pack, Jobbik and the Socialists are neck and neck

According to latest poll by Median, Fidesz remains by far the most popular party in the country. Among decided voters Fidesz garners 40% support, followed by the Socialist with 19% and Jobbik 18% support.

The Bajnai led “Együtt” coalition received 16%, the LMP and the Gyurcsany party 3% support.

The survey was conducted by Median in late November with 1200 respondents.

(Notes: That the Socialists are still a tad ahead of Jobbik due to the fact that senile retirees who have been socialized in the communist era still haven't woken up to reality and continue supporting their worst enemies. But these people are dying out and the socialists have minimal support in other age groups. Among young people Jobbik is far the most popular party even ahead of Fidesz. All in all, the days of the Socialists are counted as their electoral base is dying out.)

(MTI –

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Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport has been shut down

Photo: Mihádák Zoltán / MTI

Due to a major breakdown of Liszt Ferenc Airport control tower power supply system the Airport remains closed at least until Friday's midnight. It might reopen for traffic at Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, but the date may change said Budapest Airport's director of communications Mihály Hardy.

According to Hir TV, the situation at the airport is quite chaotic. There is a huge crowd of people trying to get their luggage back, but they were informed that the airport reopens soon.

Since the aviation safety is of paramount importance, the airport remains closed until the control tower's technical problems have been solved said Hardy. He warned travelers to stay away from the airport until further notice.
Photo: Mihádák Zoltán / MTI

The airport was shut down Friday morning ten minutes before noon due to a technical problem in the control tower's power supply system. According to a broken heat control wire has been broken, which damaged the electrical system of the control tower.

At the time of the shut down of the ariport British Airways 868's, Ryanair 8414's, and Lufthansa 8353's flights were about to land; two flights, British Airways and Lufthansa have been diverted to Vienna, but Ryanair 8414's crew due to fuel shortage carried out a "visual" landing.

HavariaPress has learned that police and civilian intelligence services are also investigating the malfunctioning of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport that paralyzed the country's airspace.

It turned out that a heating cable split apart, flooding the control tower's wiring tunnel with water.

Currently, a crew is pumping the water out of the cable tunnel. The tunnel should be completely dry before technicians can start replacing the cables and the switches.

Soon after the airport was shut down, stores ran out of food and disposable razors.

According to experts, the stoppage causes millions of dollars in losses to the airport, which are especially affecting the area of ​​air cargo.

(MTI – –

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FABER: 'The Great Reset Is Coming!'

Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Global markets will implode'

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Picture of the day: Matyó embroidery becomes Intangible Cultural Heritage

Matyó embroidery has been added to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) intergovernmental committee decided on the issue on Wednesday.

( -

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The UN asks for control over the world’s Internet

Members of the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have agreed to work towards implementing a standard for the Internet that would allow for eavesdropping on a worldwide scale.

At a conference in Dubai this week, the ITU members decided to adopt the Y.2770 standard for deep packet inspection, a top-secret proposal by way of China that will allow telecom companies across the world to more easily dig through data passed across the Web.

According to the UN, implementing deep-packet inspection, or DPI, on such a global scale will allow authorities to more easily detect the transferring and sharing of copyrighted materials and other protected files by finding a way for administrators to analyze the payload of online transmissions, not just the header data that is normally identified and interpreted.

“It is standard procedure to route packets based on their headers, after all it is the part of the packet that contains information on the packet's intended destination,” writes The Inquirer’s Lawrence Lati, “but by inspecting the contents of each packet ISPs, governments and anyone else can look at sensitive data. While users can mitigate risks by encrypting data, given enough resources encryption can be foiled.”

Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist widely regarded as the ‘Father of the Internet,’ spoke out against proposed DPI implementation on such a grandiose scale during an address earlier this year at the World Wide Web Consortium.

"Somebody clamps a deep packet inspection thing on your cable which reads every packet and reassembles the web pages, cataloguing them against your name, address and telephone number either to be given to the government when they ask for it or to be sold to the highest bidder – that's a really serious breach of privacy,” he said. Blogger Arthur Herman writes this week for Fox News online that the goal of the delegates at the ITU “is to grab control of the World Wide Web away from the United States, and hand it to a UN body of bureaucrats.”

“It’ll be the biggest power grab in the UN’s history, as well as a perversion of its power,” he warns.

The ITU’s secretary general, Dr. Hamadoun I. Toure, has dismissed critics who have called the proposed DPI model invasive, penning an op-ed this week where he insists his organization’s meeting in Dubai poses “no threat to free speech.”

“It is our chance to chart a globally-agreed roadmap to connect the unconnected, while ensuring there is investment to create the infrastructure needed for the exponential growth in voice, video and data traffic,” Dr. Toure claims of the conference, adding that it presents the UN with “a golden opportunity to provide affordable connectivity for all, including the billions of people worldwide who cannot yet go online.”

Despite his explanation, though, some nation-states and big-name businesses remain opposed to the proposal. The ITU’s conference this week has been held behind closed doors, and representatives with online service providers Google, Facebook and Twitter have been barred from attending.

In a report published this week by CNet, tech journalist Declan McCullagh cites a Korean document that describes the confidential Y.2770 standard as being able to identify "embedded digital watermarks in MP3 data," discover "copyright protected audio content," find "Jabber messages with Spanish text," or "identify uploading BitTorrent users."

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed a Senate resolution that asks for the American government to oppose any efforts by the United Nations to control the Internet.


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Péter Szijjártó opens the first trading house in the Azerbaijani capital

The first Hungarian trading house has been opened in the capital of Azerbaijan on Wednesday.

The goal of the government is to help Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises with competitive products and services finding markets in high-growth Eastern economies like Azerbaijan said Foreign Affairs and State Secretary for Foreign Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó in Baku.

The first trading house was established by the active support of the Széchenyi Bank, but the next year state owned trading houses will be established in several countries including China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Government run trading houses are planned in South America, Vietnam, Egypt, North Africa and the Maghreb countries.

While visiting Azerbaijan Szijjártó held talks with several state officials including Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov and the Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev. One of the topics of the discussions was the establishment of a direct Wizz Air link between Hungary and the Azerbaijani capital.

They exchanged views on the possible participation of the Hungarian railway company in Azerbaijani projects; the two sides also discussed plans to hold a pharmaceutical and health industry investment forum in Budapest in 2013.

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Tamás Wetzel: To date, more than 340 thousand people applied for Hungarian citizenship

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To date, more than 340 thousand people applied for Hungarian citizenship, and about 280 thousand people have already taken the citizenship oath said the Ministerial Commissioner Responsible for Simplified Naturalization Tamás Wetzel to MTI on Wednesday.

The commissioner emphasized that the unwavering interest in Hungarian citizenship continues.

The commissioner, by citing the latest data confirmed that 305 thousand of the 340 thousand applications have already been approved.

160 thousand applicants have also requested change of names as they want to use their old Hungarian names. (After the Trianon dictate, Hungarian nationals who have become citizens of the successor states were forced to change their names so that their names won't sound foreignish. In Slovakia for instance, Hungarian women have to append their names with 'ova' suffix. In Romania, during the Ceausescu era Hungarians were pressured to change their names to Romanian sounding names; the successor states did everything they could to erase every sign, including the names of their new found citizens that reminded them of the conditions under which the redrawing the maps took place.)

The majority of citizenship applications continue to come from Transylvania and Voivodina said the commissioner.

The simplified naturalization law was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament on May 26, 2010. Under the new citizenship act individuals whose ancestors had been Hungarian citizens before 1920 or they themselves were Hungarian citizens between 1938 and 1945, and speak the Hungarian language can apply for simplified naturalization.

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