Three socialist traitors have been designated as undesirables by the municipality of Szigethalom

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

By supporting Jobbik's proposal, “Szigethalom” municipal council declared three socialist traitors – MEP Kinga Goncz, MEP Csaba Tabajdi and EU Commissioner László Andor – as undesirable persons on February 23, 2012 forbidding all three individuals to enter the municipality.

Szigethalom representative body voted 8 in favor and 2 against the motion.

Although no such legal category exists in Hungarian law (yet), we felt it was our duty to make this symbolic gesture. We encourage all Jobbik led municipal bodies to follow the example of Szigethalom municipal council and declare the traitors undesirable in their municipalities says the statement issued by Jobbik's Szigethalom branch.

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