Huge Rubik cube-shaped museum will be built in Budapest

Saturday, March 31, 2012

We would like to compile and exhibit Hungary's 1100 years of outstanding inventions and achievements in a museum that is scheduled to open in 2017, and destined to become a symbol of Budapest. The building has to be an inspiration to our grandchildren, and also become the symbol of the 21 century rebirth of the Hungarian nation said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after signing a letter of intent with Ernő Rubik the inventor of Rubik cube.

"We dreamed up something that soon becomes reality" said former Playboy editor in chief Péter Radnai who brainstormed the Rubic cube-shaped museum that destined to become a world famous Budapest landmark. There were two concepts that came to mind, football player Ferenc Puskás and the Rubik cube – both symbolize Hungarian success and creativity said Radnai.

Balázs Fürjes, government commissioner responsible for large investments in Budapest quoted Ernő Rubik: hard work always produces result. Then the politician quoted a dialogue from the movie Alice in Wonderland: we are here today because we want to advance along certain lines by following a concrete plan that ultimately takes as to the destination we have in mind, rather than just go somewhere, anywhere. "If Ernő Rubik approves the plan that the government also supports, then in the spirit of cooperation the structure can be realized” said the commissioner.

The Rubik cube embodies creativity, problem solving and playfulness. In 2014, the construction of the building can begin and in 2017, the museum can open its doors to the public. Until then, we have to define the exact function of the building. Among those involved in the project include festival organizers, mathematicians, engineers and restaurant owners. The government's goal is to create a pleasant "small-town atmosphere" around the structure.

The two most important questions that we have to answer: where should the building be erected and what kind of reconstruction needed in the surrounding area. Regarding the location, the Danube riverbank would be ideal, but this still needs to be discussed with city planners said the commissioner.

In 2013, an international architectural competition will be held; the best plan will be chosen by a jury of which Ernő Rubik will be a member.

Rubik said for him the idea is the most important thing in the world as nothing could be more fascinating when an indistinct notion develops into concrete reality. “In the cube the idea speaks that eventually may take the form of a museum " said Ernő Rubik.

PM Viktor Orbán recalled the moment when he was given the book discussing the possibility of building a cube-shaped structure in Budapest. In the mean time, I have been warned against working with the former editor of Playboy, Peter Radnai as we are from the opposite side of the political spectrum. However, in this instance working together is not a political question said the prime minister.

Speaking about Ernő Rubik, the prime minister remarked that he invented something that could be named only after him. Success is nothing more than a ticket for another challenge. The idea is to make the building busy, lively, fascinating and inspiring even for our grandchildren. Make this building the symbol of the 21 century rebirth of the Hungarian nation said the prime minister.

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Gábor Vona: nine out of ten people believe that Gypsy crime exists

Jobbik, the New Hungarian Guard and the “Szebb Jövőért” civil society demonstrated in Medgyesegyháza against rising crime, on Saturday afternoon.

Before the program began Sándor Gulyás, Jobbik regional chief told members of the New Hungarian Guard not to stand in military formation as cops started getting agitated by the presence of the New Hungarian Guard at the event. Members of the guards then mingled with local residents and sympathizers of Jobbik circumventing police objections.

The deputy chief of the New Hungarian Guard, István Mészáros remarked that police once again overreacting; he asked them why don't you rather go and start patrolling the woods to prevent the theft of timber? Then he added without the formation of the gendarmerie public safety can't be insured.

Next, Gergő Tamás Samu quoted the interior minister who said there was no Gypsy crime.

Really? Ask the residents of Medgyesegyháza how they feel about that said Samu.

Jobbik president Gábor Vona noted that more and more people realize that they have to rely on themselves in order to protect the fruits of their work. No one helps them in that, especially not the government. That's why municipalities turn in increasing numbers to the Hungarian Guard for help. There is an old joke, but sadly true: if an owner notices thieves in his garden during the night and calls the cops they won't come. But if he says, two members of the Hungarian Guards are doing something in my garden, then all of Eastern Hungary policeman rush to the scene within minutes.

Vona then noted that the government attacks the Hungarian Guard because members call things by their right name, in other words they don't use dishonest and deceitful politically correct language.

Officially, there is no gypsy crime, but if you ask ten people I'm sure nine of them say there is.

Vona also talked briefly about president Pál Schmitt's plagiarism scandal calling it tragicomic. He remarked that after embroiling himself into the scandal the president must resign.

If Schmitt is a sportsman and he wants to protect his honor and his doctoral degree, do so; resign and write a new thesis with properly referenced sources. But he has no right "to ruin the reputation of the country" said Vona.

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President Pál Schmitt won't resign, he writes another doctoral thesis

Friday, March 30, 2012

President Pál Schmitt spoke the first time since his doctoral degree has been revoked by the Semmelweis University Senate on Thursday afternoon. He said at the age of seventy, he writes another PhD thesis to show he hasn't done anything wrong; he also feels obligated to protect those who helped him writing his thesis.

"As a president, I'm glad that there is no double standards, since the faith of the people in the institutional system needs to be strengthened,” said the president in an interview with m1. “The people need to feel that I stand by them," he added.

The president said he wrote his doctoral thesis twenty years ago at the best of his knowledge. The University encouraged him to work on the thesis. His opponents also encouraged him and raised no objections. It was a custom then that the bibliographic data added to the end of the essay said the president.

Schmitt pointed out that this issue is a matter of honor. "I have no intention to appropriate others intellectual property," The president also remarked that he had to defend his thesis orally in front of a six-member committee in a three hour time period. Schmitt added he has never used his title and never benefited from it.

"My conscience is clear". The president felt that by listing his sources, including Georgiev, at the end of his essay he fulfilled his obligations.

The president remarked that he felt hurt by the fact that the University Senate revoked his title while he was abroad; they would have had to wait only one more day and I could have answered all their questions personally said the president.

Then Schmitt announced that he will prove that he is right and as a result, he writes another PhD thesis that fulfills the new requirements. He added that he had worked for years in the Hungarian Olympic Committee's environmental panel and he will utilize his experiences he acquired there in his new PhD thesis.

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Five Hungarian jet fighters take part in an aerial combat training exercise in Sweden

Five Gripen fighter aircrafts of the Hungarian Air Force take part in the Lion Effort 2012 aerial combat training exercise hosted by the Ronneby airbase of Sweden said Hungarian defense ministry officials to MTI on Thursday.

Besides Sweden, the Republic of South Africa, the Czech Republic and Switzerland take part in the five-week long training exercise. Thailand is also participating as an observer.

The primary objective of the joint training exercise is to practice different tasks performed by combination-purpose fighter jets. The goal is to enhance pilots' skills in leadership and the management and methods of warfare. In addition, the pilots practice air defense tasks, direct air support, tactical air control and the combined application of these elements says the defense ministry statement.

Earlier in the month, seven Hungarian Gripen fighter jets took part in an air combat exercise in Sweden. During the exercise, pilots practiced the destruction of air target, among others, by using Sidewinder missiles and the jets on-board integrated weaponry said the ministry of defense.

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PM Viktor Orbán and Mercedes-Benz top executives start the production line in the company's new plant in Kecskemét

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The opening of Mercedes-Benz new plant in Kecskemét is one of the success stories in recent times. Kecskemét has become the Hungarian automotive industry new fortress, which brings us one step closer to the goal to make our country one of the world's automotive production centers said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the new plant's inauguration ceremony.

The German company spent 230 billion forints to build the new factory. The first cars rolled off the assembly line yesterday.

About 100 to 120 thousand vehicles will be manufactured per year ​​in the new plant.

Mercedes-Benz management expects a long term presence in Hungary and the Hungarian-German cooperation includes research and development and vocational training as well.


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Breaking News: Hungarian President Pál Schmitt fate is sealed, his doctoral degree has been rescinded

Semmelweis University Senate has decided on Thursday afternoon to revoke Hungarian President Pál Schmitt doctoral degree due to plagiarism. Shortly before seven o'clock Tivadar Tulassay, the rector of the university announced the news at a press conference.

The decision passed the Board with 33 yes to 4 no votes arguing that President Pál Schmitt doctoral thesis does not meet professional and ethical criteria.

President Pál Schmitt is in South Korea and on Wednesday in Seoul he said he wouldn't resign.

Due to the country's current difficult situation the nation needs a president who is respected at home and abroad said the Professors Batthyány Council, indirectly calling for the resignation of the president.

Pál Schmitt is expected to arrive home sometime in the evening.

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Good news, even if symbolic: The Karolyi's statue has been removed from Kossuth square

It was a beautiful sight as cranes, welders and other construction workers have taken over the Kossuth square this morning to remove the statue of Mihaly Karolyi, the spiritual forefather of the socialist party from the prestigious site. The traitor had a major role in the outcome of the Trianon Dictate and even his surviving family members supported the motion to remove his statue from the historic site. The monument was a shrine of Bolshevik vampires, globalist agents and other spiritually retarded aliens who are in the business of looting and pillaging the country.

Socialist scumbags promised if return to power they will restore the statue to its original location.

According to MTI, during the demolition work a dozen globalists demonstrated at the construction site trying to prevent the removal of the statue.

The monument has been removed as part of the reconstruction of the Kossuth square and for the time being it will be stored in warehouse and later will be set up in the small town of Siófok despite the fact that the overwhelming majority (97%) of residents opposing the traitor's statue in their municipality.

Let's hope that graffiti artists will take care with the “artwork” in its new location.

Siófok mayor said to MTI the lake-shore town municipal council passed a bill approving the erection of the statue in the small town, only Jobbik representative opposed the motion.

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The first ever Baranta World Cup will be held in May, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baranta, the traditional Hungarian martial arts is an independent style based on the philosophy of traditional fighting methods developed by Hungarians throughout the centuries. Currently, Baranta fighting techniques have been practiced in six countries by twenty-five hundred registered practitioners.

Baranta is the sixth largest martial arts style in Hungary. The Baranta fighting style has been created by Ludovica Academy officers during the 1930th. After 1991, the research and the fine-tuning of the sparing techniques continued. The first Baranta club has been founded in Szentendre Kossuth Lajos Military College in 1996. In 2002, the National Baranta Association was formed. In 2005, the National Baranta Association admitted into the All-Martial Arts Association of Hungary.

Hungarian Championships are held each year followed by the Hungarian Cup Series and the Balassi Bálint and Sudár István memorial tournaments. The Baranta community holds 3-400 demonstrations each year and the Hungarian national team regularly participates in mixed martial arts competitions in Hungary and the international competitions gala events.

The first ever Baranta World Cup will be held in May 2012; all styles are invited from fencing, wrestling, archery and weapon form exercises.

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Latest Tarki poll shows massive Fidesz lead

In the last month, Fidesz-KDMP support increased among the total population from 20 to 25 percent (which is probably, due to the ongoing attacks on the country by the EU and the globalist media ed.) indicates the Institute for Social Research March poll; in the meantime, socialists' popularity declined from 13 to 12 percent.

The rate of undecided voters also declined from 47 percent in February to 44 per cent in March.

Among decided voters Fidesz-KDNP support increased from 39 percent in February to 45 percent in March. Meanwhile, socialist support dropped from 26 to 21 percent during this period.

Jobbik support is essentially unchanged. Among the total population Jobbik enjoys 11 percent support both in February and March. Among decided voters Jobbik support is 19 percent, a slight drop from 21 percent in February.

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Picture of the day: The head of the Rovas Foundation, László Sípos presents the New Testament's Rovas Edition to Pope Benedict XVI

As part of the Papal Audience on February 15, 2012, the head of the Rovas Foundation, László Sípos presented a special Rovas Script Edition of the New Testament and an informative cover letter about the ancient Hungarian writing system to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Holy Father showed genuine interest in the gift, he opened the book and asked questions about the script and its daily use.

László Sípos informed the Pope that the Rovas script is the writing system of ancient Hungarians and it remained in use to this very day. Furthermore, he told the Pope that an increasing number of people learning the Rovas script and its everyday use is spreading. One of the goals of the Rovas Foundation is to promote the ancient Hungarian writing system among interested learners.

During the gift delivery the Hungarian National Anthem was played in the background and a group of pilgrims from Gyergyó sang religious hymns.

Later, the Hungarian delegation received a thank you letter issued by the Vatican body fulfills the role of State Secretariat.

The letter can be read below.

Secretariat of State, First Section – General Affairs

No. 198.750, From the Vatican, 5 March 2012

Dear Mr Sípos,

The Holy Father has recieved your letter and he asked me to thank you for your gift of an edition of the New Testament in Szekely-Hungarian Rovas script. He appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to write to him about the unique cultural heritage represented by the Rovas script family.

His Holiness will remember you in his preyers and hi invokes upon you and all your associates at the Rovas Foundation God’s abundant blessings.

Yours sincerely,

Monsignor Peter B. Wells, Assessor

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Petra Borkai, the winner of the Alpe-Adria beauty contest 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Petra Borkai (second from right)

Petra Borkai, the daughter of Seoul Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Zsolt Borkai, who is currently the president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, won the Alpe-Adria beauty contest 2012.

I stepped on stage with confidence to show to everyone that I want to win said the beauty queen who won the competition's audience choice award as well.

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Police have taken away the head of HVIM, László Toroczkai

Toroczkai after he was released from custody (Photo:MTI)

László Toroczkai took his daughter to kindergarten today, when police officers surrounded him and escorted him back to his home. Then, the cops searched his house and seized Toroczkai's hard drives, memory sticks, laptop and phone; then, he was handcuffed and taken away for questioning for his role in the March 15 incident, when Toroczkai and about one hundred patriotic youth entered into the IMF Budapest headquarters to hand over a petition to the organization.

Toroczkai was vilified in front of his pregnant wife and little daughter by cops causing considerable trauma to his family members. Later, he was released from custody, but police charged him with 'coercion', a minor offense that doesn't require such a violent police action.

Jobbik members of parliament Gyula Gy. Zagyva and Tamás Gaudi-Nagy held a joint press conference on the March 15 events and the subsequent police terror that followed the Bank Center raid by patriotic youth.

So far, what is known is that the patriotic website is under constant attack, possibly by the secrete service. Up until now, 31 people have been taken away for questioning including HVIM board members Zoltán Kürti and Béla Incze, but cops also hunted down HirTV news reporter Szabolcs Kisberk. Most of them took part in the March 15 Bank Center raid, but there are HVIM members who didn't take part in the civil action, yet they have been questioned.

The campaign against the patriotic youth organization are headed by the Organized Crime Department and the Secret Service; several investigators indicated that the order came from the highest ranks. The goal is to eliminate László Toroczkai and his movement at any cost.

The action against the Bank Center touched on sensitive issues said webmasters as the site is under constant attacks and it has been hacked several times in the past couple of days, after all the IMF is a sacred cow ... "

Jobbik member of parliament and distinguished human rights activist Tamás Gaudi-Nagy remarked that the process that police used to hunt down protesters and interrogate witnesses reminiscent of the Gyurcsány era when police terrorists used Stalinist methods to persecute imagined members of „Magyarok Nyilai” “terrorist organization” dreamed up by the Gyurcsany(ist) secrete service.

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Hungarian school children are getting infected with head lice by their classmates from “different cultural backgrounds”

Monday, March 26, 2012

Notes on the video

Of course, the term “different cultural backgrounds” referring to gypsies. Participants of the “Oroszlány” municipal council conference talked, talked and talked, identified the problem, the causes of head lice and other related infections among school children that are affecting the entire school system; yet no one really suggested any real solution, despite the fact that everyone knows what the solution would be. Publicly, however, nobody says anything as everybody worries about being stigmatized and branded racist. It is safer to be ambiguous as the privileged minority that causes all the health problems in the school system is under the protection of covert forces engaged in the abuse of the Hungarian people.

Globalists pretending that they are friends of the privileged minority, but in reality they hate gypsies. The children of the “elite” attend schools free of gypsy students. These sanctimonious hypocrites would never allow their children to mingle with gypsies. Gypsies are reserved for ordinary Hungarians. Hungarian school children are the ones that have to endure the perilous conditions with all the consequences (catching parasites and other hygiene related infections, not to mention violence); they are even forbidden to complain about the health risks and the deteriorating learning standards that these conditions pose for all children attending the educational institutions to avoid being branded racist.


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Attacks against Hungary continues under the guise of a sporting “incident”

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The European Handball Federation has launched proceedings against MKB Veszprém Hungarian Handball Club for local fans singing the national anthem before a match played against the Spanish Ademar Leon in the Champions League. The possible penalties could result in millions of HUF in fines.

"Everybody has the right to sing the national anthem. Nobody can forbid Hungarian citizens to sing the national anthem in the territory of Hungary" said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Tibor Navracsics.

The European Handball Federation effectively banned the singing of the national anthem in club events citing time constraints.

Veszprém Mayor Gyula Porga called the European Handball Federation's ruling stupid. He hopes that the letter he sent to the Handball Federation provides reasonable arguments for removing the ban; the mayor is confident that solution will be found and in the future no one will be bothered by the singing of the national anthem even at club events.

Tibor Navracsics said Veszprém fans have always sung the national anthem before matches and opponents have always respected this local custom; he thinks that citing time constraints as a reason for banning the national anthem is ridiculous.

"If Veszprém fans want to sing the national anthem, let them sing! If the club is fined for that, we start a donation drive and pay the fine" said Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics.

In the meant time, MKB Veszprém Handball Club and Veszprém Handball Fan Club asked fans to refrain from singing the national anthem before Champions League matches.

(Notes: This incident shows that globalist agents, successfully infiltrated into the world's sports governing bodies and using their influences to manipulate seemingly politically neutral organizations to implement policies that are in line with their long-planned agenda for global control. In Canada for instance, nobody is bothered when hokey fans singing the Canadian national anthem before hokey games, be it local or international event, neither in the United States; in the States, for instance, clubs invite celebrities to sing the American national anthem before football games.)

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Részlet a Háború a nemzet ellen c. dokumentumfilmből: A vagyonadó valódi célja

Részlet a Háború a nemzet ellen c. dokumentumfilmből. Megszólal Molnár Oszkár, Simon Perez, dr. Ángyán József, Mándoki Andor, dr. Tóth Zoltán József. Gyurcsány Ferenc, Bajnai Gordon, MSZP, SZDSZ, elszámoltatás.

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The “Hunnia Baráti Kör” – a Hungarian NGO – protested against the ongoing globalist media aggression against Hungary

Hahn-Alida Seidl, one of the members of the “Hunnia Baráti Kör” and one of the organizers of the demonstration told MTI by telephone that "at least 150 people took part in the protest". The majority of the protesters were Hungarians living in Germany, but there were supporters from Hungary as well.

He added that the organization has put together a pamphlet about the ongoing attacks on Hungary in the German media; they called it "Hungary in the light of world politics and the media". Hahn-Alida Seidl explained that there was a serious interest in the informative material on the part of German citizens; even when the demonstration was over interested citizens came to pick up copies of the pamphlet. The interest was so high that organizers ran out of printed materials.

"It was great to hear when people said “you are right, you have to defend yourselves against the attacks”. It was good to hear that there are people out there who care about this unjust aggression; they know that what the media writes about Hungary is not true," said the organizer.

The demonstration was held on Schlossplatz downtown Stuttgart on Saturday; people carried signs, like "objective information please!".

Organizers summed up the democratic principles in six points that the globalists are employing against Hungary in the Western press; demonstrators indicated that in their beliefs Hungary did not deviate from these principles.

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The designer of Nicole Kidman's “Kalocsa” style summer dress has been found

Friday, March 23, 2012

Not only the pattern, but it turned out that the designer and the creator of the famous actress's “Kalocsa” style dress is also Hungarian.

A few days ago, photos about the Oscar-winning actress wearing a beautiful Hungarian “Kalocsa” style summer dress at the airport gained widespread media coverage. So far, everyone guessed and wondered who has created the world famous dress.

Now, the designer has come forward and she is none other than folk artist Judit Lukács.

On the photo, she shows a variation of the actress' dress made for more formal occasions. The base is longer and an extra skirt was added to the top; but the pattern is the same said the folk artist.

Nicole Kidman is not the first celebrity that bought clothes from Judit Lukács: among others, Lady Diana († 36), Roger Moore (84) Melanie Griffith (55) also bought clothes from her.

“My daughter told me that she saw on television the actress wearing one of my dresses. I think somebody bought the dress for her in my shop. I designed this 'Kalocsa' paprika patterned dress and it is available only in my shop for more than twenty years in several variations,” said folk artist Judit Lukács (66), the owner of “Judit Folklore”.

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New facts came to light about the terrorist Gyurcsany regime, the defence minister ordered an investigation

The Defense Forces provided ammunition to riot police in the autumn of 2006 said the minister of defense. The ministry has ordered an urgent investigation in the case. According to retired criminal judge Miklós Völgyesi, police used so much ammunition on October 23, 2006 to bully the civilian population that the army had to fill up their supplies.

On October 23, 2006 the Police Security Service received 593 pieces of 40 mm grenades and nine pieces of 40 mm grenade launchers from the Army Armament Material Technical Supply Centre. The legal basis for the transfer is still unclear said the head of the ministry.

Defense Ministry press department said that the minister ordered a fact-finding investigation of the September 17 and December 31, 2006 period. The digging covers other military and police operations of the period as well. The investigation committee will release the results of the report to the public as soon as the investigation has been concluded said ministry officials.

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Tuva shaman performs cleansing ceremony in the Hungarian Parliament: let your country be stronger by the Holy Crown

A Tuva shaman performed a cleansing ceremony before the Holy Crown in the Hungarian Parliament for the prosperity and well-being of our country. Ojun Adigzsi See-Oglu's all ascendants have been shamans and this is his first trip abroad.

He had seen pictures about the Holy Crown before and now, he saw it in reality. After seeing the Holy Crown, he left the parliament as a new man. He revisited the assembly the second time when performed the cleansing ceremony.

What is shamanism, what is he doing in Hungary, how has he become shaman, what kind of religious holidays the Tuva people have and how those ceremonies relate to the ancient Hungarian religion – watch the video (in Hungarian) to find answers to those questions.

On March 25, at 5 pm shaman Ojun Adigzsi See-Oglu will perform a cleansing ceremony in the “Magyarok Háza” (Budapest, Semmelweis utca 1-3. Csontváry-hall). The shaman arrived in Hungary from the Tuva Republic, located in the Turanian Plateau in southern Siberia, as a guest of singer Éva Kanalas. On March 25, we see another shamanic ceremony, which parallels with ancient Hungarian religious and shamanic activities. Singer Éva Kanalas regularly visits the southern Siberian Republic of Tuva. Ojun Adigzsi See-Oglu's invitation to Hungary is the continuation of the 2011 research and film presentation project by the singer in the Republic of Tuva, which is part of the Russian Federation. In Arzsan village researchers have found exceptionally rich Scythian burial sites and identified the grave of a famous Scythian king. Shaman and healer Ojun Adigzsi See-Oglu has already performed sacrificial rites at the Scythian sanctuary that Éva Kanalas meticulously documented.

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About two hundred sympathizers greeted PM Viktor Orbán in Munich

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photo: Reuters

Sympathizers greeted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday in Munich at the Bavarian Economic Association headquarters. On the PM arrival, sympathizers sang the Hungarian national anthem and chanted slogans like "Viktor, Viktor," then gave flowers to the Prime Minister who personally greeted them.

Sympathizers carried Hungarian flags and signs such as "Viktor for Victory", "Long live Hungary" and "Viktor, we are with you all the way". In the name of Hungarians living in Germany Gábor Czibulás said to MTI that they came here to greet the prime minister. He added that the German media "launched a hostile campaign against Hungary and against the prime minister,". "We show to the German media that things are not as they would like to see they are" stressed Czibulás.

Photo: Reuters - Michaela Rehle

In the Bavarian Economic Association headquarters in Munich the prime minister said it is not the media where Hungary should win the battle, but in reality. We have only one friend in the world today, reality and facts. The Hungarian economy should succeed and results will come in due time said the prime minister before 300 invited guests adding that if the government's policy stands the test of reality results are inevitable and our good friend, reality will help us in the international arena as well.

The coming years will be a Hungarians success story. Hungarians are the best in desperate situations, because "when all appear hopeless they pull together". Orbán said we will rebuild the country and the following years will produce a Hungarian success story and that is what the international media will talk about.

(MTI –

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The banned documentary about Gypsy-Hungarian coexistence now available on Youtube

As we said earlier, agenda driven liberal elements posing as civilians pressured the MTV to remove the documentary from its program. Since then the film has been uploaded to Youtube and now it is available for viewing. (But who knows how long?)

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If anybody had any doubts about the nature of the EU: Strasbourg supports Bolshevik symbolism

The European Court of Human Rights and Justice ordered the Hungarian state to pay damages to János Fratanolo (see the photo) and pay the legal costs associated with the trial after the court rejected the Hungarian government's appeal in the case of wearing a totalitarian symbol by the former head of the Hungarian Workers' Party.

The court ruling made crystal clear that Hungary had violated János Fratanolo right of freedom of expression and ordered the Hungarian state to pay EUR 4,000 compensation to the former chief of the Hungarian Workers' Party and EUR 2,400 legal costs.

Fratanolo wore a red star button on his jacket on May 1, 2004 union event held in Pécs; he told to a local television station that he wore the red star to express his joy over Hungary's joining the European Union and as a sign of solidarity with the international workers' movement.

On March 6, 2008 Pécs City Court reprimanded the accused in the first instance for wearing a totalitarian symbol publicly. Fratanolo appealed the decision and as a result, the Baranya County Court threw out all charges against him on September 23, 2008. The prosecutor appealed the decision and Pécs City Court of Appeal found once again Fratanolo guilty of wearing a totalitarian symbol.

Fratanolo then challenged the Hungarian court's ruling at European Court of Human Rights and Justice in Strasbourg that in the final decision, cut the Gordian knot by dismissing all charges against him overruling the Hungarian criminal code that explicitly bans the wear of totalitarian symbols, which include both Nazi and Communist imagery.

(MTI –

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Insidious liberal forces intimidated Kossuth Prize winner dancer-choreographer Yvette Bozsik

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yvette Bozsik was about to take over as the head of the Trafo dance foundation on July 1, however, the Kossuth Prize winner dancer-choreographer informed Budapest Mayor István Tarlós that she withdraws her candidacy for the position due to intimidation and underhanded attacks by insidious liberal forces posing as civilians.

According to sources, the dancer has been attacked by covert elements that already controlling the Hungarian cultural scene, since the moment she applied for the position. The willing agents of the global slave masters attacked her professional reputation both in the local and international media as well as disseminated misleading information in domestic and international art circles about her professional credentials creating an undignified situation where creative work can't be maintained. Due to these circumstances, she was "not in the position to accept" the job said the artist.

Yvette Bozsik apologized to those artists who put their trust in her and those who hoped for the creation of a more open, more diverse and truly collaborative organization under her leadership says the statement.

On Tuesday, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós said to Info Radio that he believes that the Kossuth Prize winning dancer-choreographer has been intimidated by "a bunch of liberal insiders by cowardly attacking her in the back to the point when she came to the conclusion that her family life and her kids were more important than the position she applied for". Referring to Yvette Bozsik's letter the mayor noted that she was “liquidated” before she could occupy the office.

(Mho / / MTI –

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Jobbik calls on “Délvidék” Hungarians to vote for “Magyar Remény Mozgalom”

Jobbik presidency held talks with the leaders of the “Magyar Remény Mozgalom” (MRM) on Monday in Budapest. At a press conference following the meeting Gábor Vona called the upcoming Serbian provincial and national election on May 6 crucial. MRM is very much like Jobbik in Hungary composed of young people who is fighting an uphill battle against the compromised parties of “Délvidék” to represent the true interests of ethnic Hungarians in the province.

Jobbik fully supports the objectives of MRM program and calls upon all “Délvidék” Hungarians to vote for MRM, the only party genuinely interested in representing the interests of ethnic Hungarians in Serbia.

President László Bálint said the MRM runs independently to provide a truly national alternative to ethnic Hungarians in Serbia. The politician warned: despite the claims of the “Vajdasági Magyar Szövetség” (VMSZ), the property compensation law based on the principle of collective guilt still hasn't been amended by the Serbian parliament. A new law has been passed, however, it doesn't provide solution in a number of specific issues and still carries anti-Hungarian sentiments.

According to the President of the MRM, supporting Serbia EU membership was a mistake on the part of the Hungarian government. Hungary too should have attached conditions regarding the respect of minority rights in exchange for the Hungarian support as Romania did; unfortunately, this hasn't happened and Hungary missed yet another opportunity to effectively protect ethnic Hungarians' rights in “Délvidék”.

( –

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A documentary by László Pesty about Gypsy-Hungarian coexistence that liberal hate-mongers would like to ban

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The documentary is viciously attacked by liberal hate-mongers, fake gypsy rights activists and those who have an interest in the destruction of the Hungarian nation, who are using gypsies as a biological weapon to complete the finial project of wiping the country off the map. The murderous assault on the Hungarian nation is already in its advanced stages, as one of the assimilated gypsy intellectuals says in the film: Hungary is a Titanic that hit the iceberg. A must see for everybody interested in the truth and salvaging what little has remained from the country rather than believing the lies that the enemies of the nation disseminating in the controlled mainstream media both at home and abroad.

You can watch the video here!!!!!!
Length: 50 minutes
Language: Hungarian


Watch the video until it is available, because liberal-hatemongers have already started collecting petitions to ban the film. This brand of people obviously hate the age old maxim that every honest person holds dear to his heart -- Truth must withstand scrutiny; they simply ban what doesn't conform with their world view, which shows that they are liars.


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Crazy Nero (aka Ferenc Gyurcsany) and his band of crooks sent a complaining letter to the leaders of the European Council

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Democratic Coalition led by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany complained to the European Parliament fraction leaders and the Secretary-General of the European Council for not being allowed to form a faction in the Hungarian parliament.

The Vice-President of the Democratic Coalition Csaba Molnár released a statement Monday accusing the Orbán government of introducing a bill in parliament that is contrary to the constitution.

And this is the funniest part of the story. According to Molnár, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has “morbid fears” of Gyurcsany returning to power as the prime minister still considers Gyurcsany as his main opponent.

(Notes: We can be certain that the mentally deranged psychopath's friends in the European parliament and the European Council will use the letter as a pretext to launch yet another attack on Hungary)

(MTI –

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László Toroczkai: The national resistance revealed its new face

László Toroczkai's thank you letter to members of the Hungarian national resistance that took part in the March 15 events

First of all, I would like to thank those who were with us on March 15. The most important message of the day was that with proper organization and discipline, we are able to do anything, the Hungarian national resistance is still alive.

In recent years, it appeared that we can mobilize less and less people, but March 15 proved that there are still thousands of brave Hungarian men and women who had not been intimidated or chased out of the country and who haven't gotten tired of previous battles. We opened new fronts; by using social networking sites we started building new communities from the bottom-up; on the other hand, on March 15, we have shown that despite all police cordons and thousands of riot police the rulers of the world and those keeping our country under occupation are helpless if the people once rise and use their brain. The occupation of the IMF's headquarters was a symbolic act just as displaying the Hunnia flag on the former MTV building, where the 2006 national resistance was born. And, yes, this was an attention grabbing operation; in the one hand, we sent a message to the government and on the other, we broke through stonewalling and misinformation by the mainstream media. We also let the oppressed masses know that there are still people out there who are willing to fight. Besides Gyurcsany and his buddies who are engaged in treasonous activities, everyone hates the IMF and the banks. The flick, we have given to them on the national holiday, intended as a message not just those who were present, but also to ordinary people. We could have launched a second TV siege if we wanted to, but this hasn't happened because we have decided otherwise. The time is not yet ripe for that. This was only the beginning. For the final victory, there is a much bigger crowd is needed and the support of the majority of the Hungarian people.

I ask everyone to watch those sites where information about the March 15 action plan had been disseminated prior to the event; we intend to carry on with our plan but intelligently, which ultimately, leads to the liberation of Hungary.

László Toroczkai

( – translated by

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A gypsy poacher murdered a game warden with bestial cruelty

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Municipal Court of Pécs ordered the arrest of Marió P. who is allegedly shot and cut the throat of game warden László Balogh († 44) and seriously wounded his coworker László Lukács (22) on Friday, near Magyarlukafa. The court reasoned that there is a fair chance that the murder suspect might escape, go into hiding or destroy the evidence.

László Lukács' condition is stable but still serious. The young man's lung has been damaged but there is a good chance of a full recovery. So far, police haven't given any details about the murder -- they promise more information on Monday.

This is the location where the gypsy murdered the warden

Rumors are that the game wardens came upon a hunted deer and as a result, they started searching for the poacher. When found him, the gypsy poacher opened fire from a small caliber rifle hitting László Balogh at the chest. László Balogh didn't die right away and wanted to call police upon which the gypsy cut his throat. The other warden managed to escape and notify police that arrested the gypsy near the crime scene.

( –

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Csanád Szegedi: Hungary is under full-scale-attack by the European Union

MEP Csanád Szegedi urged his audience to prepare for self-sufficiency and self-reliance at a recent public meeting in a Komárom. "The European Union launched a full-scale-attack against Hungary with the intention to colonize the country as fast as possible," said the MEP.

The current economic crisis is not a natural phenomenon, but it has been planned with a specific aim in mind. The goal is to force poverty ridden Hungarians to sell their properties and other assets so that the colonization of our country can be sped up said the Jobbik politician.

There are similar considerations behind the strategy of moving gypsies into orderly neighborhoods -- as soon as a gypsy families moves in the neighborhood property values start dropping.

If things remains as they are now, we have to prepare for full scale riots to erupt in poverty ridden regions of the country. This is a scenario that we are openly discussing in party meetings. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted that what's happening in North Africa (the Arab spring) will eventually come to Europe said Szegedi.

Regarding foreclosures, Szegedi remarked that "a growing number of people have already realized that they have nothing more left to lose, because when people are evicted from their homes, there's really nothing to lose."

At the end of his speech, the Jobbik Vice-President urged his audience to prepare for the hard times, when food won't be readily available for months or if hyperinflation kicks in.

What happening now in Borsod county or Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county -- small groups of Gypsy criminals ripping off stores -- very easily can erupt into a full scale riot; we are at the point when a small spark can trigger a riot. That is why it is so important to have enough food supply -- rice, pasta, sugar ready for months -- so that when food shortages kick in families can survive for months warned the audience the Jobbik politician.

(ATV –

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The Hungarian Government expresses its condolences over the death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III

The Government of Hungary offered its deep condolences over the death of Coptic Church leader Pope Shenouda III in a press release by the prime minister's office.

The Egyptian Christian leader visited Hungary last year, at the invitation of the Hungarian government and took part in the St. Stephen day celebration, in the meantime consecrated the first Coptic church in Budapest.

The high priest met Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and held talks with Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen on August 20 in the parliament.

Since then the Coptic community has been recognized as an official church in Hungary says the communiqué.

( –

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New recruits of the Hungarian National Guard swore in at Heroes square

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The banned Hungarian National Guard inauguration ceremony started well after 11 o'clock due to machinations by police that wanted to disperse the gathering. However, the leaders of the national guard, probably by the advise of Jobbik's legal experts, outsmarted police by ordering new recruits to sit on the ground while listening the speeches as sitting doesn't violate the ruling specified as a form of military pattern by the court.

According to court's rulings, police officers can disperse a gathering if individuals wear a banned organization's uniform, move in military formation and repeat the words of their superiors.

About one hundred new recruits then silently swore in while kneeling on the ground. The National Anthem couldn't be sung because standing up while singing it would have given a reason to police to disperse the event.

Once again, the folk wisdom summed up in the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining” has been proven true, as the national guard swearing in took place while members kneeling on the ground, which has given a more solemn and dignified almost religious atmosphere to the ceremony.

Half an hour later the ceremony ended peacefully for the dismay of two dozens of liberal hatemongers showed up at the ceremony expecting a police action against the new recruits.

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