Improving bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Hungary

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate - the G20 meeting began this morning in Riyadh with this prayer then quotes have been read out from the Koran. The speakers of parliaments of the world's leading economies started a two-day meeting in the Saudi capital of Riyadh that attended by László Kövér the speaker of the Hungarian parliament at the invitation of the chairman of the Shura Council, Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh.

Kövér was greeted at the Riyadh airport yesterday by Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh personally and as a result the first bilateral meeting between Saudi officials and the Hungarian delegation have taken place. The Sura Council leader expressed his appreciation of Hungary's efforts to retain its own traditions and strengthen the country's moral standards, which are very important issues for both countries. Kövér pointed out that tradition and modernity are not mutually exclusive concepts; he believes that the primary cause of the current financial and economic crisis can be tracked down in the erosion of moral values.

In a speech at the G-20 meeting "Cultural Dialogue in the World" panel discussion this morning, Kövér pointed out that "Young people respond the fastest to contemporary political, social and economic challenges; if we can't set meaningful goals before them, if they can't find valuable social space in their environment, then they become dissatisfied and leave their communities.".

During the day, Kövér held bilateral talks with the Speaker of the Parliament of Turkey Cemil Çiçek and the Speaker of the Canadian Senate, Noel A. Kinsella. During the meeting, the head of the Canadian Senate raised the issue of Hungarian gypsies mass emigration to Canada. Kövér made it clear that the Roma are not persecuted in Hungary and the government set up a state secretariat to settle the issue and by the end of this term two hundred billion forints will be spent to improve the living and working conditions of disadvantaged people.

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