Gábor Vona: Five-party consultation is needed to discus the country's EU membership

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The European Commission's Wednesday decision to suspend cohesion funds to Hungary is a very severe and harsh humiliation of the country said Gábor Vona on a press conference in Budapest where he recommended a five-party consultation on the country's EU membership.

The time has come for the prime minister to call a meeting of the five parliamentary party leaders to discuss Hungary's place and role in the future of the European Union.

Gábor Vona emphasized that Hungarian society didn't vote on the current European Union in 2004, therefore, Jobbik still insists on a referendum on the country's EU membership. According to Vona, the European Commission's Wednesday decision is unacceptable because in recent years Hungarian society has already sacrificed more than its capacity to maintain a balanced budget.

The European Commission has decided on Wednesday's meeting to recommend the suspension of 495 million Euro cohesion funds to Hungary because allegedly, the country has failed to fulfill its obligations of deficit reduction. The panel's proposal still has to be approved by the finance ministers of EU member states.

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