Jobbik distributed food to the homeless

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jobbik five district branch distributed hot tea, sandwiches and chocolate to the homeless in the Ferenciek Square underpass. The homeless, the elderly and the young people happily accepted the food.

Every year an increasing number of elderly people suffer from frostbites in their unheated homes, but the extremely cold winter weather also pose a deadly threat for the homeless. In Western Europe nearly 300, in Ukraine and Poland 180 people fell victim to the extreme cold so far.

In the evening hours the temperature might drop to minus twenty degrees. A complicating factor is that the homeless are often reluctant to go to shelters, due to fear that their treasured valuables get stolen. Police are powerless, because they can't force homeless people to go inside. Those who prefer to remain on the street risk their own lives.

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