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Monday, February 13, 2012

The global financial system wants to increase its control over our country through credit said economist László Bogár.

Hungary, Europe and the whole world however, are getting closer to the point when they start calling things as they are, otherwise, societies get into the dead end street of lies where intellectual and moral corruption are inevitable said Bogár; then he added that healthy self-protective mechanisms have already recognized the danger.

The global financial world however, often doesn't understand clear words, as the Hungarian government in vain declared several times in the past that it didn't want credit, but precautionary credit line, because it intends to finance the country from international financial markets. Despite all contrary efforts by the government, the IMF continues urging the country to borrow money like the former socialists did in 2008. The Hungarian society has no need for this money; the global financial system wants further indebting the country to be able to increase its control over its finances. The IMF, by all probability, will force a financial arrangement upon us that makes constant monitoring, surveillance, and the right to interfere into the country's internal affairs possible said economist László Bogár to Kossuth Radio's Sunday magazine. In his view, the IMF loan functions as protection money. As a disciplinary measure, Frankfurt or London brokers can upgrade or downgrade even by ten percent the national currency against the euro rather quickly.

The local subsidiaries of global banks, in other words the enforcers of the financial elite, are fully controlling the banking, financial, commercial, insurance and the energy sectors, and all other relevant areas and even have stolen the water utility network in Hungary said the economist. The global financial power, however has no need for a new trouble spot in the middle of Europe, because if a problem occurs in Hungary, it can affect Austria through its banking interests in Hungary. Therefore, the interest of the global financial power is to come to an agreement because it can't siphon money out of the locality if there is no viable production there; therefore, it would be their interest to allow the locality to increase its resources that later can be plundered said Bogár.

More and more people recognize that a new alliance is needed; this understanding is getting more widespread in our region, among others in Poland, the Czech Republic and in the Baltic States. A new global arrangement is already taking shape in the world, as a number of very powerful actors - such as China, Russia, Iran, India - do not agree with the current power structure said economist László Bogár.

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