Sociologists are surprised: Jobbik supporters don't come from "unemployed and poorly educated groups”

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facebook users online questionnaire results published on Monday show that Jobbik supporters don't come from unemployed and poorly educated groups as previously thought. According to the survey, one fifth of respondents have university education and the majority of them Eurosceptic. The poll was conducted by British Demos and Political Capital Institute last summer surveying 2,200 individuals.

The research results show that those polled have strong cultural and ideological bindings and economic incentives are secondary considerations when it comes to supporting Jobbik. The analysis concluded that explaining Jobbik's popularity with the economic crisis is simplistic and essentially wrong.

According to the research, the attitude of Jobbik supporters differs significantly from other Western European nationalist parties and their supporters' vision.

The survey found that 71 percent of Jobbik Facebook followers are male and 64 percent are under 30 years of age. Twenty-two percent of respondents surveyed have college or university education.

Jobbik supporters under 30 years of age are less likely to be unemployed than the national average. Most of them are active and like to take part in demonstrations while formally not affiliated with the party.

Jobbik Facebook followers are more likely to think that violence is justified if it leads to good result than the supporters of Western Europe "populist" parties and movements. However, only 39 percent of respondents agreed with the assertion that "violence is justified," and 41 percent disagreed.

Jobbik followers are more likely to have negative attitude towards the European Union, than the national average. Sixty-eight percent identify EU as the cause of the loss of national and cultural identity, compared to the opinion of the total population which is 5 percent.

Jobbik Facebook followers are more pessimistic than the rest of the Hungarian population regarding the future of the country. Two main issues that are concerning them: the inability of government to integrate gypsies and crime.

Respondents to the survey have very little faith in the main social and political institutions, including the government, the European Union, the police, the judiciary and the legal system and the media. However, Jobbik Facebook followers' confidence level regarding other people is higher than the national average. Twenty-six percent believe that other people can be trusted, measured against the total population, which is 21 percent.

The party's young supporters report higher frequency of marked antisemitism and anti-Gypsy sentiments. About 20 percent of young people between 16 and 20 years of age named their anti-Roma sentiments as a reason for joining Jobbik's Facebook group; while, only 5 percent of the population over 50 years of age share these views.

Jobbik online Facebook followers exceeded 39 thousand on January 30, 2012; this is far more than the official membership of the party, and more than Fidesz-Socialists followers combined.

(MTI –

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Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany declared persona non grata in Gyöngyöspata

Oszkár Juhász led Gyöngyöspata municipal council adopted a resolution declaring former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and the “Társaság a Szabadságjogokért” (Civil Liberties Union) as undesirable entities in the town of Gyöngyöspata.

This is the second municipality in Heves County that banned Ferenc Gyurcsany from entering the town. In 2009 Ivád representative body declared him undesirable.

Mayor Oszkár Juhász said to the press that the direct cause of the decision was a leak informing the municipality that the traitor after his Miskolc Avas reality show performance wanted to provoke the residents of Gyöngyöspata by performing a similar stunt in the town, but locals rejected it.

Gyurcsany and the “Társaság a Szabadságjogokért” are the two most active promoters of the smear campaign against the Hungarian nation - explained the decision, taken Monday night by the representative body of the municipality.

( - -

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Vezér-Szörényi: Mesteri Csőd-Terv - VNTV

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vezér-Szörényi László - Orbán Viktor történelmet ír vagy a csőd szélén táncol

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Polish conservative intellectuals' letter to PM Viktor Orbán

More than one hundred Polish conservative intellectuals sent an open letter to PM Viktor Orbán that was published by the Catholic weekly Niedziela on Sunday.

The letter was the idea of Polish historian Jerzy Robert Nowak who is closely associated with the Catholic Radio Maryja.

"We admire the courage of your government that struggles to escape from the yoke and the dominance of the large countries of the European Union and stand up for Hungarian enterprises and national interests,” says the signatories. They expressed their appreciation of the new Hungarian Constitution that "entrenched patriotism and the importance of religion," into the basic law as well as the government's efforts "to eliminate the remnants of communism".

The signatories stressed that many of the Polish people now says “follow the Hungarian way". In their view, Hungary fights the most courageous battle for the sovereignty of small and medium-sized European nations and against the dictates of "the big states, multinational corporations and banks". The letter criticizes the attacks by the international financial circles, left wing and liberal organizations on Hungary and wishes good luck to the Hungarian government. "We believe that your government by the nation's support and trust survives the storm" conclude their message by the Polish intellectuals.

( –

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Democracia Nacional activists burnt the EU flag as a show of solidarity

As a show of solidarity with Hungarians, Democracia Nacional activists burnt the symbol of global dictatorship in Madrid.

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Hungary takes bronze medal

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hungary is the 2012 European championships bronze medal winner. The reigning Olympic champions defeated Italy 12-9 in the bronze medal match on Sunday in front of a 3.100 spectator sell-out Pieter van den Hoogenband Swim stadium.

( - Photo: Reuters)

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Gábor Vona: Go away robbers!


On Saturday, Gábor Vona evaluated the past year and outlined future tasks and challenges in the Sport Max Hall in front of party supporters, sympathizers and members of the diplomatic corps.

Besides the more than a thousand sympathizers, the high class event attracted several prestigious guests among them Iranian, Croatian, Russian, Lebanese, Indian, Syrian, and leading Polish diplomats, as well the President of the Turkish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

At the brink experimentation is impossible

We don't beat around the bush, we remain who we always were: Hungarians – started his keynote speech party President Gábor Vona.

Everything is in a constant state of flux and if the system crashes, we still have to save our soul said Vona. The crisis of the European Union or the decline of the United States and China suggests that "something is very wrong" with our world. I don't want to scare anyone, I merely want to highlight our responsibilities said Vona.

Jobbik spokesperson Dóra Dúró (in purple) and her husband Előd Novák, the vice-president of Jobbik

At the brink experimentation is impossible. In such situation, neither resignation nor aimless aggression offer solution. We have to analyze the situation first to find a way out of the predicament, because at the brink experimentation is impossible said Vona.

Regarding the Fidesz government's economic policy, Vona remarked that he didn't know what was the original intention -- good or bad, but today he felt there was no trace of good intention in the government's policy.

Three reasons for failure

The party chairman identified four causes that have contributed to the failure of the government's economic policy. The Fidesz's liberal roots and the personal composition of party membership make Fidesz "inherently unsuitable" to chart an independent economic policy. "I can not take a government program seriously where the foreign minister is a member of the Bilderberg group – János Martonyi – and the country's economic policy is under the control of two neo-liberal politicians, Tamás Fellegi and Zoltán Cséfalvay. You can't win a war with pawns, spies and traitors said Vona.

Gábor Vona and his wife. On the left, vice-President of Jobbik, Zoltán Balczó

According to Vona, the introduction of the flat tax was a serious error, which made the budget unsustainable and created a social havoc.

These government policies caused social discontent and deep divisions in Hungarian society. Army units that are quarreling with each other can't win a war said Vona.

The guests

Then he added the government announced its Eastern policy shift, in the mean time the Hungarian diplomacy remained in the hands of Euro-Atlantic advocates.

Real freedom

Vona said Jobbik wants real economic freedom, but drawing lessons from the failed attempts of former governments.

To start with, in power, Jobbik will introduce a progressive tax system that supports value-added work and family planning. Accordingly, child support benefits would be given only to families raising two children; for families with three or more children, child support benefits would be converted into tax credit to put an end to the "child production business."

The sport center from birds-eye view

Vona then restated Jobbik's official policy on public debt – public debt should be renegotiated. This doesn't mean to refuse debt payments, but rather to restructure it to free resources for economic growth. If creditors want their money back and not the country, then this initiative is in their best interests as well.

Vona identified agriculture and food industry as key areas to develop. If we succeed in these fields we will be winners, otherwise losers. The country's arable land and water resources are fundamental assets of the state. The status of these resources should be entrenched into the basic law, but Jobbik's proposal to do so was voted down by the government, which was a treasonous act said Vona.

Keep on good terms with the West, in the mean time, develop good relations with the East

Above all, we should restore our own internal market, that Jobbik would like to accomplish by issuing a special credit cards that could be used only in a network of stores selling local products.

Next, we should find foreign markets, which are not located in the EU said Vona. The potential markets are in the East. But to make the economic shift successful we also need a foreign policy shift.

Vona made crystal clear that he doesn't want to quit the European Union, after all we are located in Europe. But our concept of Europe is symbolized by King St. László rather than Cohn-Bandit said Vona.

Member of the Hungarian Guard

The goal is to keep on good terms with the West, in the mean time, develop good relations with the East summed up his thoughts Vona.

Jobbik president named two world powers, which Jobbik would like to develop close relations with – Russia and Turkey. Interestingly, we had the longest ever large-scale military engagements with these two countries in our history said Vona. Nonetheless, with these two countries we can develop mutually beneficial alliances.

Next, Vona recalled the worrisome question that we have heard so many times in recent years – what will happen if we quit the European Union? But the real question is what will happen to us if we stay?

Visitors watching the speeches from the balcony

Finally, Vona stressed that Jobbik should clarify its intellectual and spiritual foundations.

He said we are not Communists, because our spiritual center of power is not based on the concept of class struggle, we are not fascists, because our spiritual center of power is not based on the concept of the state and we're not Nazis, because our spiritual center of power is not based on the concept of race. But we are not democrats either, in a sense that the term has been defined today, as our spiritual center of power is not based on money and profit said Gábor Vona.

Our party's spiritual and intellectual center of power is based on the Holy Crown that represents the Hungarian statehood said Vona.

We don't compromise with the "Godless, inhuman and 'anti-national' system"... We don't ask God to ease our burden, but to give us strength to endure the trials. We are King Attila's grandchildren and we are not afraid of anything! Go away robbers! This is our country, concluded his speech Gábor Vona.

(Photos: - –

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Hungarian women's water polo team wins bronze medal at the European Water Polo Championships in Eindhoven

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hungary's players celebrate their victory over Russia after their women's match for the third and fourth place at the European Water Polo Championships in Eindhoven January 28, 2012.

(Photo: MTI –

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Legal victory for the Hungarian Guard – it is not illegal to wear uniform and march in military formation

In the final verdict, the Municipal Court ruled that district courts misinterpreted some of the regulations relating to banning civil organizations.

The judicial council stated that the illegality of a group action doesn't manifest itself when members wearing uniform or marching in military formation; this behavior becomes illegal only if it is performed in minority populated neighborhoods (meaning: gypsy neighborhoods) with the obvious intent of intimidation.

This ruling once and for all dispels the myth hold by police that wearing uniform or marching in military formation are illegal.

Since 2010, almost every Hungarian Guard's event has been invaded and harassed by police leading to hundreds of infringement proceedings. The court threw out all these cases without exception totally ruining the credibility of police work.

After such blunders, even a moderately developed banana republic's minster of interior would resign, but here not even an apology has been issued, which shows the arrogance of ministry officials said Gábor Hunyadi Jobbik's Legal Aid lawyer.

( –

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“Századvég”: Fidesz continues to lead in polls

Recent polls shows that as the Fidesz government approaching the mid-point of its four-year-term, continues to keep its leading position in both the total population and among decided voters.

In mid-January, 2012, 48 percent of the population said they definitely would participate in a parliamentary election if it would be held this Sunday.

The study found a slight decrease among those uncertain about their party support – 38 percent of respondents belong to this group.

Fidesz-KDNP party alliance support among the total population is 26 percent; the Socialist Party has 14 percent, Jobbik 10 percent and LMP 7 percent support.

Among decided voters the governing parties have 44 percent support – nearly double of the largest opposition socialist party, which has 23 percent support. Jobbik has 19 percent and LMP 8 percent support. The Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition is below the threshold to get a seat in Parliament.

( –

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Picture of the day: Freckled Horse

Friday, January 27, 2012


And here is the rest of it.

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This year's rejuvenated “Magyar Sziget” festival will be held on July 12-15, 2012

The changing times and the need of audiences compelled us to introduce significant changes this year's “Magyar Sziget” program schedule.

Since a number of similar festivals are planned for August, this year's “Magyar Sziget” will be held in July.

Besides traditional rock performances and other popular shows several adjustments are made for this year's “Magyar Sziget” festival. One of the changes involved the organization of one-day programs focusing exclusively on a single topic, like ancient Hungarian history or Hungarians' Eastern roots; there will be a Turanian day, "warriors” day and a family day. Also in planning stages: major team games and quizzes (like strength and skill games and intellectual contests) with valuable prize offerings (among others, winners' tickets will be refunded). We already accepting applications for these programs; for more info contact:

Another change in the program is that in 2012, “Magyar Sziget” will last only 4 days; meanwhile, in the same location (in the well-known Verőce “Csattogó”- valley) two days prior to “Magyar Sziget” we hold a new festival: The first Festival Boreal, which will host visitors from areas belong to the “Northern Civilization” covering countries from Iceland to Japan – with number of Hungarian and international performers. At “Magyar Sziget” only Hungarian entertainers perform. A separate festival was needed because more and more foreign visitors come to “Magyar Sziget” each year to recharge, gain experiences and exchange ideas with the best and the brightest of the Hungarian national resistance. We believe that only the unity of sovereign nations can achieve victory over the global enemy. Hungary, which is located at the meeting point between East and West is the best possible place where patriots from around the world can meet.

The first Festival Boreal will be held on July 10-11, 2012.

We expect Polish, Croatian, German, Swedish and Hungarian bands to perform during the event; performers will represent all regions of Europe, but we would like to organize a Japanese samurai demonstration as well. We expect the German Kategorie C and of course, Saga who performs Skrewdriver songs only at this festival, to take part in the event.

The “Magyar Sziget” and the Festival Boreal are two different events and can be visited separately, but we will have weekly passes, valid for both festivals; in other words, you can buy one festival pass for both events.

Ticket prices will be announced later.

(Szent Korona Radio -

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PM Viktor Orbán on two-day visit to Lebanon

PM Viktor Orbán flew to Lebanon on Thursday to take part in the Centrist Democrat International Executive Committee meeting in Beirut and meet more than one hundred European, South American, African and the Arab world leaders said prime minister's spokesman Péter Szijjártó.

The prime minister meets Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berry, Prime Minister Najib Mikati and former Lebanese President Amine Gemayel. He addresses the “Change in the Arab world” conference on Friday said Péter Szijjártó.

On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati in Beirut said Szijjártó. The two prime ministers agreed on closer economic cooperation between the two countries; in the near future two Hungarian economic delegation visit Lebanon to talk about concrete investment opportunities.

Orbán made ​​it clear that Hungary is open to the Arab world, and invited his Lebanese colleague to an official visit to Hungary. The Lebanese prime minister stressed that the Arab world needs help primarily in educational and economic fields; he also informed PM Orbán about the newest developments taking place in the Arab word, said Szijjártó.

( –

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"Rendbe kell tennünk őstörténetünket!" - Interjú dr. Obrusánszky Borbálával

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Az egyházi vezetők nyilatkozata sajnos megmutatta, hogy nem nemzeti érdekeket szolgálnak. Ezzel arcul csapták a saját ezeréves múltjukat, hiszen éppen a kereszténység őrizte meg legjobban a régi táltos hagyományokat, hiszen azok beépültek a keresztény hagyományok és ünnepek közé." Tarnóczy Szabolcs interjúja.

- Kedves Borbála, kérlek, mondd el néhány mondatban, mi késztetett rá, hogy a történészi pályát válaszd, mikor kezdted érezni, hogy ennek élethivatásoddá kell válnia! Ezen túlmenően, mikor kezdett komolyabban foglalkoztatni a magyar őstörténet, az eredetkutatás és a hun-magyar rokonság kérdésköre?

- Már kiskoromban érdeklődtem a régmúlt iránt. Kisded koromban már az ősemberekről faggattam a szüleimet, majd óvoda helyett Afrikába akartam menni. A régmúlt iránti lelkesedés azóta is végigköveti pályámat, és amióta tudok olvasni, a múltunk feltárása felé vonzódtam. Már iskolás voltam, amikor elkezdtem olvasgatni a különböző népek regéit. Érdekesnek találtam a görögöt, az indiait, de a legjobban a Komjáthy István által szerkesztett Magyar mondák keltették fel az érdeklődésem, és már akkor megfogalmazódott bennem, hogy milyen jó lenne megfigyelni a távoli-keleten, hogyan éltek őseink. Mintha tisztában lettem volna vele, hogy élnek még hasonlóan, lótartással foglalkozó népek. Miután a történelem volt a kedvenc tantárgyam, nem volt kétséges, hogy ezen a pályán haladok tovább. Az egyetemen e mellé választottam a mongol nyelvet, és Belső-Ázsiába eljutva végre megvalósult gyermekkori álmom: kipróbálhattam azt a békés, háborítatlan életmódot, melyet talán őseink is ismerhettek.

- Milyen negatív, gátló tapasztalatokat szereztél a hagyományos, akadémiai iskola vagy a finnugristák részéről? Szerinted mi az oka annak, hogy továbbra is arrogáns makacssággal veszik semmibe a szakmailag korrekt módon feltárt tényeket és a bizonyítékokat, melyeket a nemzeti érzelmű kutatók sorra mutatnak be?

- Csak rossz tapasztalatokat gyűjtöttem, a régi dogmák még mindig gúzsba kötik a tudományos műhelyeket, és senki sem akar kitörni ebből. A butaságból fakadóan utasítanak el minden újat, mert félnek, hogy mit hoz a jövő.
Keleti tanulmányaim után annyi adatot gyűjtöttem össze, hogy azokba már nem lehetett bepréselni a hazai dogmákat. A tudásom miatt eleve „nem kívánatos” személy lettem, hiszen nálunk nem a művelt, az adott szakterületen járatos embereket keresik, hanem éppen az ellenkezőjét, aki harsogja a dogmákat, és nem érdeklődik a források iránt. Mivel tényekkel nem tudják alátámasztani állításaikat, megpróbálják olyan emberekkel körülbástyázni magukat, akik nem tudnak semmit. Ám akik a tényekkel jönnek, azokat gyorsan kizárják a „tudományos” életből, és gyorsan ráfogják, hogy ő csak dilettáns. Ezzel a módszerrel lehet máig fenntartani a hazugságokkal teli rendszert. Azon pedig minden jóravaló, magyar érzelmű ember felháborodhat, hogy mi folyik nálunk tudományos kutatás címén: a 21. században, a „nemzeti kormány” idején a magyarság ősi műveltségének feltárásán senki sem dolgozik, ehelyett csak őseink folyamatos gyalázását végzik a kommunizmusból itt maradt pártkatona-akadémikusok.

- Mint hívő keresztény, mi a véleményed arról, hogy az egyházak egyes képviselői oly gyakran támadják az ősvallásunkkal foglalkozókat, mondván, hogy ezáltal veszélyezteti hitünket egyfajta új-pogányság?

- Az egyházi vezetők nyilatkozata sajnos megmutatta, hogy nem nemzeti érdekeket szolgálnak. Ezzel arcul csapták a saját ezeréves múltjukat, hiszen éppen a kereszténység őrizte meg legjobban a régi táltos hagyományokat, hiszen azok beépültek a keresztény hagyományok és ünnepek közé. Még Theotmár írta le a 11. századi magyar királyi udvarról, hogy ott a pogánysággal fertőzött keresztény hit terjedt el! Egyébként elmondanék egy jó példát, hogy az igazi hazafias gondolkozású egyházfők hogyan vélekednek az ősi táltos hitről. Mongóliában még a nyáron beszéltem Erdenebat lámával. Megkérdeztem tőlük, hogy ők, buddhisták mit gondolnak a régi táltos hitről. A válasz megdöbbentő volt: ők nagy tisztelettel viseltetnek az ősi táltos hittel szemben, hiszen az is a mongol szellemi örökség része.

- Mit gondolsz, hol a határ a szakmailag megalapozott kutatás és a jó szándékú, de tévelygő amatőrök által felállított, olykor már „ezoterikus” jelleget öltő elméletek közt? (Ha jól tudom, Téged is értek támadások, mert nem támogattad azokat, akik szerint a magyar őshaza a Kárpát-medence.)

- A határt ott lehet meghúzni, hogy melyek azok a művek és elméletek, melyek forrásokon alapulnak, és kik találnak ki bizonyítékok nélküli elméleteket. Míg a rendszerváltás körüli időben elég magas színvonalú amatőr dolgozatok születtek, ma már ennek alig látjuk nyomát, annyira elharapóztak a sci-fi-nek beillő „őstörténeti” elméletek, amelyeknek nincs semmilyen komoly alapjuk, de egyesek jól el tudják adni ezeket a csodákat váró közönségnek. Sajnos az alapvető műveltségi színvonal annyira lezuhant hazánkban, hogy a hazai közönség jó része nem tud kritikusan gondolkozni, és inkább elhiszi a mesét, mert azt könnyű olvasni. Úgy látszik, hogy ma már divatosabb indiánnak lenni, mint dicső szkítának és hunnak. Ez nagy arcul csapást jelent őseink számára, olyan, mintha napról napra meggyaláznánk sírjaikat!
Talán a következő évek feladata közé tartozna az is, hogy rendbe tegyük őstörténetünket, leszámoljunk a csalókkal, és visszatereljük a kutatást igazi őseink irányába.

- A komoly történészi szakmaisághoz még milyen más szakterületek interdiszciplináris kiegészítő közreműködése szükséges? Említenél erre is konkrét példákat?

- A történettudományt nagyon jól kiegészíti a régészet és a néprajz. Fontos a nyelvészet is, de az elmúlt százötven év legnagyobb tévedése az volt, hogy ez az ág határozott meg mindent, és ezért hamis alapokon nyugvó elméletek születtek. A klasszikus hármast ma már az „objektív tudományokkal” is (antropológia, genetika) ki lehet egészíteni, és ezekből lehet kiszűrni az igazságot. Ha így nézzük a magyar őstörténetet, akkor kiderül, hogy semmi sem támasztja alá a finnugor elméletet, hanem minden bizonyíték a magyarság szkíta-hun kapcsolatai mellett szól. Ebbe beletartozik a sumér vagy mezopotámiai kapcsolat, az etruszk kérdés, és a Kárpát-medence ősiségét is e keretek között érdemes kutatni.

- Vannak-e olyan hasonló szellemű kollégáid, barátaid, akikkel közösen tudtok dolgozni egy-egy kutatási területen? Nem lenne célszerű intézményes, szervezeti keretek közt is biztosítani a nemzeti elkötelezettségű, valamint a külföldi szakemberek együttműködésének feltételeit?

- Nagy szükség lenne egy kutatócsoportot felállítására, de úgy látszik, hogy egy komoly intézet alapítása még várat magára. Ugyanis mindenki milliárdokból akar egy ilyet megvalósítani, nem pedig úgy gondolkozik, hogy kezdjünk bele, és majd megteremtődnek a feltételek. Nagyon sok fiatalt lehetne mozgósítani és kutatótársaim is szívesen közreműködnének. Szerencsére nagyon sok kutatóval lehet konzultálni, ami rendkívül fontos, hiszen közösen kevesebb hibát ejtünk, mintha egyedül dolgoznánk.

- Kérlek, sorold fel röviden a hun-magyar rokonság mellett szóló legdöntőbb szakmai érveket!

- Először is azzal kezdeném: nincs egyetlenegy bizonyíték sem a magyar-hun elmélet ellen! Több szálon is lehet bizonyítani ezt: a hunok nem tűntek el a Kárpát-medencéből, hanem itt éltek részben kis közösségekben, részben idegen fennhatóság alatt. A Kaukázus előterében nem volt 463-ban mindent elsöprő népvándorlás, nem jöttek oda bolgár-török ogur népek, tehát a területen hunok maradtak. A bolgár-töröknek vélt több száz „jövevényszó” ezért hun lehet!
A magyarság onogur (hungár) néven szerepel a forrásokban az 5. század óta, ami azt jelenti, hogy együtt éltünk a hunokkal. Az onogur, vagyis a hungár szó sohasem jelölte a bolgárokat, csak bennünket. Egy rövid ideig a bolgárokat is úgy hívták, hogy onogundur-bolgárok, azért, mert a mi fennhatóságunk alatt álltak. Vannak még apróbb észrevételek, de talán ezek a legfontosabb tételek.

- Végül arra kérlek, szólj néhány szót jövőbeni terveidről.

- Szeretném folytatni magyar őstörténeti kutatásaimat, és kutatótársaimmal feltárni a még fehér foltokat. Nagyon jó lenne az eddig eredményeket egy nagy internetes lexikonba rendezni, hogy azzal felváltsuk a régi elavult szószedeteket. Az idei év legnagyobb célkitűzése, hogy a külföldi konferenciákon ismertessem a magyar őstörténet igazi szálait és leromboljam a régi, finnugrista dogmákat.

További kitartó, lelkes munkát kívánok küldetésedben és köszönöm a beszélgetést!


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Picture of the day: Horseback riders at the Hungarian National Assembly of Bösztörpuszta, 2011


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Lajos Kassai horseback archery master received the Knight of Hungarian Culture prize

Lajos Kassai horseback archery master and manufacturer of bows and archery equipments has been honored with the Hungarian Culture Prize on January 22, 2012 and as a result, he became the Knight of Hungarian Culture.

He has received the prestigious award at the recommendation of the Police Generals Association as the generals verified personally Lajos Kassai's immense commitment and love of ancient Hungarian culture during their visit to the Kassai Valley on October 8, 2011. The knighthood awarded to people who make gratuitous contribution to Hungarian culture and with their chivalrous deeds devote themselves to the care, preservation and rejuvenation of a singular cultural area.

The Association's General Assembly recognized Lajos Kassai's selfless contribution to Hungarian culture, the work he has been doing for more than a quarter of a century in reviving tenth century Hungarian horseback archery and making this ancient form of military art part of universal human culture.

( –

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"Rovas script" – National Unity

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The “Rovas” Foundation sent a letter to all parliamentary parties urging them to work together for national unity.

Our ancient writing system is a matter of national importance.

The letter has been sent to the parliamentary group leaders of Fidesz, MPSz, KDNP, Jobbik, MSZP and LMP, as well as the major Hungarian media outlets both at home and around the world.

In the letter, the head of “Rovas” Foundation, László Sípos asking the parliamentary parties to support the work of the “Rovas” Foundation aiming at the conservation, protection and promotion of the ancient Hungarian "Rovas" writing system.

As the first step, “I would like to formally invite all parties to send delegates to the 'Képviselő Rovás Kör' board (still under formation) that will operate as an advisory-advocacy body,” says the author of the letter.

“We believe that the 'Rovas' writing system used by Hungarians and their ancestors are the common heritage of Hungarian and universal human culture. Our common goal is to protect and promote the 'Rovas' script as a national value and as an intellectual resource”.

The Székely-Hungarian writing system and its modern usage has been demonstrated in the successful city and town sign erection project that covers the entire Carpathian basin; so far, 130 municipalities in 3 countries have joined the town sign erection initiative says the author of the letter.

One of the main priorities of the current development circle is to create a standardized "Rovas" letter set based on printing technology, so that the everyday use of the “Rovas” script can be expanded. The real breakthrough, however, will be achieved when international technical standardization will be accomplished in close cooperation with the “Magyar Szabványügyi Testület” (Hungarian Standardization Board). “To support and promote this initiative we would like to ask the support of the Hungarian public opinion, public figures and public dignitaries,” says László Sípos.

The “Rovas” Foundation is ready to share its knowledge and experiences with representatives of any field wanting to use our ancient writing system, be it country image promotion campaign, education and culture, tourism and economy. In addition, we are open to new ideas and challenges that help the Székely-Hungarian writing system's wider acceptance and its dissemination both at home and abroad concludes his letter László Sípos.

( –

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Scumbag Gyurcsany and his fellow vampires put on a reality show style performance in Miskolc

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A “family” invited four vampires – Ferenc Gyurcsany, Ágnes Vadai, László Varju and Csaba Molnár – to spend three days in the infamous Miskolc-Avas housing project where most of their victims live.

During the Gyurcsany administration, officials by using various tricks, moved hundreds of gypsy criminals to the once friendly Avas neighborhood who ever since terrorizing the district and its residents.

The four psychopaths took up the invitation in the hope that they can make a splash and with the help of liberal media scoundrels they can fool their miserable victims one more time into believing that they are the ones that will rescue them from the misery that they caused at the first place.

American intelligence officer William Odom who was active in Eastern-Europe after the collapse of communism said the following about the Hungarian Bolsheviks: The Socialists are guilty and therefore, they are sucking up to us. This is a benefit that only a fool leaves unexplored. The Hungarian Communists flatter us as they flattered their Soviet bosses in the past. And they are surprised that much easier to negotiate with us.

This is why, American embassy officials in Hungry are worrying about the prosecution of socialist criminals by the Fidesz government. They are defending these monsters because they need these brand of traitors that without hesitation ready to serve the country up to international corporations to further enslave the people. The socialists have already demonstrated their effectiveness in high treason during their three terms in office by collaborating with banksters who fooled hundreds of thousands of misled people into fraudulent mortgage schemes for which the entire country is paying the price today.

The Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition party holds its first congress on January 28 where the party draws up plans for the post-Orbán era, and on February 21, Ferenc Gyurcsany, the man without moral fiber, evaluates the state of economy that he brought to the edge of bankruptcy during his two terms in office.


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Zsuzsanna Jakabos: Hungarian swimmers win several medals in London Summer Games

European champion swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos believes that Hungarian swimmers win several medals, including one gold this year's Summer Olympics. Jakabos didn't speak about her own podium chances, however, she confirmed that she wants to be finalist in 4x200 freestyle relay and in her individual events.

It is my intention to break my former records in 400m IM and 200m butterfly said Jakabos who will be celebrating her 23rd birthday in April; she has been training in Budapest with Future SC for the London Olympics.

Last year's Szczecin Short Course Championships she won bronze medal in 400m IM and silver medal in 100m IM. At 2010 Budapest European Championships in an Olympic size pool she stood on the podium twice: she won silver medal in 200m butterfly and bronze medal in 400 IM partly due to her compatriot Katinka Hosszú. We are friends but also rivals; in London, I want to beat her said Jakabos who flies to Durban, South Africa next week to continue her preparations for the London Summer Games.

( –

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Croatia has joined the club of captive nations

Monday, January 23, 2012

One more country has joined willingly to the club of captive nations, as the overwhelming majority of Croats said 'yes' to the EU accession in a Sunday referendum.

66.25 percent of Croats supported and 33.15 percent voted against the EU accession. The voter turnout was 43.67 percent.

Croatia signed the EU Accession Treaty last December, which takes effect in July 2013 when all 27 EU member states ratify the treaty.

The President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso and the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy welcomed the positive outcome of the referendum; they called the result a good news for Croatia and the entire region. "We welcome the people of Croatia...EU offers Croatians new opportunities, strengthen the stability and the prosperity of the nation" said the two politicians.

Ivo Josipovic Croatian head of state held a reception after the successful referendum on Sunday evening in the parliament; he said the result is a 'big' yes' to Europe and now, Croatia have become an European country that will link its future to Europe.

Eurosceptics have argued that Croatia, a country of 4.2 million, loses its sovereignty with the EU accession. They assessed the result of the vote by saying that now Croatia has lost its freedom and independence. (Wait a few more years and then, it will be clear even for EU supporters that Eurosceptics were right all along, but by then, it will be too late)

(MTI –

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Former members of the World Federation of Hungarians want György Budaházy as the next president of the organization

Hungarians from America to Japan and from Sweden to Australia want to see György Budaházy as the next president of the World Federation of Hungarians.

Budaházy has already proven his fitness for the job as a great Hungarian patriot. Former members of the organization voted on Budaházy's leadership and unanimously supported him by 278 votes says the announcement.

( –

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Swedish activists burned the EU flag in Stockholm to show their solidarity with the Hungarian people

A group of Swedish activists belonging to the Nordic Youth patriotic youth movement burned the EU flag outside the Hungarian Embassy in Stockholm, on Sunday evening to show their solidarity with the Hungarian people.

( –

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Sympathy demonstrations in Erdély, Sweden and Canada

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nine Erdély cities and towns – Kolozsvár, Marosvásárhely, Székelyudvarhely, Csíkszereda, Gyergyószentmiklós, Kézdivásárhely, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Kovászna, Barót -- held sympathy demonstrations on Saturday in support of the Hungarian government's policies organized by the “Magyar Polgári Párt” (Hungarian Civic Party).

In Csikszereda and Székelyudvarhely speakers thanked the Hungarian government of its national unity policy and denounced the unjust attacks against the government by EU officials.

When Hungary and the nationally committed Government, or the President of Hungary have been attacked then, we Hungarians living in the lost territories, or anywhere else, stand in solidarity with the government and encourage politicians to continue with their renewal efforts as there is only one Hungarian context said Jenő Szász the president of “Magyar Polgári Párt” to Duna TV.

Hungarians in Canada and Sweden also held sympathy demonstrations on Saturday. Göteborg Hungarians called the recent attacks on Hungary by EU officials and the banking cartel overwhelming. The vast majority of Hungarian Canadians are also behind the government and supporting the new Hungarian Constitution reported Duna TV.

(Duna TV – –

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HLI Encourages Hungarians to Stand Firm in Defense of Family

Saturday, January 21, 2012

World’s largest international pro-life, pro-family organization denounces EU “blackmail” of financially struggling nation

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia — Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, today called on Hungary’s political leadership to stand strong against threats by the European Union to withhold financial aid if certain conditions were not met. The conditions, as reported by the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, were that the state must drop charges of corruption against its socialist former president, and it must drop a section in its new constitution which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. (See the story in Bloomberg here, WSJ here and the original story in Hungarian here.)

“This is blackmail, pure and simple. The EU essentially holds many of its member nations captive in a financially tenuous situation, then offers ‘help’ with conditions, even if those conditions are a grave offense to the culture and sovereignty of the nation,” said Fr. Boquet. “This is only the beginning of Hungary’s fight for its national sovereignty, for life and family.”

The European Commission, the executive body of the EU, also issued a statement this week threatening to take action against Hungary because of its new constitution saying it is “committed to fully use all its powers to analyse the compatibility of [Hungary’s] national law with EU law and reserves the right to take any steps that it deems appropriate, namely the possibility of launching infringement procedures pursuant to Article 258 of the [EU] Treaty.”

“We want the people of Hungary, and especially their political leaders, to know how inspired many Americans and Christians around the world have been by their courageous efforts to stem the radical secular, anti-life, anti-family tide in Europe with the bold ‘Easter constitution,’” said Fr. Boquet. “Recognizing that those nations who have embraced abortion and who have abandoned the traditional family are in a demographic tailspin, Hungarians have chosen another course: one of hope for the future. It is unconscionable that the unelected bureaucrats of the EU would force Hungary and other member nations to share in their slow suicide, rather than seeing the obvious need to reaffirm the only institution that gives them a future – the traditional family.”

“This situation is reminiscent of last November's threats by Britain to remove financial aid from those African nations (see here and here) who, like Hungary, realize what marriage truly is and defend it in their laws,” said Fr. Boquet. “The anti-life, anti-family aggression of the Western powers is becoming more open every day, as they no longer see the need to hide their true intentions. The EU, and all the wealthy Western ‘developed’ nations must immediately stop this financial and legal coercion against sovereign nations who choose life instead of death.”

About HLI: Human Life International: For the Glory of God and defense of Life, Faith and Family. Founded in 1981, HLI is the world’s largest international pro-life and pro-family organization, with affiliates and associates in over 100 countries on six continents.

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Polish patriotic organizations are massively behind the Hungarian renewal efforts

Several hundred people attended sympathy demonstrations in support of Hungary on Saturday at the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw and other Polish cities. The Hungarian government is under attack by unelected EU officials for its unorthodox policies to turn the country around after eight years of socialist devastation.

The biggest demonstration took place at the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw with the participation of hundreds of people and patriotic youth groups amongst them the All-Polish Youth movement and other radical parties and organizations.

Participants read a letter that was signed by several prominent Polish politicians among them Marek Jurek, former speaker of the Sejm and MEP Zbigniew Ziobro. The signatories of the letter congratulated to the Hungarian people "for their efforts to renew their country" and stressed that the new constitution "draws attention to important principles for all." "What you have started serves the interests of Europe as a whole, but especially our region, Central Europe that suffered terribly under communism. We stood together in the past and will stand together in the future as well".

Marian Pilka, the vice-president of the Republic of Poland party called upon the Polish government to support Hungary. "We hope that the Polish government won't let Hungary down and will oppose any sanctions against her. This is what we expect from the Polish government" said the politician. He pointed out that the Hungarian government's policy is admirable, and it "should be followed by all countries from Central Europe". Representative of the New Right Congress party, Janusz Korwin-Mikke blasted EU for oppressing the autonomy of its member states. He said both Hungary and Poland lost their sovereignty and "no longer sovereign states, but euro-countries."

During the protest participants read a letter written by Polish communities in Hungary that urged Poles living in Hungary to take part in the Budapest peace march. Organizers stressed that they will continue to collect signatures on the Internet and more sympathy demonstrations are planned.

At the end of the demonstration young people burned the EU flag.

(Photos:, TVN Warszawa, – – -

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The biggest ever pro-government rally is underway

Over one hundred thousand people staged a pro-government rally in support of the government reform program.

The peace marchers have arrived to the parliament building.

According to the ministry of interior, over four hundred thousand people took part in the mass rally.

(,, -

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