Hungarian themes and costumes at the Golden Rose Carnival in Sao Paulo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Medieval Hungary was one of the themes of the two-day Golden Rose Carnival in Sao Paulo started on Saturday morning. Members of the "Rosas de Ouro" samba-school wearing Hungarian motif costumes and one of their cars has been covered by a large Hungarian coat of arms, as they paraded through Sao Paulo.

Detail of the air allegory in a book form at the front of the “Rosas de Ouro” parade honoring Hungary

The production entitled "Hungria, Reino dos o Justus," which roughly translated, "Hungary, the kingdom of the righteous."

Although in Portuguese, the right spelling would have been " Hungria o Reino dos justos, ", but one letter of the phrase has been changed to honor Brazilian entrepreneur, Roberto Justus who has supported the samba school – Roberto Justus has Hungarian ancestry.

Roberto Justus and Ticiane Pinheiro

The Golden Rose Carnival in Sao Paulo predates the more famous Rio carnival, but it is also considered a great event; the carnival is broadcasted live from start to finish by the largest Brazilian television channel, Globo.

A member of "Rosas de Ouro" samba-school wearing a fantasy costume representing the Danube River

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