PM Orbán in Frankfurt: “I am pleased to report that I've reached the other side of the river”

Friday, February 24, 2012

Europe's most comprehensive political reform has been implemented in Hungary since the 2010 national election said PM Orbán in a speech he has delivered in the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry headquarters in Frankfurt.

Hungary is stable, the national debt is decreasing and the budget is under control. The PM confirmed that the government will keep the deficit below the 3 percent level in 2013.

The prime minister remarked that after winning the national election in 2010, he foresaw all the international attacks that have been happening right now; there is one thing that he didn't anticipate, the deepening European economic crisis. "I would have never thought that the European bureaucrats so clumsily mishandling the economic crisis as they are doing it right now". In Orbán's opinion, the international attacks on Hungary tells a lot about the continent and show the weak points of Europe's political and economic structure.

Responding to a question about the European criticism of Hungary the prime minister said: the current mainstream opinion in Europe holds that concepts like religion, family and nation are the things of the past. But he does not agree with this assessment; he considers religious beliefs, family and patriotism as respectable values of the future. He said it would be nice if Europeans recognize that the international attacks against Hungary is their issue as well.

"For those who are running on thin ice, the speed is the security. Running on thin ice, I am pleased to report that I've reached the other side of the river"- said the prime minister about the speed of changes taking place in Hungary. Then, he added Hungary needs two things: a financial safety net and productive investments.

During his speech, members of a German globalist fringe party demonstrated in front of the Chamber of Commerce building expressing their opposition to the Orbán cabinet policies especially to the imaginary anti-Roma policies of the Fidesz government.

Hungarians in Germany wanted to stage a sympathy demonstration during Orbán's speech, but German police rejected their application. Hungarians who were at the Chamber of Commerce building said that they supported the Orbán government all the way and found the attacks on Hungary particularly repulsive.

Regarding the globalist demonstration, the prime minister remarked in a somewhat ironic fashion that it is rare that one has been greeted by music (the globalists started singing the communist anthem on his arrival to the Chamber of Commerce building). "I thought, what a great thing when history entertains us: I, who is an anti-communist and got into politics because I fought for freedom had to come to Germany to see communists demonstrating against me”.

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