Hungarian delegation visited Előd Tóásó in Bolivian jail

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Hungarian delegation visited La Paz to investigate the case of Előd Tóásó who has been kept in jail without trial for three years. The delegation made up by Fidesz member of parliament Gergely Gulyás and the former head of the President Foreign Office, Márton Vajna said the Foreign Ministry Press Department on Sunday.

During the three-day trip they consulted several Bolivian politicians, diplomats and lawyers about the ongoing criminal proceedings against Tóásó.

The delegation also visited Tóásó in the jail and took part in a terrorism trial jury selection process.

At the third anniversary of Tóásó arrest the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement emphasizing that Hungary provides every conceivable assistance to the Hungarian citizen and demanding that Bolivian authorities provide transparent and impartial proceedings in the case. In addition, the statement calls upon the Bolivian government and judicial bodies to adhere to the Code of Criminal Procedure regarding the limit of the investigation and release Tóásó immediately.

In April 2009, Bolivian special forces dismantled an alleged terrorist group in Santa Cruz City; in the operation, Bolivian-Hungarian-Croatian citizen Euardo Rózsa-Flores, Hungarian national from Erdély, Árpád Magyarosi and Irish national Michael Dwyer were killed. Two members of the alleged terrorist group, Előd Tóásó and Mario Tádic have been arrested and kept in jail ever since.

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