German Political Science Professor Dr. Klaus Hornung stands in solidarity with the Orbán Government

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The memory goes back to those days of November 1956, when Carl Gustaf Ströhm, our friend who died in 2004, then working as a young reporter in Hungary, reported on a daily basis on the phone to our group in Tübingen, about the Soviet invasion of Hungary.

Hungary at that time used to be the vanguard in the fight against the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe, which was followed later by the Poles and Czechs. In 1989 it was again Hungary that made the first cut through the barbed wire of the Iron Curtain - as an overture of the coming fall of the Soviet system.

Even now it is again the majority of this proud nation that rebel against the pretensions of Brussels hierarchy, controlled by financial interest groups who want to impose their liberal-left "anti-fascist" ideas of democracy as the only valid and binding system. (…)

The Orban government represents the traditions of its country, which are also the best traditions of Europe. The government's non-traditional way of conducting business conflicts with the prevailing Eu's ideas that blind the rulers of Brussels: Reason enough to send our solidarity to the people of the Crown of St. Stephen, in regard of the common European history and the memories of 1956 and 1989 ".

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