Navracsics calls for Marian Cozma murder case review

Monday, May 14, 2012

Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics calls for the review of the Marian Cozma murder case after the court of appeal significantly reduced the murderers sentences. The minister of justice asked Péter Darák who is supervising judiciary proceedings to review the case as soon as possible learned MTI from the chief press secretary of the minster of justice on Monday.

Navracsics, in a television interview, stressed that as a minister of justice couldn't influence court's decisions; but he asked for an expert opinion whether the latter period's court decisions meet social expectations and follow appropriate rigor, especially in prominent cases, like the Cozma's murder case said the ministry's spokesman.

On February 8, 2009 MKB Veszprém handball player Marian Cozma was murdered by a gypsy gang in the Patriota night club; his fellow teammates Zarko Sesum and Ivan Pesic were critically injured in the brawl provoked by a group of gypsy criminals.

The court of appeal significantly reduced the three accused's sentences at the end of April. Sándor Raffael and Győző Németh life sentence were reduced to 18 years imprisonment, while Iván Sztojka 20 year sentence was reduced to 8 years imprisonment by a Bolshevik judge.

(Notes: The European Union takes the Hungarian government to court over the new legislation that lowers judges' retirement age to 62. As this sentence shows the Hungarian government has good reasons to cleanse the justice system of corrupt judges and stooges working for parasitic entities that are controlling the European Union. You just have to connect the dots and notice the pattern behind every EU action to understand who controls this corrupt organization and why controlling the justice system of EU member states is so important for these entities. Maintaining gypsy crime is a key issue for behind the scene forces – just as homosexuality and pornography – as the ethnic weapon is one of the most efficient tools in the hands of those who are in the business of destroying local communities in the name of multiculturalism. One way of encouraging gypsy crime is to tell criminals not to worry about the consequences of their actions. This explains why a seemingly insignificant issue like lowering retirement age for judges is so critical for those entities – they employ corrupt Bolshevik judges that have been trained to be loyal to the higher echelon rather than follow the law of the land. And of course, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to foresee the result of the European Court's decision when it comes to sentencing the Hungarian government.)

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