The designer of Nicole Kidman's “Kalocsa” style summer dress has been found

Friday, March 23, 2012

Not only the pattern, but it turned out that the designer and the creator of the famous actress's “Kalocsa” style dress is also Hungarian.

A few days ago, photos about the Oscar-winning actress wearing a beautiful Hungarian “Kalocsa” style summer dress at the airport gained widespread media coverage. So far, everyone guessed and wondered who has created the world famous dress.

Now, the designer has come forward and she is none other than folk artist Judit Lukács.

On the photo, she shows a variation of the actress' dress made for more formal occasions. The base is longer and an extra skirt was added to the top; but the pattern is the same said the folk artist.

Nicole Kidman is not the first celebrity that bought clothes from Judit Lukács: among others, Lady Diana († 36), Roger Moore (84) Melanie Griffith (55) also bought clothes from her.

“My daughter told me that she saw on television the actress wearing one of my dresses. I think somebody bought the dress for her in my shop. I designed this 'Kalocsa' paprika patterned dress and it is available only in my shop for more than twenty years in several variations,” said folk artist Judit Lukács (66), the owner of “Judit Folklore”.

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