Parliament to label externally-funded NGOs as foreign agents

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Russian State Duma is pondering legislative amendments that would rename all NGOs that receive funding from abroad into ‘foreign agents’ with obligatory mentioning of this status in all media reports.

The suggested legislative changes would require that all NGOs registered within Russia but receiving money or property from foreign sources, state and private alike, be considered “foreign agents” once they get involved in political activities, one of the amendments’ initiators, United Russia State Duma deputy Aleksander Sidyakin, said.

The head of the anti-corruption committee of the Lower House, Irina Yarovaya, told the press that the bill with the amendments had already been submitted to parliament and she personally saw no obstacles to its adoption.

In press comments Sidyakin added that the new norms contain no obstructions to the NGOs work, but would require the full disclosure of their functions to Russian citizens. Speaking about the impetus behind the new bill, the MP cited international experience, saying that similar laws exist in such countries as the USA, France and Israel.

He added that NGOs would, in his opinion, favor the new regulations as they will be allowed to stop working underground and “disclose the true essence of their activities.” On the other hand, when Russian citizens see how many agents are working in their country, they will become more active in developing civil society on the basis of national sovereignty and the domestic interests of the Russian Federation.

Sidyakin also said that organizations’ participation in the political life would be determined not by their declared goals and activities, but by the actual facts of financing and organizing political events that can influence the state bodies and change their policy. Influencing public opinion for political goals will also be considered political activity, he added.

Once the amendments are approved, the mass media will be obliged to mention the foreign agent status in all reports and quotes from NGOs that are recognized as such. Such NGOs will also be put into a special register with a complete, obligatory audit every year. They will also have to publish reports on their activities every six months. Those organizations that fail to warn the state about their foreign funding could have their registration suspended.If the regulatory body tasked with overseeing such groups finds that their reports were false, the guilty NGO can be fined and its activities suspended for up to six months.

Sidyakin said that he expected the parliament to vote on the amendments in the current Spring Session so that the bill could come into force on January 1, 2013. [Emphasis added]


(Note: Another excellent idea from Russia to follow)

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“Who are attacking Hungary and why”

Friday, June 29, 2012

At the Wednesday's launch of the publication “Who are attacking Hungary and why” the authors of the book clearly stated that certain entities (meaning: behind the scene forces) wanted to stage a coup against elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in fall 2010.

"I'm not shy to say that there are a myriad of causes and effects, which point to that direction said one of the authors of the book László Gy. Tóth. He based his statement on a number of international declarations and remarks made by influential players in world politics in fall 2010. They called off the coup because a large segment of the population lined up behind the Orbán government.

Tóth said what we are witnessing in international politics today is the redivision of the world by global forces. In 1989 the bipolar world order came to an end, but those who believed that human history ends under U.S. dominance were greatly mistaken. Today, new powers (Brazil, Turkey, China, India) stepped on to the stage, and as a result, a new strategic situation emerged in world politics that few people could imagine before the collapse of the Soviet Union said the political scientist.

Hungary may be stuck once again between two great powers (Germany, Russia), which happened already in the past. Therefore, Tóth believes that the Orbán government was right when introduced the eastern partnership policy. It is absolutely essential for Hungary to develop long term friendly relations with Russia, Turkey, China and India said Tóth.

The other author of the book, Csaba Lentner pointed out that the European Union has become the world's most fragile economy -- Asia and the Americas are in much better shape. Lentner believes that Western Europe's American economic integration has already started, which significantly strengthened the regulatory role of the government in those countries. "Global economic competition is not under the control of the European Union anymore," said Lentner.

( –

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Picture of the day: Jobbik warns parents against the dangers of homosexual lifestyle

Jobbik's Budapest Branch displayed a sign over an overpass in downtown Budapest warning parents to watch out for their kids as ten thousand homosexuals invaded the city.

The sign says: 10.000 homosexuals arrived in the city, watch out for your kids!

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Police hermetically sealed all sporting facilities where gay events are held

After receiving threats, gay game organizers handed over all security procedures to police.

Due to lack of interest and the extremely tight security measures, the games are played in empty sports facilities.

Some of the foreign players are surprised seeing the tight security measures and the heavy police presence around buildings.

Last year, in Rotterdam there was no police at all, and no security checks, nothing; very strange, what's happening here, but I do not mind it, I feel safer behind police lines said one of the gay “athletes”.

According to sources, about ten thousand police officers take part in the security operation of protecting the games. Sections of the city closed off to traffic during the march of the athletes causing chaotic conditions at least one location, which is due to the fact that police didn't alert the public of traffic restrictions.

"Besides sports, the spectacle is primarily about meeting new people and socialize; also to try to raise public awareness of homosexuality by telling people that homosexuality is not an evil and reprehensible thing. More we talk about it, more likely that people accept it as normal," summed up the essence of the gay spectacle one of the Slovenian tennis players.

The sporting events are anything but serious competitions. For instance, during a soccer game lesbian players left the soccer field several times to remove their earrings. The match has been played without referee and after the game the first thing players have done smoke a cigarette showing once again that this event is not about sports, but rather to have fun.

Members of a Dutch woman soccer team have been resting near the fence in the Fáy street sporting facility. "We are here just for fun, not because of the games" said one of the players. "We love Budapest" said the others laughing, adding that they don't care whether they win or lose, this event is not about that. At home, we play soccer in the park and most of the team members know each other for twenty years. All Dutch team members agreed that the games will improve Hungary's reputation in the world.

The other site that hosts a gay competitions is the “Népliget” tennis court. Again, no spectators and the games are played without referee and scoreboard. The players themselves counting the scores. When one game ends a man shouts out loud who is the next to play. Organizers were rude to “” reporters that tried to ask questions about the quality of the competition. The game organizers said "We'll be sending out material to the press" then asked the reporter to stop taking pictures of the event.

One of the tennis players from Slovenia sitting under a tree watching his friend playing. In Slovenia, he works in an elementary school as a physical education teacher and his friend teaches English in Croatia. "All of my family members and friends know that I'm gay, but in the school I have to hide my sexual orientation, otherwise I would be fired immediately". The biggest problem in Slovenia is that people confuse homosexuality with pedophilia said the teacher.

"I don't want you to show my face in the photo. I work in Brussels for the European Commission and I don't want them to know that I'm gay," said an Irish woman who lives with her French partner; they just got married in Spain and already adopted a 15-month-old baby girl whose nationality is also French.

At the tennis court gay players promised that there won't be any wild partying during the four-day event. But it is not uncommon that participants fall in love with each other and leave the event as a new couple said one of the athletes.

( –

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Here comes the Nazi-meter - to measure the population's antisemitism level

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Commissioner responsible for good government, Levente András Gál discussed plans with American officials in Washington to develop a coordinated system that accurately measure antisemitic activities among the Hungarian population reporting

The commissioner met several American Jewish community representatives in Washington and asked their advise on the construction of a monitoring system that measures anti-Semitic and anti-minority phenomena in Hungary. The ministry's news release does not address the details of the negotiations and what were the political motives and who authorized the commissioner to negotiate with a foreign country's religious community.

The "good government commissioner” met among others with U.S. State Department officials responsible for Holocaust issues, as well with the deputy director of the State Department Hannah Rosenthal who is monitoring antisemitic activities in the United States, and who just a week ago, urged the Hungarian government to combat "antisemitism more efficiently".

In addition, the two sides reviewed the Hungarian government's efforts to rejuvenate Jewish organizations and institutions in the country.

The commissioner informed his partners about the ongoing efforts by the Hungarian government to build a monitoring system that will give an accurate picture about antisemitic and anti-minorty activities in the country, which meets international standards.

The commissioner indicated that the Hungarian government is willing to closely examine American experiences of antisemitism and ready to incorporate those findings into the Hungarian system that is currently under construction. In addition, the commissioner asked American officials to examine the possibility of shutting down Hungarian web sites hosted on US based servers, and disseminating anti-Semitic content in Hungary.

( -

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Sister city agreement was signed between Budapest and Beijing

Sister city agreement was signed in Beijing by Budapest Mayor István Tarlós and Beijing Mayor Kuo Chin-Lung on Monday. "Friendly relations between the two countries are very important for the Hungarian government, and Budapest wants to contribute to this process by this agreement" said Tarlós after the signing ceremony.

Both sides worked hard to hammer out this agreement; it embraces areas like environmental protection, education, culture, media and trade said Tarlós.

Beijing is a big developing city of twenty million inhabitants facing major environmental hazards. That's why the environmental component has been incorporated into the document explained the mayor, adding that cooperation initially, will focus on education and culture. "We would like to host Chinese orchestras and organize art exhibitions and of course, we also would like to come to China and do the same," said the mayor.

Tarlós pointed out that Budapest Municipal Assembly unanimously supported the agreement and Budapest intends to fill the agreement with content.

Tarlós first met Kuo-Chin Lung in July last year, when the two politicians decided to raise cooperation between the two capitals to a higher level. Tarlós also received an invitation to the Beijing forum attended by more than a dozen city mayors.

( –

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Hundreds watched the charity soccer game when PM Viktor Orbán collided with a young female soccer player

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán fell to the ground after colliding with a female soccer player at a charity match. The prime minister played in the old boy's team against the Csanyi Foundation junior team when the accident happened. The old boy's team made up, among others by President János Áder and the star soccer player of the seventies, Tibor Nyilasi.

After the match, the girl apologized to the prime minister for causing the accident, but Orbán calmed her down by saying, don't worry I have four daughters, I got used to collisions.

( –

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The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér is no longer welcomed in Jerusalem [UPDATED]

The speaker of Israeli Parliament Reuven Rivlin notified László Kövér, the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament that he was no longer welcomed in Jerusalem, at the Wallenberg Memorial Conference scheduled for July due to his attendance at “Nazi-sympathizing” literary figure József Nyirő's re-burial memorial service held in Székelyudvarhely, Erdély.

There is a prelude to this incident; last week, Elie Wiesel, the icon of Holocaust survivors returned a Hungarian prize he won in 2004 to protest against Nyirő's re-burial and the ongoing revaluation of Horthy's role in Hungarian history.

Not surprisingly, the very same people that have been slandering novelist József Nyirő for his support of the Horthy and Szálasi governments forget to apply the same standards when discussing György Lukács's intellectual heritage; perhaps not everybody knows that Lukács served as a People's Commissar for Education and Culture in the first Bolshevik terrorist government in 1919. Despite this fact, Lukács is being taught as one of the foremost literary theorists of our time at most western universities.

"You chose to participate in this event and openly declare your solidarity with a person whose party, within the Government of Hungary, cooperated with the German Nazi murderers in realizing their program to annihilate the Jewish People," Rivlin wrote.

Rivlin added, "anyone who participates in such an event cannot possibly then take part in an event to honor a man like Raoul Wallenberg, a beacon of humanity, who saved Jews, who is a symbol of the struggle against Nazi Germany and its collaborators, one of whom you chose to identify with and pay homage to."

( –

The chief of staff of the Hungarian parliament László Veres said to MTI that László Kövér hasn't received any kind of official notice from the speaker of the Israeli parliament, which indicating that he was not welcomed in Jerusalem.

If such a letter indeed has been written, it is beside the point as Kövér has indicated to his Israeli counterpart in advance that due to other duties, he won't be able to attend the Raoul Wallenberg conference and Hungary will be represented by President János Áder.

In the mean time, Hungarian Jewish organizations unleashed a wide scale attack against the Hungarian government demanding the removal of several literary figures from the National Curriculum.

József Nyírő, István Sinka, Dezső Szabó and Albert Wass were anti-Semites; the four writers' spread hatred against Jews and can't be allowed to become part of an integral national educational system said the statement issued by several Jewish Organizations. They called upon the Orban government to immediately review the national core curriculum.

The outraged Jews find it unacceptable that the Hungarian parliament played a role and its president took part in József Nyírő's re-burial because he supported those forces that killed Jews; they also oppose the attempt to present these writers as role models for Hungarian youth said the statement of the Jewish organizations.

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The noose is getting tighter around European nation-states' neck

The nation-states of Europe must form a Federal State and the European Commission should be transformed into a government with elected representatives, according to German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

In an interview with Der Spiegel Schäuble urged Eu member states to relinquish significant chunks of their sovereignty to Brussels in order to create a strong European federal state.

Until now, always the member states that have had the last word, which can not remain so in the future. The European Union should be restructured so that the nation-states can't block its decisions anymore said the Minister to Der Spiegel on Monday.

In the first stage, Schäuble wants to eliminate national control over finance, foreign and security portfolios. Initially, the transition would be introduced into the Euro-zone countries, but the door needs to be left open for others to join in due time -- federal structure should operate as an “open club” said the German finance minister.

(Notes: Elected representatives? How these people would be elected? Who will nominate them? What would be the election turnout threshold for a valid election? People of Europe hate the EU and owe no allegiance to this phantom state. Most people consider the European Union as a colonial organization – for most Europeans, the European Union is like the U.S. for American Indians. It is hard to imagine at this point in time that more than 5-10 percent of the population of Europe would bother to vote in an European election, unless they make it mandatory; would that be enough to give legitimacy to elected officials? Or who cares, as far as the veneer of democracy is maintained.)

( –

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Jobbik MEP Csanád Szegedi has Jewish ancestry

The campaign to eliminate Jobbik from the Hungarian political arena has shifted into higher gears. By using secrete service methods, the enemies of the nation dug up data about MEP Csanád Szegedi's Jewish ancestry, which he himself was not aware of until very recently.

Szegedi's grandmother, Magdolna Klein was deported to Auschwitz in June 1944. After returning from the camp, she married to Orthodox Jew, Imre Meisels who died in the '80s. Szegedi's grandmother is still alive.

Jobbik representative of the European Parliament has been elected as the party's Borsod-Abaúj-county party chairman with 93% support on Sunday.

Here is an interview with Csanád Szegedi in which he is discussing the latest developments in the case. It is in Hungarian, but later, as time permits, I will make a summary of it in English for those don't understand Hungarian; until use the Google translator.

Szegedi's family tree

Szegedi Csanád az ellene zajlott karaktergyilkosságról

Az elmúlt hónapokban sok esemény történt a Jobbik a háza táján. Kiváltképp sokminden történt Szegedi Csanád, a Jobbik EP-képviselője körül, nem éppen pozitív előjellel. Az elmúlt hetekben pedig több dokumentum lett megszellőztetve a világhálón, amely Szegedi Csanád felmenői között zsidókat vél felfedezni. A lejáratási kísérletek ellenére június 24-én a B-A-Z megyei jobbikos küldöttek 93 százalékos többséggel megyei elnöknek választották. Szerkesztőségünk úgy látta jónak, hogy mielőtt hitelt adnánk a feltételezéseknek, megkeressük egy interjú erejéig az érintett személyt.

- Nem könnyű beszélgetés elé nézünk, mert a szálak meglehetősen össze vannak kuszálódva a külső szemlélő számára. Számunkra viszont az igazság kiderítése a fontos. Hol kezdjük? Egyáltalán mi folyik itt?

- Mindig tudtam, hogy a politika útja nemcsak sikerekkel és éljenzéssel van kikövezve, hanem sok buktatóval, rosszindulattal és ármánykodással is. Ennek ellenére 2003-ban elindult egy maroknyi kis csapat Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom néven, hogy a magyarság ügyét felvállalja. Ez a maroknyi kis csapat orkán erejű ellenszélben összetartással, elvakult hittel, hihetetlen mennyiségű munkával és sok szerencsével elérte 2010-re, hogy a nemzeti radikalizmus Magyarországon parlamenti erő legyen méghozzá jelentős frakcióval, és 2012-re bebizonyosodjon, hogy a nemzeti radikalizmus kormányzati szintre való emelése ne csak álom legyen. A Jobbik ellen az elmúlt években bevetettek mindent: címlapokon hirdették rólunk, hogy nácik, fasiszták és szélsőségesek vagyunk. Ezek a támadások nem jártak sikerrel, mert egy mozgalom, párt egységesen ellen tud állni. A rendőrök sem úgy rontanak rá egy tüntető tömegre, hogy körbezárják őket és mindenkit egyszerre ütnek-vernek, hanem először kiemelik a főkolomposokat, majd oszlatnak. Ez történt a Magyar Gárdával is és most így akarják a Jobbik ellenfelei titkosszolgálati segítségekkel szétverni a Jobbikot, mint a nemzeti oldal zászlóshajóját. Azzal kezdték, hogy az országos elnökség tagjait szerették volna összeugrasztani, de ez nem sikerült mert az elmúlt évek közös politikai lövészárokban való harcunk összekovácsolt minket. Nem maradt más választásuk csak, hogy kipécézzenek személyeket és karaktergyilkosságot követnek el vele szemben. Velem szemben immár másfél éve egy ilyen karaktergyilkossági kísérlet zajlik, komoly titkosszolgálati segédlettel, de meg kell érteni, hogy nem én vagyok a fő célpont, hanem tulajdonképpen Vona Gábor, maga a párt és ezen keresztül a magyar ügy. Ezt azonban úgy tudják csupán elérni, ha először a párt elnökének támaszait "levadásszák".

- Nézzük a konkrét ügyeket. Volt Vona - Szegedi ellentét?

- Soha! Gábor nemcsak pártvezetőként, hanem emberileg is kiváló tulajdonságokkal rendelkezik. Egy igazi harcostárs, egy őszinte barát, mindig legjobb tudásom szerint fogom segíteni az Ő munkáját.

- Meg sem fordult a fejedben, hogy aspirálj az elnöki székre?

- Önmagában a felvetés is logikátlan. Én az Európai Parlamentben politizálok és közben segítem a pártépítést, a jövőmet is így tervezem tovább az elkövetkezendő évekre. Komoly felelőtlenség lenne még belegondolni is, hogy valaki Brüsszelből vagy Strasbourgból irányítson elnökként egy országos szervezetet. Egy alapszervezetet lehet, még talán egy megyét is reményeim szerint, de egy jelentős országos szervezetet nem hinném. Ennek híresztelése rosszindulatú provokáció volt, hogy bizonytalanságot keltsen az emberekben személyemmel kapcsolatban, és szembe fordítsanak kettőnket, ami természetesen nem járt sikerrel.

- Mit szólsz azokhoz a körlevelekhez, amelyek zsidóként aposztrofálnak?

- A jelzőt nem tartom pontosnak, mert ezt szerintem egyetlen normális ember sem állította. Én 11 éve kezdtem az aktív politizálást a nemzeti oldalon, 2003 óta vagyok a Jobbik tagja és az elmúlt 6 évben a párt országos alelnöke voltam. Nem emlékszem olyan politikai megmozdulásomra amelyre valaki is azt mondta volna, hogy ez hazaárulás lenne vagy nem a magyarság érdekét szolgálná. Gyermekkorom óta nemzeti, keresztyén neveltetésben részesültem. Édesapám fafaragó népi iparművész, aki rengeteg fejfát, emlékművet, tulipános ládát faragott. Kicsi gyerekkorom óta ismerem a magyar népi motívumokat, az úgynevezett rendszerváltás után az első adandó lehetőséget megragadva református gimnáziumba írattak és a diplomámat is református egyetemen szereztem. Magyarul nem hinném, hogy bárki is jogos alappal kételkedhetne az én politikai tevékenységem őszinte magyarság iránti elkötelezettségében. Nem azt tartom valódi vízválasztónak, hogy ki a legtisztább fajú magyar, mert sohasem az számított a Kárpát-medencében, hogy ki a színtiszta magyar eredetű személy, hanem hogy ki hogyan viszonyul a magyarság ügyéhez. A magyarság mindig vállalást jelentett és nem valami faji felsőbbrendűséget. Viszonylag kevés azon embereknek a száma Magyarországon, akiknek nincsen egyáltalán román, szlovák, szerb, német, ruszin, zsidó, bunyevác, bolgár, lengyel... stb. elődje. Számomra nemrégen derült ki, hogy vannak a felmenőim között zsidó származású emberek is. Hát ez aztán a nagy story.

- Milyen volt szembesülni azzal, hogy a felmenőid között voltak zsidók is?

- Nem egy jobbikos politikust lezsidóztak már az elmúlt években. Gondoljunk csak például Posta Imre őrültségeire. Még Vona Gáborról is megjelentettek különböző hamisítványokat. Ezek után én elengedtem a fülem mellett az ilyen kijelentéseket. Azt már megtudtam 2011 decemberében, hogy a nagymamámat egy gyermektelen vidéki zsidó házaspár nevelte fel. Ezt én meg is írtam a "Hiszek Magyarország Feltámadásában" című könyvem önéletrajzi részében. Majd az országos tisztújítás után jöttek azok a körlevelek, amelyek különböző anyakönyvi kivonatok fényképeivel kívánták bizonyítani, hogy nekem zsidó felmenőim is voltak. Ezzel sem az volt a probléma, hogy igaz -e vagy sem, hanem ocsmány módon volt tálalva és tele volt amúgy is hazugságokkal. Na de ezek után több telefont is kaptam, és azt kérdezték, hogy igazak lehetnek -e ezek a bizonyítékok? Pár nap múlva utánajártam a dolgoknak és kiderült az, amiről a szüleimnek sem volt előtte tudomása: vannak zsidó származású felmenőim is. Azonban egyáltalán nem abban a formában, ahogy ez a lejárató körlevelekben szerepelt. A többi felmenőimhez hasonlóan nekik is tisztes állásuk volt. Volt köztük cipész, gazdatiszt, molnár, tehát teljesen átlagos emberek voltak, akik nagyrészt asszimilálódtak. Ez egyáltalán nem volt ritka, 100 évvel ezelőtt Magyarországon egymillió zsidó élt, akik magyarnak vallották magukat, és nem lehet azt mondani, hogy mindegyikőjükkel gond lett volna. Nem mondom azt, hogy nem döbbentettek meg ezek az új információk, valószínűleg még jó időnek kell eltelnie, hogy leülepedjenek bennem a történések.

- Mit szólnak ehhez a jobbikos tagtársaid, aki finoman szólva is szkeptikusan állnak a zsidóság kérdésköréhez?

- Nagyon sok jobbikos barátommal, harcostársammal beszéltem erről a személyemet érintő kérdésről és nem igazán érdekelte őket érdemben. Persze most ez jó kis csamcsognivaló, de két dologban biztos vagyok. Egyrészt én ugyanaz a Szegedi Csanád vagyok, mint aki voltam eddig is, még a zsidóságról alkotott véleményem sem változott meg. A "Hiszek Magyarország Feltámadásában" című könyvemben van egy olyan fejezet, hogy "zsidókérdés", ahol több oldalon kifejtem a gondolataimat ezzel a témakörrel kapcsolatban és a leírtakkal maximálisan azonosulok természetesen ezek után is. Az én célom, hogy a Jobbik minél jobb eredményt érjen el és ezzel a magyarság sorsa az épülés felé forduljon. Másrészt viszont van egy alappillérünk, amely úgy szól, hogy az "igazság szabaddá tesz" ezért és emberi okokból sem fogom egyik felmenőmet sem megtagadni senki kedvéért sem. Én a nagymamámat úgy szeretem ahogy van, lehetne tőlem akár afrikai menekült is. Ezt az egész dolgot őszintén elmondtam a hétvégén a megyei küldötteknek is még a megválasztásom előtt, hogy ennek tudatában hozhassák meg a döntésüket.

- Azt olvashattuk, hogy 92 százalékos többséggel lettél megválasztva B-A-Z megyei elnöknek. Tudjuk, hogy nem volt az elmúlt időszakban felhőtlen a hangulat a megyében. Hogy látod a megye helyzetét jobbikos szempontból?

- Nagyon hosszú idő után végre olyan megyei választmányunk volt, amely jó hangulatban, egyetértésben zajlott le. Eddig is azt mondtam, hogy a megyei tagság 80 százaléka teljesen egységes, és ezt bizonyítják a számok is. 57 küldöttből 53 szavazott igennel a személyemre, 2 személy tartózkodott és 2 küldött szavazott nemmel. Ezen felül minden alelnököt 90 százalék fölötti többséggel szavaztak meg a küldöttek. Ez megnyugtató legitimitást jelent az elkövetkezendő évekre. Tisztában vagyok azzal, hogy a B-A-Z megyei eredmények országosan is befolyásolja a Jobbik eredményét, ezt az ellenfeleink is tudják, nem véletlenül vetettek be titkosszolgálati eszközöket a megyei munka megzavarására. Az elkövetkezendő időszak a békéről, az összefogásról és a munkáról fog szólni. A hangulatkeltők, provokátorok szedhetik a sátorfájukat. Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megyében tragikus a helyzet a magyarság szempontjából, sajnos úgy látom, hogy a megye bizonyos területei már el is vesztek. Ezért a mi feladatunk, hogy 2014-ben a Jobbik átvegye a megye politikai irányítását és felszámolva a cigánybűnözést, munkahelyeket teremtve, a termelést beindítva rendet tegyünk. Erre a feladatra a Jobbiknak szervezetileg és szakmailag is fel kell készülnie.

- Mikor indul el a Jobbik megyei munkája és mik lesznek az első lépések?

- A megválasztásom utáni perctől elindult a munka és a 2014-es választásokra való felkészülés. Még a megyei tisztújítás napján régi jobbikos tagokból újjáalakult Sajószentpéteren, Edelényben, Ózdon a Jobbik alapszervezetek. Sajóvelezden és Arlón a felfüggesztés megszűnésével 1-2 napon belül újra kezdheti a munkát a helyi jobbikos tagsága, akik már a mai napon is szórják a Hazai Pályát. Az én tervem az, hogy úgy forduljunk rá a választás célegyenesére, hogy a megyében 100 aktív szervezetünk működjön és ezt egyáltalán nem látom lehetetlennek. Ki szeretném építeni a megyében a kabinetrendszert, amely biztosítani fogja a megfelelő szakmai háttért a munkánkhoz. A belső kommunikáció fejlesztésének jegyében a megyei elnökség rendszeresen járni fogja az alapszervezeti és választókerületi üléseket, hogy minél nagyobb egység alakulhasson ki. Nagyon bizakodó vagyok, tele optimizmussal.

- Mikor kezdődik a szünet az Európai Parlamentben és mit tervezel a nyárra?

- Az EP-ben július közepén kezdődik egy bő hónapos szünet, de addig még lesz plenáris ülés, amit mindig nagyon várok. A megyei munkákat is el kell indítani átfogóan, de a nyarat alapvetően a családomnak szentelem. A családi vakáció mellett nagyon készülünk a gyermekeink megkeresztelésére, ugyanis mind a két kisfiamat Székelyföldön ugyanabban a református templomban fogják megkeresztelni, ahol anno engem is megkereszteltek. Csak hab a tortán, hogy a gyermekeinket az az erdélyi lelkész fogja megkeresztelni, aki egyben az én keresztapám is.

( – -

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2012 Gay Games kicks off July 27 in Budapest, welcoming posters went up in the neighborhood of the sport facilities

Monday, June 25, 2012

As the opening ceremony approaching, patriotic groups decorated the walls of sports facilities and other buildings in the area with signs that reminding participants of the gay festival of the importance of civilized behavior.

The gay Games have been forced upon the country by forces that run the gay agenda worldwide. As expected, the Hungarian government gave in to the pressure and now, it is hoping that the country gets over it as quickly as possible without inviting the anger of those that are tormenting the country on several other fronts.

The spectacle will be mostly a foreign affair with very little Hungarian participation, which might include the service personnel and the operators of the sports facilities.

( -

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Race Across America update: Both Hungarian athletes crossed the finish line

Tamás Járvás came in fifth and Ferenc Szőnyi fourteenth. It took 11 days, 10 hours and 3 minutes for Szőnyi to complete the 3,000-mile bike race.

The last day began at half past four in the morning and two o'clock at night Szőnyi hit the finish line, while pedaling 250 miles. "He was in excellent mood today; he had tons of positive experiences as well while crossing America. The last day, we got a little bit of rain, but despite this Szőnyi pedaled with determination even if mentally and physically tired," said one of the members of Szőnyi's support team Péter Pájtli.

( –

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Natasa Janics-Douchev wins two gold medals at the European Kayak and Canoe Flatwater Championships in Zagreb

Sunday, June 24, 2012

(Photo:Tumbász Hédi)

After winning K2-500 with Katalin Kovács, Natasa Janics-Douchev also won the K1-200 m race at the European Kayak and Canoe Flatwater Championships ahead of Marta Walczykiewicz of Poland and Teresa Portela of Portugal.

K–1 200 m
1. Douchev-Janics Natasa (Hungary) 39.372
2. Marta Walczykiewicz (Poland) 39.652
3. Teresa Portela (Portugal) 40.376

Other results:

K–2 500 m
1. Kovács Katalin, Douchev-Janics Natasa (Hungary) 1:38.704
2. Volha Hudzenka, Marina Pautaran (Belarus) 1:39.144
3. Karolina Naja, Beata Mikolajczyk (Poland) 1:39.292

C–2 500 m
1. Takács Kincső, Lakatos Zsanett (Hungary) 2:07.878 p
2. Katyerina Herasimenka, Svetlana Tulupava (Belarus) 2:09.510
3. Natalja Ziljuk, Darja Motova (Ukraine) 2:16.062

K–1 5000 m
1. Csay Renáta (Hungary) 22:46.576 p
2. Eva Barrios (Spain) 23:00.888
3. Katrin Wagner-Augustin (Germany) 23:01.440

K–1 500 m
1. Katrin Wagner-Augustin (Germany) 1:49.300 p
2. Kozák Danuta (Hungary) 1:49.948
3. Spela Ponomarenko Janic (Slovenia) 1:51.252

( -

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Festival Boreal: Detailed info including the up-to-date program

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Programs are continually updated (the order of performers is
subject to change)!

Boreal Festival

July 10 (Tuesday)

13:00 Opening Ceremony - Opening speech by László Toroczkai

- Demonstration of Medieval warfare in Western Europe

- A talk on the Croatian War of Independence with invited veterans

- Oriental martial arts demonstration with original 650 year old samurai swords
(Performs by Gábor Molnar double World Champion, European Champion bronze medalist and six-time Hungarian Champion)

Concerts: B O - Tribute (debut), Kategorie C (Germany -, Vanguard (Hungary)

July 11 (Wednesday)

- Morning: Working Groups (audience can join in with ideas)

- Interactive programs (dance, traditions)

- European Round Table discussion (with Polish, Croatian, Italian, Flemish,
Spanish, Bulgarian, Swedish, etc.. participants)

Part 1. 13:00 to 14:30

Equestrian Program

Part 2. 15:30 to 17:00

- Closing Ceremony

17:00 Wine tasting

Concerts: Saga (Sweden -, Invasion (Poland -; Tormentia (Poland -, Palmetta
(Hungary -

Magyar Sziget

July 12th (Thursday: The day of Nationalist Rock)

King Attila main stage:

14:00 A Talk by Gábor Vona and Tibor Imre Baranyi

15:30 What is Hungarian music? (László Waszlawik and his guests talk about Hungarian music)

Hamvas Béla lecture hall:

11:00 Róbert Horváth: right-wing policy and religion

15:00 “Sin City”, the Szent Korona Rádió radio political magazine --live

16:30 Wine tasting

Concerts: Kárpátia (, Historica (, Dobogókő (

July 13 (Friday - Day of Martial Arts)

09:30 Excursion to Zebegény Trianon memorial with Dr. Tibor Varga

Hamvas Béla lecture hall:

13:00 Zsolt Tyirityán

King Attila main stage:

11:00 András Siklósi: In the jaws of death – The rebirth of Hungary

13:00 Jr. László Tompó: The battles of the Szekely Divisions in Erdély

15:30 Martial Arts demonstrations: The Hun-Japanese-Hungarian continuity, as well as, original eastern martial arts demonstration with 650 year-old samurai swords (Performs by Gábor Molnar double World Champion, European Champion bronze medalist and six-time Hungarian Champion)

16:15 Real life martial arts competition with, national, European and world
champion fighters (MMA, K1)

Concerts: Csillagsólyom (, Radical Hungary (, Fejbőr, Titkolt Ellenállás (

July 14 (Saturday, National Policy Day)

Hamvas Béla lecture room:

13:00 István Varga

15:00 Jr. László Tompó: József Nyirő, one of the greatest writers of Székely

King Attila main stage:

11:00 National Policy Roundtable ( Gyula Zagyva, István Szávay, László Bálint)

12:00 Attila Grandpierre

14:00 Dr Tamás Gaudi-Nagy: Life after the "revolution": It still
hasn't happened.

15:00 Z. Kárpát Dániel

16:00 Dr. Tibor Varga

17:00 Press Club (László Toroczkai, András Siklósi, Adrián Magvasi, Sándor
Pörzse, Z. Kárpát Dániel)

Concerts: Ismerős Arcok (, Romantikus Erőszak (, Waszlavik (

July 15 (Sunday - Family Day)

Sunday is FREE! (Donations are accepted)

All children in Magyar Sziget receive a gift on this day; families with
children can participate in raffle, the main prize is a trip to Erdély!

9:00 Ecumenical Family Worship

10:00 Dr. Imre Téglásy president of the Alfa Association Demographics! (The
lecture is combined with slide show)

11:00 A talk by László Bogár

12:00 Quizzes, various child and family programs, dance

15:00 Fun atmosphere, family excursions in the surrounding hills, trail reading
with a knowledgeable tour guide

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London 2012: The Hungarian team takes the Olympic oath in the Palace of Arts

The Hungarian team took the Olympic oath in Friday's gala event held at the Palace of Arts. The athletes' oath was pronounced by swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos, water polo player Tamás Kásás and paralympic athlete Gyöngyi Dani.

The London Olympics will start in 35 days and the Hungarian athletes are ready for the challenges.

In his welcoming address the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Zsolt Borkai said everybody who is part of the Hungarian Olympic Team has already proven his/her athletic excellence.

László Kövér, the Speaker of the House thanked to all who helped putting the Olympic team together that will represent Hungary at the London Summer Games.

After the ceremony, three-time Olympic champion water polo player Tamás Kásás tied PM Viktor Orbán's gift – a memorial ribbon – to the Olympic flag.

( – Photos: Huszti István /Index –

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Hungarian-Chinese economic relations continue to expand

At the invitation of the first secretary of Inner Mongolia Hu Chunhua, a Fidesz delegation visited China in the second week of June.

The delegation that is headed by Andor Nagy also included István Jakab and three members of the Hungarian-Chinese parliamentary committee Zsolt Zalán-Csenger, Péter Cseresnyés and Attila Gruber as well as Fidesz foreign affairs secretary Zsigmond Perényi. The delegation met Hu Chunhua in Inner Mongolia's capital Hohhot.

Hu will have a good chance to be elected into the committee that makes up the nine most important political leaders of China at the fall election.

The Fidesz delegation also visited one of the most rapidly developing Chinese cities, Chongqing and met the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Body (which is considered China's upper house of parliament) Wang Zhizhen in Beijing.

The purpose of the visit is to promote economic relations between Hungary, Inner Mongolia and Chongqing. Bilateral relations between China and Hungary have been flourishing and the visit further enriches the already friendly relations between the two countries.

( –

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Professor Michelangelo Naddeo's lecture in Budapest

Friday, June 22, 2012

Italian scholar Michelangelo Naddeo delivers a lecture on June 22 in Budapest about his latest book summing up ten years of research on ancient Hungarian history. The book will be published at the end of this month, in Hungarian and English.

The summary of the book can be downloaded from HERE!

Here are some of the topics the professor discussing in the book:


The markers of the HUNGARIAN CULTURAL DNA.
The migrations from Pannonia to VOLGA KAMA, PAZYRYKIA, AND LINZI (China).
THE FINNS and the Amber Road: a Hungarian migration to Lusatia and later on to Finland.
THE HUNGARIAN DIASPORA to Greece, Celto-Pannonia, Pannon-Iberia, Britannia, Pazyrykia and Arsia.
Archaeological evidence of the Hungarian migrations to the TARIM BASIN and back home.
THE SILK ROAD from 2000 B.C. to the Tang Dynasty.
HONFOGLALÁS (2nd c. B.C. – 895 A.D.).
Hungarian Alanians in the IN AFRICA.
AVARS and Late Avars.
Genetics: wherever Hungarian archaeology has been found, there lies R1a1a. R1a1a IS NOT INDO-EUROPEAN.
THE HUNS WERE CHINESISED MONGOLS, who had enslaved Hungarian Alans of the Kingdom of Alania (North Ossetia, Caucasus).
MATRIARCHALISM in the Americas.
LINGUISTICS and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


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A group of American congressmen calling upon PM Orbán to denounce Jobbik for its alleged antisemitic and anti-gay policies

A group of American congressmen wrote a letter to PM Viktor Orbán (by misspelling his name calling him Victor rather than Viktor) calling for the denunciation of Jobbik for its alleged antisemitic and anti-gay policies.

The signatories attack Jobbik's presidential candidate Krisztina Morvai for allegedly calling Jews as "lice-infested, dirty murders" (I've never heard Krisztina Morvai saying anything like that. This claim, probably, is based on disinformation and character assassination plot by her enemies that can't forgive her for deserting the liberal camp and joining the patriotic movement. By the way, her ex-husband is Jewish and her three daughters have half Jewish blood so to speak even if they are technically not Jewish because their mother is Christian) and supposedly warned them that "your kind's time is over".

Furthermore, the letter writers pointing out that Jobbik has been promoting the myth that Jews used "Christian blood in religious rites".

The American congressmen especially outraged by the fact that Jobbik considers homosexuality a perversion and the party wants the gay director of the Hungarian National Theater, Robert Alfoldi fired from his position. (Notes: The truth is that Jobbik position on homosexuality is intentionally distorted in order to use the issue against the party. Jobbik always said homosexuality belongs to the bedroom rather than to the street and the party wants Robert Alfoldi out not because he is gay, but because the director uses art as a pretext to defame Hungary's past. For instance, in one of his directions about Trianon, Hungarian soldiers are masturbating over the map of historical Hungary).

The signatories said "These positions have no place in civilized discourse and must not be allowed to go unchallenged, particularly in light of reports by the U.S. Department of State and the Anti-Defamation League that anti-Semitic rhetoric is increasing in Hungary".

You can read the letter here!

( –

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MEP Mario Borghezio and journalist Daniel Estulin talk about the hidden hand behind the European Union

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Picture of the day: World champion swimmer, László Cseh tries on the new Olympic outfit

Thursday, June 21, 2012

“I like the outfit a lot, it is very comfortable, elegant and all pieces carry “Kalotaszegi” folk motifs. I think the Hungarian team will look good in London” said Cseh.

The collection also includes a raincoat adapting to the English climate.

( –

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Joke of the day: Gypsies as potential labor force

Laughter is proven strengthen your immune system

According to the Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog, sooner or later the European Union will consider Central and Eastern European gypsies as potential labor force.

At the EU member states social affairs ministers meeting in Luxembourg, the Hungarian minister stressed that with proper training, gypsies can be used as substitute work force for positions that currently filled by foreign "imported" employees.

Supposedly, Bolog's creative suggestion received interesting reactions from several of his colleagues, among others from German labor minister Ursula con der Leyen who pointed out that the European Union should allocate more funds for training and better integration of gypsies in European societies so that in time, they can be hired to do more sophisticated jobs as well.

(MTI - edited by

The following video introducing a sophisticated Gypsy founded export-import company specializing in the sheep industry

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Day 6: Race Across America – update

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More than six days into the Race and about 2 thousand kilometers still to go athletes are getting increasingly tired and as a result, they take longer rests. They need at least 3-4 hours of sleep a day to be able to pedal 500 kilometers a day. The two Hungarians are advancing as planned and at this leg of the race, Tamás Járvás is in fourth place and Ferenc Szőnyi is in twelfth place.

According to Peter Pájtli, Ferenc Szőnyi sleeps an average of 3-4 hours per day in two phases. Due to the unbearable heat, Szőnyi takes longer rests during the day and pedals during the night. Fatigue gets worst at dawn; he has to stop to take a rest at sunrise. In the final leg of the race the team tries to change this routine by making night's sleeps more regular, as they are more rejuvenating.

Tamás Járvás sleeps 4-5 hours a day, usually the evening. The Kansas leg of the race went better than expected and despite the gusty wind he managed to come in fourth place by catching up with some of the front-runners.

On day 6, conditions haven't changed much, the heat has remained unbearable and athletes have to pedal in strong gusty wind, which could be dangerous as many bikers sleep on the bike while pedaling. Szőnyi's chainless bicycle works excellent. "We have different bikes for different situations, in other words, we have bikes for climbing mountains, for downhill rides and for flat terrain” said Pájtli.

Szőnyi is just a touch behind Brazilian Claudio Clarinda. But he has good chances to catch up with 3-4 bikers still ahead of him.

( –

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Protestant Church leaders repent for rejecting government's request to ring church bells on June 4

The leaders of the Hungarian Reformed church repent for rejecting government's request to ring church bells for the memory of Trianon on June 4.

The General Convention of the Carpathian Basin Reformed Churches brought an unanimous decision and added the Trianon anniversary – June 4, the Day of Unity – to the church illustrious events list. Therefore, starting next year, church bells will ring at the anniversary of the Trianon Dictate all over the Carpathian Basin.

The Hungarian Reformed Church communication service announced on Tuesday that the Board asked all Reformed church denominations in the Carpathian Basin to ring church bells on June 4th just like any other illustrious holidays, like May 22, which is Protestant unity day.

(Notes: Let's wait and see how Catholic Church leader Archbishop Peter Erdo reacts to the news, as he demonstrated treasonous attitude and mindset, several times in the past; in general, he shows insensitivity towards Hungarian sufferings by downplaying tragic and calamitous events in Hungarian history in favor of other nations' interests)


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