Jobbik: Last chance to leave the European Union

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jobbik launches an in-depth debate whether Hungary leave or remain a member of the European Union said party officials that recently burnt the EU flag during an anti-EU demonstration.

According to Márton Gyöngyösi, an open and thorough debate should be held about the pros and cons of our membership in the European Union and on the possible consequences of leaving the organization before calling for a referendum.

Jobbik deputy group leader, Márton Gyöngyösi spoke about Jobbik's proposal at a press conference in Budapest on Friday; this is the last chance to leave "the European Union that today, deteriorated to the point where it openly questions the national sovereignty of its member states” said the politician.

Gyöngyösi said Hungary joined the European Union in 2003, after a "shameful" campaign where supporters emphasized only the benefits of joining the organization, but nothing was said about the possible negative impact of the Eu's membership.

The Jobbik politician explained that the time is ripe for holding a referendum as in the past nine years the nature of the European Union has changed significantly; in 2003 the slogan “the independent nations of Europe” was the official mantra, but today it has changed to the "United States of Europe". Without doubt, the aim is to eliminate member states' national sovereignty in tax, fiscal policy and budget control, as the EU seeks centralization.

Jobbik therefore, convinced that the time is right for Hungary to leave the European Union, which wouldn't mean seizing all contacts with the organization. Gyöngyösi emphasized that the long advocated Eastern paradigm shift would make it possible for Hungary to develop balanced international relations following the examples of Switzerland and Norway -- both countries for instance, could retain their membership in the Schengen area. Hungary could also develop bilateral agreements with the EU countries.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, this could be a good time for debate to leave the EU on the other hand, that would be a disaster to Hungary's economy, simply just not strong enough.
Since the country entered the EU in 2003 under prime minister Peter Medgyessy, who resigned in September 29 2004 and then a rookie prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany took the wheel as his successor ( a parliamentary vote of 197 yes, 12 no) this landlocked country has been doing what the EU dictates, practically. During those years, loans and easy credit were everywhere.
Almost anybody with a paycheck were able to get a loan and get financed by a foreign bank, tide to foreign currency as well. Which is also very similar what Hungary (the country itself) did in order to comply with EU standards. "We (the EU) will give you money but you (Hungary) will do what we tell you to do."
So, no surprise when the 2008 financial crisis became global who ever was on the bottom of the food chain (countries who's not global players) will have to suck it up. Even countries who were well off (at least that's people thaught) had problems including Iceland, Ireland. Unfortunately that includes Hungary as well. Let's face it, Hungary is NOT crucial feature in the EU either. At this point you can debate as much as you want, but Hungary needs the EU more then Vica versa.
When Jobbik refers to contries like Switzerland and Norway who's GDP are $50,280 and $64,240 and they also sitting on bunch of cash with world class industries behind them, versus $11,080 of Hungary's GDP respectively, that just does not looking good. Those countries are great examples and we should look up to them, but they are light years ahead in every way...
The global financial crisis is gone but now we have the EU zone problems. Luckily, Hungary is not the worst of the bunch, but until will not able to stand on both feet it should NOT leave the EU otherwise it will do more harm then good.
However, debating in any topic is great for the common goods, allows the information to flow, therefore should be discussed.
Based on this reflection, it is just not a good time for Hungary to leave the European Union anytime soon.
Someday, perhaps... another 9 years.

Thanks for reading.

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