World Government wanted to remove Orbán from power – there was a coup attempt against the prime minister

Thursday, February 9, 2012

There was a coup attempt against the prime minister about which Viktor Orbán himself talked to the party caucus at the Fidesz parliamentary group meeting keynote speech in Eger.

According to, the prime minister outlined the conspiracy in a half an hour speech. He called it a "triple-threat coup attempt” that included a national security, a media and a diplomatic element.

The prime minister drew attention to the manipulated CNN reports that deliberately suggested that there was a growing dissatisfaction within the party and therefore, his hold on the Fidesz party has been weakened. As an example of the alleged dissatisfaction, he specifically mentioned the disinformation campaign around the appointment of the head of the National Judicial Office (the appointment of Fidesz MP József Szájer's wife, Tünde Handó as the head of the judicial office raised a few eyebrows among Fidesz officials). At a secrete vote, several party officials voted against the appointment. The attempt to identify the “moles” led to an investigation that aimed to find those opposed the appointment. "You have to decide which party you represent" said the prime minister.

Orbán was brief about the third group of conspirators that are made up by former government's foreign ministry officials that used their foreign contacts to attack his position as a party leader and as a prime minister. "However, the coup is failed" concluded this part of the speech the prime minister.

We have lost all our illusions; we know now the nature of the forces, both in the European and global levels that can be set into motion when certain interests are violated said the prime minister.

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