The first Holocaust denial sentence in Hungary has been handed down

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First, I thought the news was a hoax, or someone made fun out of a court ruling. But it turned out to be true. Even the globalist media caught off guard by the Pest Central District Court ruling in the first Holocaust denial case -- that could be the reason, why they reported it one day late.

The Pest Central District Court sentenced György N. to 1 year and 6 months suspended jail term and ordered his probation supervision for publicly denying the Holocaust during a counter demonstration on October 23, 2011. By protesting against a liberal gathering, György N. held up a sign with a Hebrew message “Holocaust didn't happen”.

As an extra punishment, the court ordered György N. to visit Budapest Páva street Holocaust Memorial Center, at least three times and summarize his thoughts and experiences on the visits in an essay. The ruling offers a second option to the convict; he might chose to make a pilgrimage to the Auschwitz memorial in Poland, or the Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem, at least ones; in this case, he is not required to visit the Budapest Páva street Holocaust Memorial Center at all, but he is still expected to summerize his thoughts and experiences on the visits in an article.

Some argues that imposing such extra punishment is illegal. This is reminiscent of for instance, giving someone a jail sentence, and as an extra punishment ordering him to do 20 push-ups each day.

The ruling is not final as the accused appealed the decision.

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Anonymous said...

Hungarians need to regain their honour by looking back in their history. Could you imagine this Marxist treatment of a citizen hundreds of years ago?

Time to regain your culture, heritage, traditions including the Hungarian 'Spirit' which transcends Marxist ideology and thought control.

Representational "Democracy" (Rothschild democracy) is a failed system like the Soviet system - removes the power from the citizen and hands it over to the cultural Marxist bureaucrat class - far removed from reality.

Anonymous said...

again a political correct court ruling!

It is crazy that this anti-hate law exists in the first place. In Hungary there should be free speech about all subjects.

This system has to go or we will be enslaved more and more.
Next step will be complete destruction of the hungarian nation by mass immigration of third world immigrants.

varady said...

he dared to tell the truth, oh my!

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