Jobbik parliamentarian Tamás Sneider starts patrolling the streets in the gypsy crime infested town of Kerecsend

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Police and the court practically abandoned the residents of Kerecsend to the mercy of gypsy criminals complained residents of the small town to Jobbik MP Tamás Sneider. Even when the culprit is known to police, officers let the criminals go as they afraid of arresting them.

When the criminals have been apprehended the complicit court release them a few hours later. Law enforcement agencies practically abandoned the small town allowing gypsy criminals to terrorize the population with impunity.

Thievery and home invasions are common occurrences in the town, even in broad daylight said the embittered residents to the Jobbik politician.

As the Fidesz government banned civilian organizations including the Hungarian Guard the population of Kerecsend fell prey to gypsy criminals.

At the end of the documentary, the Jobbik politician made an announcement: due to the inability of law enforcement agencies to protect the residents of the small town, the Jobbik politician starts patrolling the streets of Kerecsend by himself, hoping that with this action he might bring some relief to the beleaguered residents of the small town.



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