On horseback to Kazakhstan and Iran

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A three member Hungarian equestrian team plans to complete a near seven thousand kilometers trek to Kazakhstan and Iran in search of the cousins of Hungarians.

Three members of the Eurasian Foundation -- István Bencze, Farkas Chemez and Sándor Béres -- depart on Friday through Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan to complete the journey sometime in July in Astana, Kazakhstan. From Astana the team flies to Tehran, and continues advancing for another five weeks to Shirazi.

The route is planned to pass through Scythian, Hun, Hungarian and Cuman migration territories, often following the direction of the Silk Road said István Bencze the leader of the expedition. One of the goals of the historical tour is to draw attention to the common cultural heritage of Hungarians, Huns, ancient Scythians and other Kipchak people, and to strengthen Hungary's cultural ties with Eurasia.

Besides the search of common roots the other goal of the expedition is to heighten people's awareness about their common cultural heritage.

The team is going to document its journey and post the most interesting episodes of the trip on its website including the historical, cultural and natural treasures of the land they are visiting. During the trip, team members wear traditional clothing from various Scythian, Hun and Hungarian periods.

The horseback riders crossing Romania with their own horses but because of the difficulty of taking animals from one country to another, the rest of the journey will be accomplished by horses supplied by the host nations.

The team schedules close to sixty information sessions in various villages and towns across Central Asia to introduce Hungarian history and culture to the inhabitants of the land.

The sponsors of the expedition include the vice-speaker of the National Assembly, Sándor Lezsák, State Secretary of the Prime Minister, Mihály Varga and the Minister of Rural Development and the president of "Kunszövetség", Sándor Fazekas.

Svetlana Kalinovskaja will accompany the expedition by car and László Sípos, the head of the "Rovas" Foundation will join the team during the Kazakh leg of the trip.

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