Crazy Nero (also known as Ferenc Gyurcsany) evaluates the year 2011

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The highlights of the speech in telegraphic style

I do not want to induce anger but Hungary is in trouble, more trouble than anytime in the past twenty years.

Twenty years ago, Hungarians wanted democracy, but in 1992 István Csurka appeared on the scene to show what nationalism is all about.

Republicans today are a minority.

Twenty years ago all of us agreed that Hungary's ship should sail towards the West -- Paris, Berlin and Rome. In 1990, we thought that we have created a new democratic society and a constitution that is acceptable to all. We thought that freedom was a good idea and society should be organized around this doctrine.

Now, however, the pillars of the republic have collapsed and an anti-Hungarian system has been built in its place that rejects the idea of Europe and considers Brussels as a threat. This system is afraid of freedom, foreign market competition and criminalizing poverty.

The Orbán government can be defeated.

We should investigate why is this happening to us and how to re-unite society in the name of the Republic.

The Orbán government's ambition is to change the system rather than the government. This already has happened. Besides the economic policy, the Orbán government are changing the country's self-image and culture as well.

The Orbán government has been focusing on national sovereignty, but the modern world is about cooperation. The Hungarian Prime Minister has reduced the country's room for maneuver. He has created a sad rather than a happy barrack. He lost his friends in Europe and failed to find new ones in Asia.

The Hungarian industry has changed, we like it or not, this is a fact; therefore Hungary's interest is to attract foreign investors.

We know that the Roma's culture are very different from ours and the Roma have different relationship to agricultural work, but in other areas they are just as good as we are.

There are eight hundred thousand Roma who feel miserable, because the country's other half sees only a problem with them. Those who meet the easy part of life, have an obligation to help the Roma concluded his one hour speech the dedicated agent of the global cabal.

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