Huge Rubik cube-shaped museum will be built in Budapest

Saturday, March 31, 2012

We would like to compile and exhibit Hungary's 1100 years of outstanding inventions and achievements in a museum that is scheduled to open in 2017, and destined to become a symbol of Budapest. The building has to be an inspiration to our grandchildren, and also become the symbol of the 21 century rebirth of the Hungarian nation said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after signing a letter of intent with Ernő Rubik the inventor of Rubik cube.

"We dreamed up something that soon becomes reality" said former Playboy editor in chief Péter Radnai who brainstormed the Rubic cube-shaped museum that destined to become a world famous Budapest landmark. There were two concepts that came to mind, football player Ferenc Puskás and the Rubik cube – both symbolize Hungarian success and creativity said Radnai.

Balázs Fürjes, government commissioner responsible for large investments in Budapest quoted Ernő Rubik: hard work always produces result. Then the politician quoted a dialogue from the movie Alice in Wonderland: we are here today because we want to advance along certain lines by following a concrete plan that ultimately takes as to the destination we have in mind, rather than just go somewhere, anywhere. "If Ernő Rubik approves the plan that the government also supports, then in the spirit of cooperation the structure can be realized” said the commissioner.

The Rubik cube embodies creativity, problem solving and playfulness. In 2014, the construction of the building can begin and in 2017, the museum can open its doors to the public. Until then, we have to define the exact function of the building. Among those involved in the project include festival organizers, mathematicians, engineers and restaurant owners. The government's goal is to create a pleasant "small-town atmosphere" around the structure.

The two most important questions that we have to answer: where should the building be erected and what kind of reconstruction needed in the surrounding area. Regarding the location, the Danube riverbank would be ideal, but this still needs to be discussed with city planners said the commissioner.

In 2013, an international architectural competition will be held; the best plan will be chosen by a jury of which Ernő Rubik will be a member.

Rubik said for him the idea is the most important thing in the world as nothing could be more fascinating when an indistinct notion develops into concrete reality. “In the cube the idea speaks that eventually may take the form of a museum " said Ernő Rubik.

PM Viktor Orbán recalled the moment when he was given the book discussing the possibility of building a cube-shaped structure in Budapest. In the mean time, I have been warned against working with the former editor of Playboy, Peter Radnai as we are from the opposite side of the political spectrum. However, in this instance working together is not a political question said the prime minister.

Speaking about Ernő Rubik, the prime minister remarked that he invented something that could be named only after him. Success is nothing more than a ticket for another challenge. The idea is to make the building busy, lively, fascinating and inspiring even for our grandchildren. Make this building the symbol of the 21 century rebirth of the Hungarian nation said the prime minister.

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Edward Stuart said...

I remember a Rubik's Cube monument next to the Hyatt Hotel on the banks of the Danube. It's not there anymore. Does anyone else remember this monument.
Edward Stuart, Chicago, Illinois USA

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