Hungary commemorates the victims of communism

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hungarians across the country are remembering the victims of communism on February 25 that the parliament adopted as the official day of remembrance. In less than 100 years, communism has claimed more than 100 million lives worldwide.

The official ceremony is held on February 25 at the House of Terror Museum on Andrássy street starting at 10 am. Organizers are inviting all Hungarians to come to the commemoration service and light a candle in memory of the victims of communism.

There will commemoration services in most major cities across the country starting Friday.

On Friday, February 24, Jobbik unveiled a memorial monument at the corner of “József” boulevard and “Krúdy Gyula” street in the eight district.

The ceremony has been attended by about 500 hundred people who lit candles and placed flowers at the monument as a show of tribute to the victims of communism.

The commemoration service attended by the leaders of Jobbik including Gábor Vona, Levente Murányi and György Szilágyi.

In a speech, György Szilágyi made it clear that there won't be any reconciliation with those who are the moral, intellectual and ideological descendants of the sick Bolshevik monsters who beat to death hundreds of innocent people in the “Recsk” concentration camp during the darkest days of communism. He added that Jobbik will never cooperate with treasonous politicians who are doing their best to drive a wedge between Hungarians for electoral benefits.

Jobbik vice-president and the hero of the 1956 revolution, Levente Murányi said communism had existed before fascism and Nazism and, unfortunately, survived them. The communist ideology spread to the four corners of the world and claimed at least one hundred million lives worldwide. Murányi then added that in the place where he was standing, in 1956 a Soviet tank was firing at the revolutionaries until rebels took tank out.

The communist ideology reared it ugly head in Hungary at the beginning of the twentieth century, but then the leaders of the time didn't take it seriously. In 1908, the Galileo Circle was founded by free-thinkers, which had only one ethnic Hungarian member, Mihály Karolyi. In 1919, Karolyi helped Béla Kun and his ilks into power who in turn unleashed a murderous rampage that lasted 133 days.

The Bolshevik vampires returned again in 1944, in the incarnations of “Rákosi”, “Gerő” and “Farkas”, just mentioning the worst scoundrels, as “liberators”. This was the time of expulsions and deportations; later the AVO (a bunch of sadists served under the interior ministry, a true terrorist organization) in a much more organized fashion, under the treacherous Janos Kadar, continued terrorizing Hungarians. In 1956, the country rebelled against the Bolshevik butchers and on October 23 the communists were driven from power. Freedom lasted only a short time as the Soviet Army invaded the country once again on November 4 and the Bolsheviks returned to power. But by then the Soviet empire got a wound that ultimately led to its demise concluded his speech Levente Murányi.

After the speech, Levente Murányi and Gábor Vona jointly unveiled the memorial, the work of wood carver István Balázs from Kárpátalja.

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The “Recsk” concentration camp. It was set up by the communists after the second world war and operated by the Bolshevik terrorists organization, AVO.

The Bolshevik terrorist organization, the AVO, also called the fist of the working class, holds a meeting in 1949. At the main desk, the three butchers of the time listening the speech: Mihály Farkas, János Kádár and Gábor Péter (Photo: MTI - archive)

Bolshevik terrorists posing with their dead victims during the 1919 murderous rampage

Some of the faces of the Bolshevik terrorists


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