Katalin Kovács' leap year surprise birthday party

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Olympic and world champion kayaker was born on February 29 1976, and due to this unique circumstance, she celebrates her birthday every four years.

Before leaving for a training camp in Turkey on Tuesday, her friends taken the opportunity and threw a party at her. She has received a delicious chocolate cake with the number nine on the top indicating that she was only nine years old according to leap year calculations.

The cake with the number nine was a good joke on the part of my friends, but of course, I'm much older than that despite the fact that I have celebrated my real birthday only nine times in my life said the 31 time world championship kayaker.

I was a little bit disturbed as a child because of the rarity of my birthday, but as an adult I see the good part of it, as some of my friends greet me on February 28, others on March 1, so I get birthday greetings for two whole days.

Tuesday, Kovács flew to Antalya, Turkey where the weather wasn't that kind to her -- despite the warm weather rain was coming down all day long so she had to stay in the gym for the entire day.

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