Let's rejoice, “gypsy rights activist” Viktória Mohácsi left the country

Thursday, February 2, 2012

According to, one of the most repulsive “politicians” of the country, a fierce defender of gypsy criminals, applied for political asylum in Canada.

She was a member of the liberal (SZDSZ) party that Hungarians voted out of parliament in the last national elections.

She was a member of the former socialist-liberal government responsible for “Roma and disadvantaged children integration”. She run for the European Parliament and represented the liberal party for four years; as a MEP, she slandered the country continuously, even in her sleep. She was coached by the best and the brightest of liberal hate-mongers and admittedly, she didn't disappoint her handlers.

She claimed that she received death threats in 2009, and she requested police protection. Not surprisingly, she has received a prestigious human rights award in the United States in 2010.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances unequivocally confirmed that she left Hungary last December and went to Toronto, Canada with the intention to apply for political asylum. Several sources confirmed that despite being a nationally known politician she couldn't find a job in Hungary and as a result, she was struggling with serious financial problems.



hervicus said...

So, it appears to be the case that a Hungarian MEP has had to flee abroad because Hungary cannot or will not protect its own, from the government down. Even if they are proven high achievers like Viktoria.
Viktoria must have been a very dangerous woman indeed to be willing to fight for - wait for it - disadvantaged children.
In Europe.
In the twenty first century AD.
That is, despite the death threats made against her family. And the gang-beatings of her co-workers by men(?) wearing masks.
All this makes Hungary look a dangerous, backward sort of country. Its institutions for social protection are either ineffective or, as I suspect, racially selective. Like Hitler was.
However, Hungary is scoring an own goal here, isn’t it? I mean, since they have got rid of Saddam Hussein now, who out there is seriously going to want to do business with this country?

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