Jobbik called upon peace march organizers to support the EU membership referendum

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jobbik agrees with peace march organizers' statement that under the current conditions, we have to start thinking about our withdrawal from the European Union. The European Commission yesterday's decision showed black and white how much rights our country will have in the European Union, when it adopts the new financial pact. The last month, hundreds of thousands of peace marchers gathered in Budapest under the slogan “We will not be a colony!", but now the EU wants to make us a colony says Márton Gyöngyösi's statement.

We ask peace march organizers to support Jobbik's initiative on our membership in the EU as the population didn't receive relevant information about the consequences of our membership in 2003; since then, the situation has been deteriorated to the point where Hungary has been assigned a colonial status and the country has become a captive nation.

It is clear that Hungarian national interests, both economically and morally, are increasingly distant from that of the "United States of Europe" that gradually eliminates all forms of national self-determination.

It appears that peace march organizers have already raised those questions that Jobbik has long been treated as evidence: how long the European Union can sanction and oppress Hungarians without impunity, and how long our country will subject itself to the morally and economically disintegrating European Union?

The only credible solution would be if society as a whole could decide on this serious and fateful issue. The peace march has shown the power of civil society, so we ask them not to stop half way. Let the people decide: the question is “are we remaining members or break free?” concluded his statement the deputy leader of Jobbik, Márton Gyöngyösi.

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