The European Parliament ordered further investigation against Hungary

Friday, February 17, 2012

Two socialist traitors, Kinga Göncz and Csaba Tabajdi took part in the drafting of the incriminating report against their own country

A four-party resolution has been passed by the European Parliament (EP) plenary session condemning Hungary and ordering further investigation against the country. The bill has been also supported by two Hungarian traitors sitting on socialist benches, Kinga Göncz and Csaba Tabajdi.

The EP, the much hated colonial arm of the global elite founded on the principle of double-standards expressed serious concerns about the rule of law, human and social rights, equality and discrimination in Hungarian society.

The decision calls on the Hungarian government to comply with the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission recommendations.

Despite official grievances, the report will have positive impact as well, as it helps to awaken people and further erode EU support in Hungarian society. Recent polls suggesting that the majority of Hungarians are already opposing the EU membership; let's hope that the number of “refuseniks” grow as the news about the condemnation spreads.

The four socialist traitors working hard against their country in the European Parliament

Jobbik's vice-president Zoltán Balczó remarked that "the Hungarian government should finally learn from the result of the vote and ask the uncomfortable question about our membership in the morally and economically disintegrating European Union. Balczó believes that Hungarian interests, both economically and morally are growing more distant from the Eu's interests that aiming to eliminate the national self-determination of its member states.

The government EU policy had failed

MEP Csanád Szegedi said that the European Parliament didn't condemn Hungary, but the Fidesz government's policies.

"The Fidesz in order to entrench its power stopped representing national interests like the support of small and medium size Hungarian enterprises, the Hungarian food industry, the renegotiation of the quota system, the self-determination of Székely Hungarians or even the Malév" said Szegedi.

The Jobbik politician remarked that during the vote the European People's Party (Fidesz parent party) was also divided, which means that Fidesz could not convince even its own group to support unequivocally its position showing that the party's weak and servile diplomacy doesn't work.

Lack of unity

It is regrettable that before the vote there was no consultation among the Hungarian parties said Szegedi. Jobbik proposed the formation of a special working group that would coordinate the position of the Hungarian parties before crucial votes. But even without consultation, Jobbik MEPs voted against the condemning report said Szegedi.

The report is a serious warning; later, further decisions are expected, which may result holding back or freezing certain financial transactions, in case the government won't back down said Szegedi.

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