Jobbik files a lawsuit against Béla Biszku

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jobbik MP György Szilágyi announced on Tuesday that the new criminal law that the parliament adopted at the end of 2011 states that prosecution of crimes against humanity and crimes of the communist dictatorship are not barred by any statutes of limitations. Therefore, under the new law, former interior minister Béla Biszku who is implicated in the post-1956 retributions can be tried for crimes against humanity.

The Jobbik politician was surprised that although the law came into force on January 1st, so far nobody filed a lawsuit against the Bolshevik vampire. That is why, on Tuesday György Szilágyi and István Apáti filed a lawsuit against Biszku for his role in the 1956 revolution and the repression that followed the crashing of the uprising by the Soviet Army. Biszku is accused of instigating murder, assault, forced and illegal detention, treachery and treason, among others.

As an evidence the politicians attached the names of the executed victims of the show-trials. They also announced that they make the lawsuit public so that others can join to the legal process to give a greater emphasis to the matter.

István Apáti said regardless of Béla Biszku's age and health he should be condemned; he should receive as much compassion as he showed for the victims of the retributions.

The opposition politician said: Jobbik once and for all wants to end the practice of double standards. It is unacceptable that while individuals that are committed crimes during the second world war held liable and executed for their crimes from Nuremberg to Budapest, one of the chief criminals of the Bolsheviks era, Béla Biszku, lives happily on more than 600 thousand forints pension under luxurious conditions.

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