Wild pigs roaming the streets of Budapest's twelve district

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Due to the extremely cold weather, more and more wild pigs are looking for food in Budapest's twelve district. The municipality formed a task force to deal with the uninvited guests that are roaming parts of the municipality in search of food.

Twelve district deputy mayor János Váczi said to MTI that people living near “Irhás árok” area indicated that the situation had become untenable after herds of wild pigs appeared on the streets.

"Sure, other districts would be happy if they had these kind of problems, as it shows that this district has good quality air and lots of green, but if you meet at 5 o'clock with a herd of wild pigs, while picking up your child from kindergarten or school, it can be quite terrifying " said the deputy mayor.

“Due to last year's dry weather animals trying find fluid and fruits in the gardens. They easily break through the fences dig up the gardens, chew the watering tubes, eat the fruits and the flowers bulbs" said the deputy mayor.

The municipal government set up a working group in which local government officials, forestry experts, police and residents are also represented. The municipality established an information hot-line that can be called to report the location of the wild animals.

The deputy mayor called on people not to feed the wild pigs if they appear near their houses; starting in March feeding wild pigs will be an offense. He also asked residents not to leave green waste, fruit and garbage, in their gardens because then, the animals won't go back to their natural living environment, the woods.

The captured animals are taken to Budakeszi Wildlife Park, or other parts of the country where they are released into the wild.

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