Dupes marching to Budapest to protest against unemployment

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A bunch of dupes left Miskolc yesterday to march to Budapest to protest against rising unemployment. The spectacle has been organized by those who have brought the country to the brink of destruction, the socialists.

Treasonous socialist party officials take advantage of the misery of their own victims by exploiting the legitimate claims of the misled people who are lacking sufficient intelligence to recognize their own enemies among those who are pretending to support them, but in fact using them for political purposes, in order that later discard them like a piece of garbage.

The group made up by 25 individuals and their goal is to reach Budapest within eight days. Socialist MP István Nyakó has been also marching with the protesters who also helps them finding meal and accommodation. It turned out that the majority of the 25 individuals are members of the socialist party.

The marchers are expecting that more people join them as they approaching Budapest and the small group grows into a huge crowd. One of the marchers said that they were encouraged by honking drivers; but not everybody supporting them, some drivers shouting obscenities to them as they understand that the useful idiots are nothing more than a tool in the hands of soulless husks that are manipulating them.

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